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7 Alternatives to Doc88 for Creating and Sharing Documents Online

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-24 17:19:02

Are you looking for websites like Doc88? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best alternatives to Doc88 so you can easily find the right fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple document sharing platform or a more advanced document management system, this list has something for everyone. So if you’re ready to explore the world of document sharing websites, keep reading to find the perfect one for you!



Doc88 is an online document management system designed to simplify data management and make it easy to store, share, and manage documents. It is a secure, cloud-based platform that enables businesses of all sizes to securely store, share and manage documents, minimizing manual processes and improving collaboration.


  • Securely store, share and manage documents
  • Easy access and real-time collaboration
  • Automate document-related processes
  • Automate notifications and reminders
  • Track document versioning and changes

Doc88 Alternatives


Quip is a modern productivity software platform that helps teams work better together by making it easier to create, collaborate, and share documents. Our platform includes real-time group chat, a document editor, task management, and more, enabling teams to get work done faster, better, and with less hassle.

Both offer document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Quip offers more collaborative tools, such as chat and task lists.

Is Quip a good alternative?

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.

Both offer document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Google Drive allows for more customization, such as adding comments, search, and organization options.

Is Google Drive a good alternative?


Dropbox is a cloud storage and file sharing service that allows users to store and access files from anywhere. It is designed to make collaboration easy, and it syncs across devices so all your files are always up-to-date.

Both offer document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Dropbox offers a more user-friendly interface and additional features such as version history and photo galleries.

Is Dropbox a good alternative?


Evernote is a powerful note-taking app that helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Both provide document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Evernote offers more note-taking capabilities and can be used for project management and task delegation.

Is Evernote a good alternative?


Box is a cloud-based content management, workflow and collaboration platform that enables users to securely store, share, and manage their files in the cloud.

Both offer document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Box offers additional security features and access control options, as well as more advanced search capabilities.

Is Box a good alternative?


OneDrive is a cloud storage, file sharing, and collaboration platform from Microsoft. It offers secure access to data storage and sharing, as well as other collaboration features such as real-time editing, file sharing, and more.

Both offer document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

OneDrive offers more advanced collaboration options, such as document co-authoring and real-time editing.

Is OneDrive a good alternative?


Slack is a team communication tool that helps teams stay organized, connected and focused on the work that matters most. With Slack, teams can communicate in real-time, share files, and collaborate on projects from anywhere.

Both provide document and file storage and sharing capabilities.

Slack is primarily used for communication and collaboration, and offers more interactive features such as video calls and polls.

Is Slack a good alternative?

History of Doc88

Doc88 is a web-based document sharing platform that was founded in 2010. It has since become a popular source for users to store, share, and collaborate on documents. Doc88 enables users to upload documents of any type, create collaborative workspaces, and even integrate documents with other applications. It has also been used for document management, document protection, and document publishing.

Doc88 Status

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    2023-10-28 11:00:06 ·
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