Privacy Policy

First of all, we ( take the private nature of your personal information very seriously.

In the following, we provide some useful information about how we are treating information and using other third-party-integration. Please read this notice very carefully.

Usage Statistics

We are using Google Analytics for aggregated statistics about our website visitors. We added a "anonymize-IP" function to the tracking code to make sure no personal data is collected in this process.

Social Media

We do embed Facebook and Twitter timelines, as well es YouTube videos, in our website. So be informed that those companies, naming Facebook, Twitter and Google, are using the information that you visited our website. If you want to make it harder for them to track you, you might want to log out of these services when not using them directly.


Even if the media might give you an other impression, cookies by itself aren't evil. Cookies are not only used to track people all over the internet, but to provide useful services on a website itself. And this is the type of cookies we are using. There is nothing to worry about :)


We may show ads on this page to fund our server cost, but yet, we are not using any third-party ad integration that could leak your privacy to others.