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About Similar Site Search

What does SimilarSiteSearch do?
We help you find similar and alternative websites. We have been doing this for five years since 2009.

How does SimilarSiteSearch work?
We use machine learning algorithms and social data to determine the topics of websites, which are used to find similar websites that have the closest matching set of topics. We also analyze multiple aspects of websites including popularity, language, and country of interests. We then combine them with user suggestions to compute the overall similarity scores.

How to submit a site?
Sign up for an account to get access.

How to suggest a similar website?
You can do this either by clicking on "Suggest a similar site" link on the result page or clicking "thumb up" image for the site you think is very similar. You can help us improve by making more suggestions.

Privacy Policy:
We do not require you to register an account to use this service. However, we do collect the data that are sent from your browser which may include IP address and referring URL. We use this information for statistical analysis and we do this without identifying you individually. The purpose of statistical analysis is to understand how our service is being used and to improve our product to serve you better.

Terms of Use:
We don't censor search results and the results may not be accurate. We are also not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this site. Use this site at your own risk.

We have been featured in many popular news and blog sites all over the globe including,, Search Engine Journal, MakeUseOf,, tech2ipo,, and many more. If you like our service, please write something about us!