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A Roundup of Alternative Writing Communities Like Commaful

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-30 06:51:36

Are you looking for a website similar to Commaful to explore and share stories? Look no further! This article contains a list of websites like Commaful that are perfect for creative expression and storytelling. From fan fiction to creative writing, these websites offer a variety of different genres and writing styles to explore. So, if you're searching for similar websites like Commaful, read on to discover some great alternatives.

Commaful is an online creative writing community that allows writers to connect with each other and share their stories. With over 3 million stories and poems, Commaful is an engaging platform for all kinds of writers, from casual fans of writing to published poets and authors.


  • Discover stories, poems, and artwork from across the world.
  • Connect with other writers and share your work.
  • Get feedback from the community on your writing.
  • Earn rewards for sharing your work.

Commaful Alternatives


Storybird is an online platform that helps people of all ages and backgrounds express themselves through creative writing. It features a library of stories, artwork, and resources to inspire and enable users to craft their own stories.

User-generated creative writing and stories, visual storytelling, and artwork.

Storybird focuses more on collaborative writing and artwork, and less on poetry and music.

Is Storybird a good alternative?


Wattpad is an online storytelling platform where users can read, write, and share stories. It features an extensive library of published stories, audio stories, books, and poems. It also provides a platform for creators to collaborate and share their stories with the world.

User-generated stories, poems, and music.

Wattpad has more of a social networking element, with the ability to create a profile, follow other users, and receive notifications when new content is added.

Is Wattpad a good alternative?


Medium is a platform for reading and writing stories on various topics, ranging from current events to personal experiences. The platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to share their stories with the world.

User-generated stories, articles, and artwork.

Medium focuses more on long-form content, and has a more professional atmosphere.

Is Medium a good alternative?


Figment is an online platform that connects writers and readers through the power of storytelling. It is a safe, welcoming place to discover and share stories, connect with other readers, and find inspiration to create.

User-generated stories, articles, and artwork.

Figment focuses more on writing, with a larger emphasis on feedback and advice from other users.

Is Figment a good alternative?


Scribophile is an online writing workshop and writer's community where writers of all levels can post their work and receive constructive feedback from other writers. It provides an important platform for writers to develop their craft, network with other authors, and build a portfolio of work.

User-generated stories and articles.

Scribophile focuses more on feedback and advice from other users, and has a larger emphasis on critiquing other users' work.

Is Scribophile a good alternative?


BookRix is an online self-publishing platform that helps authors to create and publish their own books. It offers a wide range of tools and services that are designed to make the process of self-publishing easier and more efficient.

User-generated stories, articles, and artwork.

BookRix has more of a focus on publishing and selling ebooks, with the ability to create a profile, follow other users, and receive notifications when new content is added.

Is BookRix a good alternative?


ArtStation is the leading showcase platform for professional artists working in the entertainment industry. It connects artists with opportunities, resources, and a vibrant community of over 8 million creators from around the world.

User-generated artwork.

ArtStation focuses more on artwork and digital art, with the ability to create a profile, follow other users, and receive notifications when new content is added.

Is ArtStation a good alternative?

Commaful Head-To-Head

Welcome to this head-to-head comparison of Commaful and other popular websites! Here, we will analyze the features of Commaful, a storytelling platform for readers and writers, in comparison with some of its major competitors. We will look at things like user experience, content types, monetization options, and more to see which one best suits your needs. So let’s get started!


Commaful and Wattpad are both websites that provide an online platform for writers to share their work with a community of readers. Both websites have similar features such as profile pages, comment sections, and the ability to follow authors. Commaful has a more modern style focused on visual storytelling, allowing users to post stories as images, GIFs, and videos. It also allows for easy collaboration between authors in the form of co-written stories. Wattpad is more text-based and focused on longer works such as novels or series. It also provides tools to help authors track reader engagement with their work. Both sites offer a wide range of genres from fantasy to horror and everything in between.

History of Commaful

Commaful is a story-sharing website that was founded in 2015. It is an online community for writers, poets, and storytellers to come together to share their stories and engage with other writers. It features a wide variety of stories from different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. The website has since grown to become one of the most popular story-sharing platforms on the internet, with a large and active user base.

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