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Top 7 Alternatives to r/Place for Creative Online Collaboration

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-15 18:17:26

Have you ever wondered what other websites like Reddit's 'r/place' are out there? Well, wonder no more! Here's a list of some of the most popular sites that offer a similar experience to 'r/place', offering an online canvas for users to draw on, collaborate and create. From massive multi-player drawing games to collaborative paint programs, these sites are sure to keep you busy for hours. So grab your stylus, tablet or mouse and get ready to create some art!

r/place is a collaborative art project hosted on Reddit. It is a canvas of 1000x1000 pixels, where users can draw anything they want with colored tiles.


  • Collaborative art project
  • 1000x1000 pixel canvas
  • Users can draw anything they want with colored tiles
  • See what others have drawn

r/place Alternatives


Muro is a powerful creative tool that offers a modern way to create and collaborate. It's perfect for quickly sketching out ideas, visually organizing content, and collaborating on projects with others.

Both websites allow users to draw and collaborate on art projects.

Muro is specifically an art focused website, while r/place allows for a wider variety of projects.

Is Muro a good alternative?


Drawception is a fun drawing game that combines classic game mechanics with user-generated content. Players create puzzles using their own drawings, along with drawings from other players, to create a unique and challenging game experience.

Both websites allow users to draw and collaborate on art projects.

Drawception is focused on drawing games, whereas r/place is a more open-ended platform.

Is Drawception a good alternative?


Drawpile is a collaborative drawing program that allows multiple people to sketch on the same image simultaneously over the internet. It is free and open source software, released under the GNU GPL license.

Both websites allow users to draw and collaborate on art projects.

Drawpile is more focused on collaborative drawing, while r/place is a more general platform for creative projects.

Is Drawpile a good alternative?


ThingLink is an online platform that allows users to create interactive images and videos. With ThingLink, users can easily add interactive elements such as text, audio, video, images, and other media to their images. ThingLink also has a variety of tools to help users customize their images, such as the ability to add text, adjust the size and shape of elements, and add interactive elements like links and hotspots.

Both websites allow users to create interactive projects

ThingLink is focused on interactive projects, while r/place allows for a wider variety of projects.

Is ThingLink a good alternative?


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, used as educational technology in schools and other educational institutions. Create your own quizzes in minutes, play and share with friends and challenge each other to learn and have fun!

Both websites allow users to create interactive projects

Kahoot is focused on educational games, while r/place is a more general platform for creative projects.

Is Kahoot a good alternative?


Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Both websites allow users to create interactive projects

Scratch is focused on creating games and animations, while r/place is a more general platform for creative projects.

Is Scratch a good alternative?


Quizlet is a web-based learning platform for students, teachers and lifelong learners. It offers tools for studying, making and sharing flashcards, quizzes and more.

Both websites allow users to create interactive projects

Quizlet is focused on educational activities, while r/place is a more general platform for creative projects.

Is Quizlet a good alternative?


Price is a comparison shopping website that enables customers to quickly and easily compare prices on millions of products. Our mission is to help shoppers find the best deals on the products they love.

Both websites are online communities that allow users to interact with each other.

r/place is an online canvas where users can draw and collaborate together, while Price is a shopping website that allows users to compare prices of products from different vendors.

Is Price a good alternative?

r/place Head-To-Head

r/place is a unique online platform with an interactive element unlike any other. It is a canvas that allows users to place different colored pixels on a canvas of 1000 x 1000 pixels, creating collaborative art pieces over the span of 72 hours. In this head-to-head comparison, we will take a look at how r/place stacks up against other popular websites in terms of interactivity, user experience and overall technology. We'll explore how these sites use their respective technologies to provide users with an engaging experience and what benefits each site offers its users. By the end of this comparison, you'll have a better understanding of why r/place stands out from the rest and why it has become such an incredible success.


r/place and Price are both websites that provide users with creative ways to interact with content. r/place is a Reddit page where users can collaborate on a virtual canvas by placing colored squares to create images. Users must wait for a certain amount of time before they can place another square in order to give others an opportunity to contribute. The page has gained over 1 million participants from all around the world during its three-day lifespan and has produced some amazing works of art. Price, on the other hand, is a platform for creating interactive webpages with customizable user interfaces and sharing them online. It offers various tools such as its drag-and-drop feature that allows users to quickly assemble elements like text, videos, images, and more into their desired design. It also provides advanced features for developers who wish to customize the look and feel of their webpages even further. Additionally, there is an AI-powered editor which helps users find the perfect design for their project faster than ever before. So while r/place provides an opportunity for collaborative artwork creation, Price focuses more on individual creativity in the form of webpages that anyone can access online.

History of r/place

R/place" was an online canvas created by the website Reddit in April 2017. It allowed users to draw pixel art on a canvas of 1000 x 1000 pixels. The canvas was available for 72 hours, during which users could draw and modify their art, or move other people's art around. After the 72 hours, the canvas was locked and the final image was saved. The results of the project were shared publicly, allowing viewers to explore the collaborative artwork.

r/place Status

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