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5 Alternative Websites to Croquis Cafe for Figure Drawing Inspiration

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-17 04:35:34

Are you looking for other websites like Croquis Cafe? Croquis Cafe is an online platform for drawing, sketching, and painting, where you can find drawing tutorials, reference images, and resources for artists of all levels. But if you're looking for something a little different, this list of similar websites like Croquis Cafe has you covered. From online sketching courses to 3D drawing tools, you're sure to find something that suits your needs. Let's take a look at some of the best alternatives to Croquis Cafe.

Croquis Cafe


Croquis Cafe is a figure drawing resource featuring live models, drawing tutorials, and other resources to help you improve your figure drawing skills.


  • Live figure drawing sessions with real models
  • Videos and tutorials on figure drawing techniques
  • A library of reference photos
  • A forum for discussion and feedback on your artwork

Croquis Cafe Alternatives

Digital Art Academy

Digital Art Academy offers a comprehensive range of digital art courses for aspiring digital artists of all skill levels. Our courses cover everything from basic drawing and painting techniques to advanced digital painting and illustration tools and techniques. Our classes are taught by experienced professional digital artists who understand the needs of their students and provide personalized instruction and feedback.

Digital Art Academy offers free tutorials, resources, and references on creating digital artwork.

Digital Art Academy is focused on digital artwork creation, rather than traditional sketching.

Is Digital Art Academy a good alternative?


Quickposes provides a library of free pose reference photos to help artists develop their gesture drawing skills. The library contains hundreds of poses, from simple to complex, in a variety of categories.

Quickposes provides timed gesture drawing practice sessions and references.

Quickposes is focused on gesture drawing practice, rather than traditional sketching.

Is Quickposes a good alternative?


Drawspace is a website dedicated to helping people learn to draw. It offers articles, tutorials, lessons, and other resources that can help even a first-time artist get started.

Drawspace provides tutorials, references, and resources on sketching techniques.

Drawspace also offers classes and tutorials on topics like painting, cartooning, and calligraphy.

Is Drawspace a good alternative?


Drawabox is a free online art course, teaching the fundamentals of drawing. Through a series of exercises, you'll learn how to draw shapes, create shading and compose compositions.

Drawabox provides tutorials, references, and resources on sketching techniques.

Drawabox focuses on drawing fundamentals rather than traditional sketching.

Is Drawabox a good alternative?


Posemaniacs is a 3D Human Pose Reference Library for artists and animators. It provides a comprehensive library of poses for animators to reference, study and practice from.

Posemaniacs provides free 3D models, references, and resources for figure drawing.

Posemaniacs focuses on figure drawing rather than traditional sketching.

Is Posemaniacs a good alternative?


SketchDaily is a website that helps drawers of all levels to stay motivated and inspired with a daily drawing challenge. Every day, a drawing prompt is released and sketchers can share their work with the community.

SketchDaily offers free references, resources, and tutorials on sketching.

SketchDaily is focused on quick sketching rather than traditional sketching.

Is SketchDaily a good alternative?


ArtTutor is an online platform offering art courses and tutorials for artists of all ages and abilities. With over 2,000 art tutorials, ArtTutor provides an easy and accessible way to learn art skills, from basic drawing and painting to more complex techniques.

ArtTutor provides tutorials, references, and resources on sketching techniques.

ArtTutor also offers classes and tutorials on topics like painting, figure drawing, and perspective.

Is ArtTutor a good alternative?

History of Croquis Cafe

Croquis Cafe is a website that began in the early 2000s as a platform for aspiring figure and gesture drawing artists to share their artwork. It quickly gained popularity in the art community, and continues to be a popular destination for artists to share their works, receive critiques and discuss figure drawing techniques.

Croquis Cafe Status

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