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10 Great Alternatives to for Writers

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-07 12:10:34

Are you looking for similar websites to Whether you need help getting started, need inspiration, or want to hone your writing skills, there are a variety of websites available to help you reach your goals. Here is a list of the top 10 websites similar to, each offering something different to help you become a better writer.

309 is a vibrant writing community where users can post their work, get feedback from other members, and improve their writing skills. The site offers tools and resources for writers of all levels and genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more.


  • Interactive Writing Community
  • Writing Tools & Resources
  • Writing Contests & Challenges
  • Publish & Share Your Writing Alternatives


Scribophile is an online writing workshop and writer's community where writers of all levels can post their work and receive constructive feedback from other writers. It provides an important platform for writers to develop their craft, network with other authors, and build a portfolio of work. and Scribophile both offer writing critiques and helpful feedback from other writers.

Scribophile has a more structured approach to its critique process and requires a paid membership to access their full suite of features.

Is Scribophile a good alternative?

Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest is the go-to resource for writers of all levels and genres, with helpful articles, craft tips, and an online community of supportive writing professionals.

Both and Writer's Digest feature community forums for writers to discuss different topics related to writing.

Writer's Digest is geared more towards professional writers and offers more in-depth articles and advice than does.

Is Writer's Digest a good alternative?
| is an online writing community where writers can post their work, get feedback and connect with other writers. also provides a publishing platform where authors can self-publish their work.

Both and offer writing forums, critiques, and helpful feedback from other writers. has a more active community and more detailed profiles for members than

Is a good alternative?


FictionPress is an online platform for writers to share their original works of fiction, including stories, novels, and fan fiction. It also allows readers to discover and read stories from a variety of genres. and FictionPress both feature forums where writers can share their work and get feedback from other writers.

FictionPress is specifically geared towards writers of fiction, while is more open to writers of all genres.

Is FictionPress a good alternative?


Medium is a platform for reading and writing stories on various topics, ranging from current events to personal experiences. The platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to share their stories with the world.

Both and Medium feature writing communities and offer ways for writers to connect with other writers.

Medium is more focused on blogging and online publishing, while offers more traditional writing forums and critique services.

Is Medium a good alternative?

Critique Circle

Critique Circle is a free online collaborative writing workshop for all genres with an extensive array of features. Improve your writing and meet other writers for constructive criticism, mutual motivation and inspiration. and Critique Circle both offer writers the opportunity to receive feedback and critiques on their work from other writers.

Critique Circle is more organized and focused on critiques and feedback than is.

Is Critique Circle a good alternative?

Authors Publish Magazine

Authors Publish is a magazine and resource for authors looking to get published. They offer information and advice on the publishing process and finding the right publisher or agent. They also feature book reviews, interviews with authors, and opportunities for writers to submit their work.

Both and Authors Publish Magazine offer helpful advice and tips for writers.

Authors Publish Magazine focuses more on publishing and getting published than does.

Is Authors Publish Magazine a good alternative?

History of is an online writing community that was established in 1998. It provides a platform for writers of all genres and levels of expertise to share their work and receive feedback from other members. It also offers an extensive suite of tools to help authors create, organize, and store their work. The website has grown and evolved over time, adding new features and services to better serve its members. Status

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