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7 Similar Websites to Chordify for Learning Musical Instrument Chords

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-14 16:36:16

Are you looking for websites like Chordify that can help you turn your favorite songs into chords? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll provide a list of similar websites that can provide you with the same chord-making capabilities as Chordify. From automatic chords to interactive lessons, these sites will have you strumming along with your favorite tunes in no time. So, let's get started!



Chordify is an online music service that turns your music into chords. It helps you learn to play the songs you love using interactive chords and diagrams. Chordify also offers music theory courses, backing tracks, and more.


  • Interactive Chords & Diagrams
  • Music Theory Courses
  • Backing Tracks
  • Song Transcription
  • Instrument Tuner
  • Chord Finder

Chordify Alternatives

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is the premier online destination for learning how to play the guitar. With thousands of lessons, tutorials, and song lessons, Guitar Tricks makes it easy for anyone to learn to play the guitar with confidence.

Guitar Tricks is a website similar to Chordify in that it provides guitar lessons and tutorials to users.

Guitar Tricks provides more comprehensive lessons and tutorials than Chordify and does not focus solely on chords.

Is Guitar Tricks a good alternative?


Songsterr is a tablature and backing track site for musicians of all levels. It provides instant access to accurate tab, lyrics and backing tracks for over 500,000 songs.

Both websites provide guitar chords and tabs for users to learn.

Songsterr is a tab player that allows users to play along with songs, while Chordify provides chord recognition and auto-generated sheet music.

Is Songsterr a good alternative?


Ditty is an online video platform that allows users to create and share videos with music. With its easy-to-use interface, users can quickly make a unique video with the music of their choice, upload it to the platform, and share it across social media, email, and other websites.

Both websites help users learn to play guitar songs.

Ditty offers a mobile app and provides tutorials on how to play guitar chords and songs, while Chordify focuses solely on chords.

Is Ditty a good alternative?

Guitar Chords

Guitar Chords is the ultimate resource for guitar players of all skill levels who are looking for the perfect chords to start playing their favorite songs. With a comprehensive library of over 20,000 chords, you can quickly find the chord you need for any situation.

Guitar Chords provides chords, tabs and lyrics for users to learn guitar songs.

Guitar Chords does not offer auto-generated sheet music or chord recognition like Chordify does.

Is Guitar Chords a good alternative?

Guitar Jamz

Guitar Jamz is an online guitar learning platform dedicated to helping guitarists of all levels to become better players. It features an extensive library of instructional videos, jam tracks, and free lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar.

Guitar Jamz is a website with tutorials to help users learn guitar chords and songs.

Guitar Jamz focuses on providing video tutorials, while Chordify provides chord recognition and auto-generated sheet music.

Is Guitar Jamz a good alternative?

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the world's largest catalog of guitar, bass and chords with lyrics, tabs, lessons and tools for musicians who play.

Both websites provide chords, tabs and lyrics for users to learn guitar songs.

Ultimate Guitar does not offer auto-generated sheet music or chord recognition like Chordify does.

Is Ultimate Guitar a good alternative?


Chordbook is an online platform for guitarists of all levels to learn chords and scales in any key. It offers a variety of interactive tools and resources to help users understand the fundamentals of guitar playing.

Both websites help users learn guitar chords and songs.

Chordbook does not offer auto-generated sheet music or chord recognition like Chordify does.

Is Chordbook a good alternative?


Chordu is a free online platform for guitarists of all levels and styles to learn, practice and master chords. With over 500,000 chord diagrams, interactive tools and an extensive library of songs, Chordu helps guitarists progress quickly and easily.

Both websites provide users with the ability to search for and view chords for various songs.

Chordify allows users to upload their own music files to search for chords, while Chordu relies only on its database of songs.

Is Chordu a good alternative?


Music is the ultimate way to listen to your favorite music and discover new artists. With an extensive library of songs and albums from all genres, Apple Music has something for everyone.

Both websites provide access to a library of music.

Chordify is a website dedicated to helping users find the chords and tabs for their favorite songs, while Music is an online streaming service.

Is Music a good alternative?


ME is a personal money manager that helps users make better decisions with their finances. It provides a powerful and intuitive budgeting interface, as well as powerful insights into user spending habits.

Both Chordify and ME offer online music streaming services.

Chordify specializes in identifying chords from songs, while ME focuses on discovering new music.

Is ME a good alternative?


Google Earth is a virtual mapping application that allows users to explore the world with satellite imagery, 3D buildings, terrain, and other geographic data. It is an interactive way to explore the planet and learn about its features, history, and culture.

Both websites are designed to help people discover and explore new content.

Chordify helps users learn how to play guitar chords, while Earth provides interactive 3D maps of the globe.

Is Earth a good alternative?

Poetry is the world’s largest and most comprehensive poetry site, featuring over 12,000 poems from more than 3,500 poets. Visitors can search and browse thousands of poems, as well as submit their own works to be published.

Both Chordify and Poetry provide an outlet for users to create and share their own content.

Chordify is a website for creating and sharing chords, while Poetry is a website for creating and sharing poems.

Is Poetry a good alternative?


Them is an online magazine that covers the LGBTQ+ community, providing stories, news, and culture about queer issues and experiences.

Both websites provide a platform for musicians to create and share their music with the world.

Chordify is an online chord recognition tool that helps musicians explore chords, while Them is a social network for musicians to connect with other music-minded people.

Is Them a good alternative?

Chordify Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Chordify and other websites! In this article, we will be comparing the features and benefits offered by the popular online music software Chordify with those of its competitors. We will examine what sets each program apart, and provide a clear understanding of which one might be right for your needs. Get ready to learn all about the pros and cons of each website so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you.


Chordify and Chordu are both websites that allow users to search for chords of popular songs. However, there are some features that differentiate the two services. Chordify is a website with an easy-to-use interface which allows you to quickly search for chords by entering the name of a song or artist. It has tabs for different instruments including guitar, piano, and ukulele so users can find chords for their specific instrument. It also includes a feature for transposing chords as well as video tutorials for playing certain songs. Chordu is a more comprehensive chord searching website with additional features such as the ability to save songs in your library or create custom playlists. It offers users the option to switch between different instruments while searching, and also provides diagrams and audio clips of each chord. Additionally, it has more advanced tools such as capo transposition and chord variations which allow users to explore different sounds and possibilities with each song.

Ultimate Guitar

Chordify and Ultimate Guitar are both online resources for musicians, providing users with access to chords, tabs, and lyrics of millions of songs. Chordify offers an interactive platform that can turn any YouTube or Deezer song into a chord sheet or piano sheet within seconds. It also allows users to watch videos of different chords being played in real time. Ultimate Guitar provides accurate tabs and chords for over 1 million songs, as well as guitar lessons and articles related to music. Additionally, it has an online community where users can discuss their favorite songs and share tips on how to play them. While Chordify is more focused on creating chords from existing songs, Ultimate Guitar focuses more on tabbing existing songs, creating lessons for playing the guitar, and having a community of music lovers.


Chordify and Music are two websites that provide users with tools to create and access music. Chordify is a website designed for guitar players, where users can search for songs and view the chords that make up each song. The site also features a tuner, metronome, and training tools such as chord diagrams, scales, and exercises. Music is a more comprehensive website that offers both audio streaming and composition tools. Users can stream popular songs from a library of millions of tracks, as well as create their own compositions with its suite of DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), plugins, and instruments. While both sites provide users with music-related tools, they differ in the approach they take - Chordify focuses on providing resources for guitarists while Music provides audio streaming in addition to creating music.


Chordify and ME are two websites designed to help users learn and play music. Chordify provides a chord recognition system that scans any song, automatically detecting the chords and providing a visual representation of them. The site also offers tools like auto-scroll, multiple instrument views and sharing capabilities which makes it perfect for playing along with friends, learning new songs or even creating your own arrangements. ME is an online platform for musicians to create, share and collaborate on music together. The site includes features such as custom loops, built-in instruments, multi-track recording capabilities, effects and more. It also allows users to share their creations with each other in real-time using its collaboration feature. With ME's cloud storage capability every user can store their projects safely in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.


Chordify and Earth are both websites with a wide variety of features for music lovers. Chordify focuses on providing users with chord progressions and lyrics for the songs they search, while Earth is a platform where users can create their own sheet music. With Chordify, users can quickly find chords for any song in their library or online, and also interact with other users to discuss various topics related to music. Earth provides a powerful editor that allows users to create sheet music from scratch or modify existing pieces. It also has a library of free-to-use sounds that can be used to add more depth to compositions. Both websites are great resources for musicians looking to expand their musical knowledge and improve their skills.


Chordify and Poetry are both websites designed to help users access and learn about music and literature, respectively. Both sites offer user-friendly interfaces, allowing users to quickly find the content they need. Chordify focuses on helping users learn how to play chords for their favorite songs, providing them with a variety of tools such as chord diagrams, guitar tabulatures, and backing tracks. It also offers a feature that allows users to upload their own songs and generate chords for them. On the other hand, Poetry is an online library of classic poems from all over the world, presented in multiple languages and formats. It provides its users with various resources such as glossaries of poetic terms, interactive maps displaying writers by location or genre, and recordings of famous poets reading their work aloud. While Chordify helps users learn how to play music, Poetry provides them with a way to explore literature in depth.


Chordify and Them are both websites that offer music services for musicians. However, they each have unique features and purposes. Chordify is a website that focuses on helping musicians learn to play their favorite songs by providing detailed visualizations of the chords in each song. The site also offers interactive lessons and an online community where users can share their progress and experiences. Them, on the other hand, is more focused on providing access to high-quality music recordings. Users can find songs from different genres, artists, and albums. They also have access to exclusive content not available elsewhere. Additionally, Them offers mobile apps for streaming music on the go. Both Chordify and Them provide valuable resources for musicians looking to hone their skills or access new music. Therefore, it depends on what type of service you are looking for to determine which one works best for your particular needs.

History of Chordify

Chordify is an online music platform that was first established in 2012. It is designed to help musicians learn and play songs by providing them with the chords of the song. It has a vast catalogue of popular songs from various genres and decades. Additionally, it enables users to create and share their own chord arrangements and collaborate with other musicians.

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