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5 Alternatives to Songsterr for Music Tablature and Chords

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-26 07:05:54

Are you looking for websites like Songsterr? If so, then you're in luck! Whether you're a musician looking for a better way to learn songs or a fan looking for an alternative to Songsterr, this list of similar websites has something for everyone. Here you'll find websites offering a variety of features, such as sheet music, tablature, lessons, backing tracks, and more. So, if you're ready to find the perfect website for your musical needs, keep reading to discover the best Songsterr alternatives.

Songsterr is a tablature and backing track site for musicians of all levels. It provides instant access to accurate tab, lyrics and backing tracks for over 500,000 songs.


  • Accurate tablature and backing tracks
  • High quality audio playback
  • Easy to search and browse tabs
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Learning tools such as loops and speed control
  • View and transpose chords

Songsterr Alternatives

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is a comprehensive software tool designed for guitarists and bassists. It provides a realistic playback of their music compositions, allowing them to edit and improve their guitar playing skills.

Both provide accurate tabs and detailed notation of hundreds of thousands of songs.

Guitar Pro allows users to edit, create and share their own tabs while Songsterr does not.

Is Guitar Pro a good alternative?


Tabulous is a modern, responsive and beautifully designed HTML5 template intended for businesses and creatives. It is designed to look great on any device and comes packed with features to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Both offer a huge database of accurate song tabs.

Tabulous has interactive tab players and more options for customizing the playing experience.

Is Tabulous a good alternative?

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the world's largest catalog of guitar, bass and chords with lyrics, tabs, lessons and tools for musicians who play.

Both have a large library of tabs, as well as up-to-date tabs.

Ultimate-Guitar has more features like a forum and lessons while Songsterr does not.

Is Ultimate Guitar a good alternative?

Power Tab Editor

Power Tab Editor is a tablature editor software for Windows operating systems designed specifically for guitarists. It allows users to create and edit guitar tablature, and includes tools for playback, printing, and MIDI conversion.

Both have a vast database of tabs for guitar and bass.

Power Tab Editor allows users to create and edit their own tabs and offers more customization options for playing the tabs.

Is Power Tab Editor a good alternative?


Tabnabber is a free online tool for creating, printing, and sharing tablature and chord chart music. It’s easy to use, and it’s free!

Both provide efficient search tools for finding tabs quickly.

TabNabber has more advanced search options, allowing users to search for tabs by song name, artist, genre, and more.

Is Tabnabber a good alternative?

Guitar Tab Universe

Guitar Tab Universe is the leading source for guitar tablature, chords, and lessons. It features over 1.3 million chord and tablature combinations, as well as video lessons, tutorials, and tutorials for learning how to play songs on guitar.

Both provide accurate tabs for a wide range of songs.

Guitar Tab Universe offers more detailed information about each tab, such as the key, tuning, and tempo.

Is Guitar Tab Universe a good alternative?


TabCrawler is a free online source of guitar tablature. It provides a comprehensive library of guitar tab tracks from a variety of artists, arranged by genre.

Both are user-friendly and allow users to search for tabs with ease.

TabCrawler has a more extensive search feature that allows users to search for tabs by instruments, difficulty level, and more.

Is TabCrawler a good alternative?

History of Songsterr

Songsterr is a website that provides interactive guitar tablature for popular songs. It was launched in 2008 with the intention of helping guitarists learn to play their favorite songs. It offers access to hundreds of thousands of accurate guitar tabs and chords, as well as backing tracks, enabling users to play along with their favorite songs. The website is constantly growing and includes more songs and features every day.

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