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5 Alternatives to Synthesia for Learning Piano and Music Skills

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-27 20:23:36

Are you looking for a Synthesia-like experience? If so, you’re in luck! There are a number of websites similar to Synthesia that provide a great interactive experience for music learning. From interactive lessons to virtual pianos, these websites offer a plethora of engaging options for musicians at any level. Whether you’re looking for a way to learn a new instrument or just want to sharpen up your skills, this list of similar websites like Synthesia has something for everyone. Read on to discover the best websites for music learning.

Synthesia is an interactive piano learning platform designed to help people learn to play the piano. It features interactive lessons, game-like challenges, and an innovative music notation system that makes it easy and fun to learn.


  • Interactive piano lessons with visual feedback
  • Game-like challenges to track progress
  • Innovative music notation system
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Ability to upload and share songs with others

Synthesia Alternatives


Yousician is the ultimate music learning platform for all skill levels. It combines a comprehensive library of songs and lessons with personalized, real-time feedback to help you grow as a musician. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, Yousician can help you reach your goals.

Both are apps for learning to play the piano.

Yousician allows you to practice with a real instrument, while Synthesia only uses a computer keyboard to learn.

Is Yousician a good alternative?

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano is an online, interactive piano keyboard that allows users to play, learn, and compose music. It is available in multiple languages and offers access to a wide range of piano songs and classical pieces. It also provides guidance to help users learn the basics of playing the instrument.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Virtual Piano is a web-based program, while Synthesia requires installation of the app.

Is Virtual Piano a good alternative?


flowkey is a revolutionary music education platform that enables you to learn how to play the piano in an easy and fun way. With the use of interactive sheet music, video tutorials and personalized feedback and guidance, flowkey will help you improve your piano playing skills regardless of your level and experience.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Flowkey focuses on learning songs and Synthesia focuses on teaching the basics of playing the piano.

Is flowkey a good alternative?

Simply Piano

Simply Piano is an award-winning app that helps you learn how to play the piano, no matter your skill level. It’s fun, easy and interactive. With Simply Piano you’ll have over 1000 songs to choose from, plus you can play along with your own music.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Simply Piano is a step-by-step guided tutorial, while Synthesia is a more free-form approach to learning.

Is Simply Piano a good alternative?

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is an interactive piano software designed to help piano students learn how to play. It offers a comprehensive, engaging, and effective way to master the instrument and gain the skills necessary to become an advanced player.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Piano Marvel uses a game-like approach to learning, while Synthesia focuses on teaching the basics of playing the piano.

Is Piano Marvel a good alternative?

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is an award-winning music education app designed to help students learn piano faster, easier, and more enjoyably. With thousands of interactive sheet music arrangements, lessons, songs and games, users can have tailored piano instruction and engaging practice sessions with the guidance of a virtual teacher.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Piano Maestro uses a gamified approach with interactive challenges, while Synthesia focuses on teaching the basics of playing the piano.

Is Piano Maestro a good alternative?


Skoove is a comprehensive online piano learning platform that enables users to learn to play the piano from the comfort of their own homes. With Skoove, users can practice piano lessons with interactive sheet music and a library of over 1000 songs, learn from highly-rated instructors and connect with other Skoove users for support and guidance.

Both are apps for learning the piano.

Skoove offers interactive lessons, while Synthesia focuses on teaching the basics of playing the piano.

Is Skoove a good alternative?

History of Synthesia

Synthesia is a music education software developed to help people learn to play the piano. It was released in 2008 and has since become a popular tool for learning music. The software focuses on providing an easy-to-use and interactive interface, allowing users to learn at their own pace. It also offers different levels of difficulty, allowing users to progress gradually and continuously improve their skills.

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