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7 Alternatives to Novelai for Finding Free Ebooks and Novels Online

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-10 10:47:51

Are you a fan of Novelai but looking for something similar? Look no further! Here is a list of the top seven websites that offer a similar experience to Novelai. From books to magazines to comics, these websites provide a wide range of reading material for you to explore. Each website offers its own unique features, so you are sure to find something that suits your reading needs. Check out the list below for the best Novelai alternatives.



Novelai is an AI-driven platform that automates the process of writing stories. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create unique stories with less effort.


  • Create stories with minimal effort
  • Automatically generate characters and storylines
  • Automatically generate dialogues and descriptions
  • Create stories in multiple genres
  • Automatically generate summaries and outlines

Novelai Alternatives


Scribl is a media platform for interactive storytelling. Our mission is to empower creators to tell stories in new, interactive ways. With Scribl, writers and filmmakers can bring their stories to life with multimedia, animations and other interactive elements.

Both allow users to create, publish, and share stories with other users.

Novelai has a more comprehensive library of stories, while Scribl focuses more on the creation aspect of stories.

Is Scribl a good alternative?


Storybird is an online platform that helps people of all ages and backgrounds express themselves through creative writing. It features a library of stories, artwork, and resources to inspire and enable users to craft their own stories.

Both offer a platform for users to create and share stories with friends.

Novelai offers a more comprehensive library of stories, while Storybird focuses on the creative aspect of storytelling.

Is Storybird a good alternative?


Otter is an AI-powered assistant for your conversations, meetings, and notes. With Otter, you can record, transcribe, and search through conversations, meetings, and notes. Otter’s AI understands the content of your conversations and helps you organize them into meaningful takeaways.

Both allow users to share stories with friends.

Novelai focuses on the library of stories, while Otter focuses on the audio aspect of storytelling.

Is Otter a good alternative?


Inklewriter is a free online tool, designed to help students and teachers create interactive stories. It comes with a range of features to help users create stories with a choice of paths, and even integrate images, music and sound into their writing.

Both offer a platform for users to create stories and share them with friends.

Novelai offers a more comprehensive library of stories, while Inklewriter focuses more on the interactive aspect of storytelling.

Is Inklewriter a good alternative?


Wattpad is an online storytelling platform where users can read, write, and share stories. It features an extensive library of published stories, audio stories, books, and poems. It also provides a platform for creators to collaborate and share their stories with the world.

Both allow users to share stories with friends.

Novelai focuses on the library of stories, while Wattpad focuses on the collaborative aspect of storytelling.

Is Wattpad a good alternative?


StoryJumper is an online platform that lets users create their own storybooks featuring pictures, text and sound. It allows users to easily share their creations with friends and family, or even turn them into print books to give as gifts.

Both offer a platform for users to create and share stories with friends.

Novelai offers a more comprehensive library of stories, while StoryJumper focuses on the illustrated aspect of storytelling.

Is StoryJumper a good alternative?


Storycube is a free interactive platform designed to help people share their stories, experiences and ideas with friends, family, and the world.

Both allow users to create, publish, and share stories with other users.

Novelai has a more comprehensive library of stories, while Storycube focuses more on the collaborative aspect of storytelling.

Is Storycube a good alternative?

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a text-based adventure game powered by artificial intelligence. Players can type in commands and the AI will create a unique story based on their choices. There are no pre-defined plot lines or endings, allowing for an infinite variety of stories.

Both websites offer AI-based interactive stories.

Novelai offers users a choice of pre-made stories, whereas AI Dungeon allows users to create their own custom stories.

Is AI Dungeon a good alternative?


Jasper is an IoT platform that enables companies to turn their devices into connected products. It provides a comprehensive set of cloud-based services and software components to help organizations connect and manage their devices, collect data from them, and securely extend their applications and services to their customers.

Both Novelai and Jasper are websites that provide helpful resources for authors.

Novelai offers a marketplace to buy and sell books, while Jasper provides services such as editing and publishing.

Is Jasper a good alternative?


Midjourney is a personal growth platform that helps people make positive changes in their lives. Our platform combines the power of positive psychology, life coaching, and technology to help individuals reach their goals.

Both Novelai and Midjourney are websites designed to help readers find their perfect book.

Novelai provides personalized book recommendations while Midjourney offers self-guided reading challenges.

Is Midjourney a good alternative?


OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research company, founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, with the goal of developing safe artificial general intelligence (AGI). The company has worked on a range of projects, from creating autonomous robots to developing natural language processing algorithms.

Both Novelai and OpenAI are artificial intelligence (AI) research organizations.

Novelai focuses on the development of AI applications for various industries, while OpenAI specializes in the development of general AI technology.

Is OpenAI a good alternative?

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a professional web design and development agency, offering a range of services to help businesses create stunning digital experiences that engage their audiences. From developing custom websites to creating digital marketing campaigns, Stable Diffusion has the expertise to help you grow your online presence.

Both Novelai and Stable Diffusion are websites dedicated to providing helpful resources for people interested in literature.

Novelai focuses on providing access to classic books, while Stable Diffusion offers access to a wide range of modern and contemporary works.

Is Stable Diffusion a good alternative?

Novelai Head-To-Head

Novelai is a website dedicated to helping readers discover great books and to share their own reading experiences. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive recommendations, and personalized reading lists, Novelai provides a unique experience for readers of all kinds. In this article, we'll compare Novelai with three other popular websites to help you decide which one best suits your needs. We'll look at each website's features, such as book selection, user experience, and community engagement. By the end of this comparison, you'll be able to choose the right website for you!

AI Dungeon

Novelai and AI Dungeon are both interactive artificial intelligence (AI) platforms that allow users to create stories and adventures. Novelai focuses on short story creation for independent authors, while AI Dungeon offers a text-based role-playing game. Novelai provides tools such as an AI story advisor, character generator, storyline analyzer, and more to help users generate their own stories more quickly. It also provides a platform to collaborate with other authors through chatrooms and forums where they can share ideas and provide feedback. In addition, the platform allows authors to publish their stories directly onto Amazon Kindle or other major ebook retailers. On the other hand, AI Dungeon focuses on creating an immersive textual role-playing game experience for users. It features procedurally generated storylines as well as options for customizing the environment with different kinds of characters and settings. The platform also includes a multiplayer mode where players can join together and explore the world together, as well as a “Storyteller” feature which allows one player to take control of the story while others observe and respond.


Novelai and Jasper are both web-based software platforms that enable businesses to create natural language processing (NLP) applications. Novelai is a powerful platform that allows users to quickly design, deploy, and manage NLP applications without writing code. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, automated document classification capabilities, and support for multiple languages. Jasper is a text analytics platform designed for enterprises to analyze unstructured data for insights into customer sentiment, intent, and other key metrics. It offers advanced analytics tools such as sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and keyword extraction. Additionally, it provides customizable reports and dashboards that allow users to easily visualize their results. Both platforms offer robust tools for creating highly accurate NLP applications with minimal effort.


Novelai and Midjourney are both websites that offer digital writing services. Novelai provides a variety of services, including copywriting, copy editing, proofreading, book editing, and website content creation. Midjourney offers similar services but with a focus on creative writing, such as fiction and non-fiction book creation, scriptwriting, and blog posts. Both sites provide writers the opportunity to work from their own homes or remotely. Novelai stands out for its comprehensive suite of services and commitment to quality assurance through a rigorous vetting process for every writer. Writers must submit samples of their work in order to be considered for the platform; once accepted, they are assigned tasks based on their skill level. In addition to connecting writers with clients seeking assistance in creating content for their projects, Novelai also offers helpful resources such as eBooks and webinars to help writers improve their craft. Midjourney is tailored more towards creative writers who will benefit from detailed guidance in crafting stories and other forms of literature. Writers can choose between one-on-one coaching sessions or opt for an ongoing collaboration with experienced editors to develop a polished product that meets their client's needs. They also have access to helpful resources like interviews with experts in the field of creative writing, sample worksheets and templates designed specifically for authors. Additionally, Midjourney utilizes AI technology to match clients with qualified writers based on genre preference and experience level.


Novelai and OpenAI are both Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies that develop technology to automate certain processes and tasks. Novelai is focused on giving a better understanding of natural language processing, while OpenAI primarily focuses on general AI research. Novelai has an API that allows developers to build applications with natural language processing capabilities, such as text analysis, chatbots, and summarization. OpenAI has a range of tools for training and deploying deep learning models, such as their reinforcement learning platform called Gym. Both companies offer cloud-based solutions that provide access to powerful hardware and software tools. Novelai provides access to powerful GPUs and CPUs from leading providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Similarly, OpenAI offers access to its own cloud computing platform for training AI models. In terms of support services, Novelai offers an online community forum where developers can ask questions about their projects or discuss the latest developments in AI technology. On the other hand, OpenAI has a dedicated team of experts who are available to answer any questions regarding the usage of their products. Overall, both Novelai and OpenAI have different focuses in terms of their AI development efforts but offer similar types of cloud-based services for developers who want to use AI technology in their projects.

Stable Diffusion

Novelai and Stable Diffusion are two websites that offer powerful content management solutions. Both websites allow users to store, search, and organize digital content. Novelai allows users to store unlimited versions of their documents, while Stable Diffusion provides a document library feature that allows users to store different versions of their documents in one easy-to-access location. Both websites offer collaborative editing tools which make it easy for multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. While both sites provide access control features that allow users to restrict who can view or edit certain documents, only Novelai offers customizable roles for collaborators. Novelai also provides additional features such as automatic version control and an AI-powered search engine that helps user quickly find relevant content from within large quantities of data. Stable Diffusion does not offer these features but instead focuses on providing an intuitive user interface and a wide variety of integrations with third party applications.

History of Novelai

Novelai is a website dedicated to helping readers discover and search for new and classic books. It was first launched in 2018 with the goal of helping readers find books that match their interests, no matter the genre. Since then, it has become a popular destination for book lovers and readers to explore new and classic titles, and take part in discussions about books and reading.


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