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7 Alternatives to Newsela for Engaging and Educational News Content

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-22 22:08:26

Are you looking for websites similar to Newsela to help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and current events? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the top websites like Newsela that you can use to stay informed. From educational tools to news aggregators, each of these websites offers a unique way to stay abreast of the news. From articles and headlines to quizzes and polls, these websites will help you stay informed and engaged with the world. Read on to learn more about each of the websites like Newsela.

Newsela is an online news platform that provides differentiated instruction to engage every student in rigorous, real-world learning. The platform is designed to help teachers customize reading instruction to meet their students’ needs and improve student engagement.


  • Access to thousands of current, high-interest articles from reliable sources
  • Differentiated instruction based on student reading levels
  • Reading comprehension quizzes to measure student understanding
  • Personalized learning paths for each student

Newsela Alternatives


Currents is a new social video platform designed to make it easy for people to create and share videos with friends, family, and followers. Our platform is perfect for creating and sharing educational, entertaining, and inspiring content.

Both websites offer up-to-date news from a variety of sources, including newspapers and magazines.

Currents only provides news from the U.S., while Newsela provides news from around the world.

Is Currents a good alternative?

News Break

News Break is a personalized news app that makes it easy to stay informed with the latest local, national and world headlines. With the help of its personalized news feed, users can quickly and easily find the news stories that matter most to them.

Both websites provide news from various sources and are easy to navigate.

Newsbreak focuses specifically on local news, while Newsela also covers national and international news.

Is News Break a good alternative?

The Skimm

The Skimm is a news and media service that delivers a curated newsletter to over 7 million subscribers every morning. It provides readers with an easy-to-read, digestible rundown of the day’s top headlines, plus additional context and analysis.

Both websites offer a variety of news sources and are designed to be user-friendly.

The Skimm focuses on providing short, easy-to-understand summaries of news stories, while Newsela offers more detailed articles.

Is The Skimm a good alternative?


BBC is the world's leading public service broadcaster, providing news, current affairs, sports and entertainment across multiple platforms.

Both websites offer a variety of news sources and up-to-date news.

BBC News focuses primarily on international news, while Newsela also covers local news.

Is BBC a good alternative?


CNN is an American basic cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System, a division of AT&T's WarnerMedia. CNN's headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia's CNN Center. The channel provides live and recorded news coverage and political commentary 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Both websites offer news from a variety of sources and are easy to navigate.

CNN focuses primarily on national news, while Newsela also covers international news.

Is CNN a good alternative?

The New York Times

The New York Times is an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership. Founded in 1851, the paper has won 127 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper. The Times is published seven days a week and is particularly known for its rich and comprehensive coverage of international news, as well as influential people and ideas.

Both websites provide easy-to-navigate news sources and are updated frequently.

The New York Times focuses primarily on national news, while Newsela also covers international news.

Is The New York Times a good alternative?

Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator provided by Google, selecting and summarizing news from a variety of sources. It uses automated processes to select stories, using algorithms that consider a wide range of factors including the source and freshness of the story.

Both websites provide up-to-date news from a variety of sources.

Google News focuses primarily on national news, while Newsela also covers international news.

Is Google News a good alternative?


CommonLit is a free digital library of leveled texts and formative assessment tools to help educators differentiate instruction and increase literacy.

Both websites provide educational content with reading materials and resources to improve literacy.

Newsela offers interactive quizzes and assessments while CommonLit focuses on discussion questions and assignments.

Is CommonLit a good alternative?


Free is an online shopping website that offers thousands of free products from hundreds of brands around the world. From fashion to home goods, from electronics to beauty products, Free has it all.

Both websites provide educational resources for students.

Newsela offers a research-based literacy platform to develop students' reading skills, while Free provides free online courses from top universities and organizations.

Is Free a good alternative?


ReadWorks is a nonprofit organization that helps students improve their reading comprehension and build their literacy skills. The website provides free reading material from a variety of sources, including books, articles, and poems.

Both Newsela and ReadWorks are websites that provide a variety of reading materials for students.

While Newsela focuses on current news articles, ReadWorks focuses on literature and informational texts.

Is ReadWorks a good alternative?

Newsela Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Newsela and other websites! Newsela is a popular platform for finding current news articles written with various levels of difficulty. It is used in classrooms, homeschools, and other educational settings to help improve literacy skills. In this comparison we will be examining Newsela against other websites that provide similar services. We will compare the features, user interface, cost, and overall usability of each website. So let's get started!


Newsela and CommonLit are both online reading platforms that provide students with access to hundreds of educational articles. Both websites offer a diverse selection of reading material, from current events to classic literature. Newsela provides five different levels of text complexity, allowing users to adjust the difficulty of the articles they read, while CommonLit offers leveled questions and activities designed to help students further understand and engage with the text. Newsela also provides a comprehensive suite of tools for teachers, such as quizzes, lesson plans, writing prompts, and an analytics dashboard. CommonLit’s teaching tools allow educators to assign their students particular texts or collections of texts, create discussion questions related to the text, and offer feedback on student responses. Both websites have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for students and teachers to navigate the content.


Newsela and Free are both websites that offer educational content. Newsela provides engaging, leveled articles on current events and other topics, while Free allows users to create their own educational resources (such as quizzes or flashcards) or search a comprehensive library of resources created by other teachers. Newsela offers a variety of features, such as customizable assessments and comprehension questions, audio versions of articles for students with disabilities, and the ability to translate text into different languages. Additionally, Newsela offers teachers tools to manage student progress and assign individualized learning paths. Free offers a wide range of features such as the ability to create unlimited custom-made educational content, access to an expansive library of existing materials from other teachers, integration with Google Classroom, and the ability to track student progress. Furthermore, Free has an expansive collection of images that can be used in quizzes or activities.


Newsela and ReadWorks are both websites that provide reading materials for students, teachers, and parents. Newsela offers articles from a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines, and websites that can be customized to fit any grade level or subject. It also provides access to targeted quizzes and assessments, differentiated assignments, and an extensive library of educational resources. ReadWorks offers leveled readings on topics related to science, social studies, math, literature, writing skills, and more. It also provides a variety of tools to help students understand the material such as comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, audio recordings of passages, writing prompts and more. Both websites offer support for virtual learning environments as well as printable worksheets with answer keys. Finally, they offer extensive collections of resources including lesson plans, graphic organizers and interactive activities.

History of Newsela

Newsela is an online educational platform launched in 2013 that provides news articles, primary sources, and other texts to help students develop reading comprehension skills. It was created in response to the need for a comprehensive and accessible educational resource for students of all ages. Newsela is now used by more than 15 million students and teachers in more than 180 countries.

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