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10 Websites Like Mobalytics: The Best Alternatives For Competitive Gaming Analytics

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-21 00:58:09

Are you looking for websites like Mobalytics? If you're a fan of the popular gaming analytics platform, you may be disappointed to hear that it's no longer available. But don't worry, there are plenty of alternative websites that offer the same type of analytics, helping you improve your gaming skills. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best websites like Mobalytics that are out there today.



Mobalytics is a gamer performance platform that provides gamers with personalized performance analysis and improvement tools. It provides gamers with deep analytics tracking, coaching tools, and advanced insights to help them improve their gaming performance.


  • Performance Analysis: Comprehensive analytics tracking of your gaming performance and progress.
  • Coaching Tools: Get personalized insights and advice from experienced gamers to help you improve your skills.
  • Advanced Insights: Get in-depth analytics and data-driven insights to help you make smarter decisions in-game.

Mobalytics Alternatives


Overwolf is a gaming app store and platform that helps PC gamers to find and install the best apps and in-game tools. It offers a wide selection of gaming apps and in-game tools, such as mods, HUDs, voice communications, and more.

Both websites provide in-game applications for gamers and offer analytical tools for tracking progress.

Overwolf offers additional features such as voice communication and streaming.

Is Overwolf a good alternative?

Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is an esports coaching platform that helps gamers improve their performance in their favorite games by connecting them with experienced coaches for personalized coaching sessions.

Both websites offer analytical tools and personalized advice for gamers.

Gamer Sensei focuses more on providing gamers with coaching services rather than analytics.

Is Gamer Sensei a good alternative?


GameAnalytics is a data-driven platform for game developers that helps them understand their players and improve their game's performance. By collecting data from players, GameAnalytics provides valuable insights that help developers make informed decisions, such as identifying problem areas in the game, understanding player behavior, and optimizing monetization strategies.

Both websites provide analytical tools for tracking user engagement and performance.

GameAnalytics focuses more on providing in-depth analytics for game developers rather than gamers.

Is GameAnalytics a good alternative?


GameBench is a platform that provides tools and services for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing mobile games performance. It helps developers, publishers, and QA teams to test, optimize, and improve the performance of their games on both Android and iOS devices.

Both websites offer tools for measuring game performance.

GameBench focuses more on providing performance analysis for game developers instead of gamers.

Is GameBench a good alternative?


Playlyfe is a gamification platform designed to help companies motivate users and employees. It provides tools to build and manage various game mechanics, such as leaderboards, achievements, rewards, and more.

Both websites provide gaming analytics.

Playlyfe focuses more on providing game developers with tools for creating and managing game-based experiences.

Is Playlyfe a good alternative?


GamerSkill is an online gaming platform where you can play skill-based games and win prizes. We feature a wide range of exciting and challenging games that are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to create a fun and engaging environment that encourages players to improve their skills, compete with others, and earn rewards.

Both websites provide game analytics.

GamerSkill focuses more on providing personalized skill assessments and recommendations for gamers.

Is GamerSkill a good alternative?

Twitch Metrics

Twitch Metrics is a tool for streamers to help them understand and grow their channels. The site collects data from Twitch’s API to generate insights on viewership and streaming activity.

Both websites offer analytical tools for tracking gamer progress.

Twitch Metrics focuses more on providing analytics for streamers on the Twitch platform.

Is Twitch Metrics a good alternative?


OP.GG is a statistical and analytical website for League of Legends players. It provides them with various in-game stats and rankings such as win-rates, match history, champion rankings and more.

Both websites provide analysis and data about League of Legends.

Mobalytics focuses on helping players improve their skills while OP.GG focuses on providing analytics to compare players and teams.

Is OP.GG a good alternative?


U.GG is a platform that helps gamers get better at League of Legends. It offers personalized coaching, analytics, and custom builds.

Both websites offer advanced analytics for gamers to improve their performance.

Mobalytics focuses on the MOBA genre of gaming, whereas U.GG supports a wide variety of titles and platforms.

Is U.GG a good alternative?
| is a performance analytics platform for esports players and teams. It uses real-time data to provide insights and actionable metrics to help players and teams reach their full potential.

Both websites offer analytics and performance data for gamers.

Mobalytics provides personalized coaching for League of Legends players, while offers detailed stats tracking for all major titles.

Is a good alternative?


Porofessor is a website that provides professional League of Legends stats. It helps players improve their game by giving them comprehensive information about their performance, the performance of their opponents, and the trends in the current meta.

Both websites provide players with data-driven performance analytics tools to help them improve their gameplay.

Mobalytics focuses on analyzing in-game performance, while Porofessor focuses on helping players find and compare opponents' past performances.

Is Porofessor a good alternative?

Mobalytics Head-To-Head

Are you looking for an esports analytics platform to help improve your competitive gaming performance? With the growing popularity of competitive gaming, there are many tools available to help players become better at their craft. In this article, we'll take a head-to-head look at Mobalytics and compare it with other popular websites that offer the same services. We'll explore the features and benefits of each platform, so you can decide which one is right for you.


Mobalytics and OP.GG are two websites that provide analytics data for League of Legends players. Mobalytics provides a more in-depth analysis of the player’s performance, such as their win rate and playstyle analysis. It also provides personalized tips and advice to help improve the player’s game. OP.GG provides detailed match history, such as KDA stats, as well as an overview of the champion’s abilities and matchups, which can be used to fine-tune strategies. Both sites have a companion app for both iOS and Android devices so players can review their data on the go. The main difference between these two websites is that Mobalytics offers a more holistic approach to analyzing a player’s performance while OP.GG focuses primarily on providing detailed match history and champion analyses.


Mobalytics and U.GG are both websites that offer League of Legends coaching and analytics services. Both provide personalized performance analysis, build advice, and in-depth insights for players at all levels of experience. Mobalytics provides a unique Gamer Performance Index which uses machine learning to score your performance on a scale from 0 - 100. Players can also view an analysis of their individual champion performance over time via the Champion Performance Analytics feature. Mobalytics also offers personalized coaching plans and tools such as the Performance Planner which helps users plan out their next steps for improvement. U.GG provides specialized scouting reports that employ advanced data science to help players identify strengths and weaknesses in their play. They also have an automated LoL Coach system that gives players tailored advice based on their gameplay history. Additionally, U.GG has a variety of tools designed to improve mechanics such as the Replay Analyzer and Chroma Input Enhancer which allow you to review your own games in slow motion with detailed feedback.


Mobalytics and both offer comprehensive game-improvement tools for gamers of all levels and games like League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2 and Overwatch. Mobalytics is a personalized performance platform that provides players with personalized coaching and analytics to help them improve their gameplay. It offers in-depth analytics such as champion stats, win rate, playstyle analysis, personal feedback and custom builds. It also provides players with access to professional coaches, personalized course advice and exclusive Mobalytics content. is an AI-powered performance platform that helps players improve their skills by providing detailed real-time feedback on their gameplay. It gives users recommendations for champions, item builds, team comps and more based on their individual playstyles and games. The platform also offers its own analytics engine that tracks player progress over time as well as leaderboards to compare players’ stats against friends or the competition.


Mobalytics and Porofessor are both websites that allow users to track and improve their performance in the popular online video game League of Legends (LOL). Both sites offer similar features, such as in-game data analysis and personalized coaching advice. Mobalytics provides a personalized performance score, which is updated after each game played. It also offers an automated analysis of your gameplay, tracking stats such as kills, deaths, gold earned and minions killed. Additionally, it has an AI coach feature which provides tailored advice on how to improve your performance. Porofessor features an intuitive replay viewer that allows you to analyze replays from your games with ease. It also offers detailed insights into each of your games including enemy team composition, player builds and combat scenarios. Furthermore, it has a ‘ward map’ feature which provides visibility into the positioning of wards placed by both teams during a match. Overall, both Mobalytics and Porofessor offer great tools for players looking to take their game to the next level. Ultimately it depends on what type of features you prioritize when choosing your tracking platform - Mobalytics for its analytics focused approach or Porofessor for its replay viewer and ward mapping capabilities.

History of Mobalytics

Mobalytics is a website that started in 2017 as an analytics platform for gamers. It was created to help players improve their skills and play better with the use of advanced analytics and data. It quickly became popular with players of all skill levels and has since become the go-to place for millions of gamers to get better at games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, and more.

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