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8 Alternatives to LibriVox for Finding Free Audio Books

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-16 09:21:03

Are you looking for websites like LibriVox, where you can find free audio books? Look no further! We've put together a list of the best alternatives to LibriVox, offering a range of audio books for you to enjoy. Whether you're looking for classic literature, contemporary fiction, or children's stories, the sites on this list have something for everyone. So get ready to explore the world of free audio books with these awesome sites!



LibriVox is a free online library of public domain audiobooks. The library is powered by volunteers who record, edit and distribute audiobooks to the general public.


  • Access to thousands of free public domain audiobooks
  • Easy search and navigation
  • Variety of audio formats available
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to create custom book lists and collections

LibriVox Alternatives


Audible is an Amazon company that provides access to audio books, radio shows, and other audio content. It allows users to listen to their favorite books, authors, and original audio content on the go.

Both offer audio books.

Audible is a paid subscription service, while LibriVox offers free audio books.

Is Audible a good alternative?


Lit2Go is an online library of free literature and audiobooks from around the world. The library includes thousands of titles from books, short stories, plays, poems, and essays from authors such as Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jules Verne.

Both offer free audio books and eBooks.

Lit2Go specializes in classic literature, while LibriVox offers a variety of genres.

Is Lit2Go a good alternative?


Scribl is a media platform for interactive storytelling. Our mission is to empower creators to tell stories in new, interactive ways. With Scribl, writers and filmmakers can bring their stories to life with multimedia, animations and other interactive elements.

Both offer free audio books and eBooks.

Scribl offers a variety of podcasts and articles, while LibriVox focuses on audio books.

Is Scribl a good alternative?


OverDrive is the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools worldwide. With a vast collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and videos, OverDrive lets you enjoy your favorite titles on the go, online, or offline.

Both offer audio books.

OverDrive is a paid subscription service, while LibriVox offers free audio books.

Is OverDrive a good alternative?

LibriVox Head-To-Head

Welcome to a head-to-head comparison of LibriVox with other websites! LibriVox is an excellent volunteer-run project that provides access to thousands of free audiobooks, read aloud by volunteers from around the world. It's a great resource for anyone looking for quality audiobook content without having to pay for it. In this article, we'll take a look at how LibriVox compares to some of the other popular websites offering audio books. We'll examine their selection, cost, and user experience in order to decide which website offers the best overall value. So let’s get started!


LibriVox and Audible are both websites that offer audio books for users to listen to. LibriVox is a free website that provides audiobooks for public domain books, which are typically older works in the public domain. Audible is a subscription-based service with a much larger selection of audiobooks from more recent authors, including bestsellers and newly released titles. LibriVox offers audiobooks in multiple languages and formats, with the majority being spoken word recordings by volunteers. It is available on all platforms, making it great for those who don’t have access to a lot of technology or an internet connection. Audible offers audiobooks in multiple languages as well, but they are professional recordings done by actors or narrators. They also offer podcasts and radio shows, making their library even more extensive than LibriVox’s. Both services offer apps so users can download content onto their phones or other devices, allowing them to listen while on the go or when they don't have an internet connection. In addition, both services allow users to purchase individual titles from their library if they don't want a subscription package. However, only Audible allows users to purchase gift cards for others so they can get access to their library as well. Overall, both services provide great selections of audio books for users to enjoy and each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the user’s needs.

History of LibriVox

LibriVox is a website that was founded in 2005. It is a free public domain audiobook website that collects recordings of volunteers reading books in the public domain. It is a non-profit organization which relies on volunteers for its recordings. The website has since grown to become the largest library of free public domain audiobooks on the web. It has been recognized in the press and by institutions such as the New York Public Library, the British Library, Harvard University, and the Internet Archive.

LibriVox Status

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