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7 Alternatives to KissTV You Should Check Out Now

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-20 13:05:03

Are you looking for websites like KissTV? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at the top five websites that are similar to KissTV. From streaming services to digital downloads, we will cover the best options for those looking for alternatives to KissTV. So, if you are looking for an alternative to KissTV, read on to find out more about the top five websites like KissTV.



KissTV is an online streaming service that brings together live TV, catch up and Video-on-Demand services in one place. With a range of popular channels, KissTV offers an extensive selection of programmes for you to watch anytime, anywhere.


  • Live TV streaming
  • Catch up services
  • Video-on-Demand library
  • Popular channels
  • Searchable content library
  • Personalised recommendations

KissTV Alternatives


Hulu is a leading premium streaming service that offers instant access to live and on demand channels, original series and films, and a premium library of TV and movies to more than 20 million subscribers in the U.S.

Both offer streaming services to view movies and TV shows.

KissTV offers an extensive library of TV shows and movies, while Hulu primarily offers more recent content.

Is Hulu a good alternative?

Sling TV

Sling TV is an American over-the-top internet television service owned by Dish Network. It offers subscribers access to various live and on-demand television channels and streaming services via web and mobile apps.

Both offer streaming services to view movies and TV shows.

KissTV offers an extensive library of TV shows and movies, while Sling TV is more focused on live TV content.

Is Sling TV a good alternative?

History of KissTV

KissTV is a website that was created in the late 2000s, and was designed to provide fans with a platform to watch their favorite music videos. The website also allows users to create their own channels and follow others, as well as comment and rate videos. It was one of the first websites to offer its users the ability to stream music videos from all genres. Over the years, the website has evolved and now features exclusive content and interviews with some of the biggest names in music.


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  • I'm gonna need a lot of chapstick to get through all these websites!

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  • Wow, now I can KissTV goodbye!

    2023-09-24 08:46:42 ·
  • It looks like I'm gonna have to kiss goodbye to my free time!

    2023-09-25 08:03:43 ·
  • Just what I needed, more websites offering me a smooch!

    2024-01-19 04:24:24 ·
  • Chapped lips be gone! Thanks KissTV!

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