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Similar Music Analytics Platforms to Chartmetric: A Comprehensive List

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-05 08:06:24

Are you looking for websites similar to Chartmetric? Chartmetric is a powerful analytics platform for musicians, labels, and other music industry professionals. It offers a range of features to help users understand, promote, and monetize their music. If you're looking for similar sites that offer similar features, this list is for you. Here are some of the top websites like Chartmetric that provide analytics, insights, and more to the music industry.



Chartmetric is an all-in-one music insights platform providing comprehensive data, metrics, and analysis for musicians, labels, and other music industry professionals.


  • Comprehensive Music Analytics
  • Music Streaming Platform Insights
  • Artist Engagement Tracking
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting Tools
  • Industry Insights and Trends

Chartmetric Alternatives

Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound is the industry’s leading source for professional music analytics and insights. They empower music professionals with real-time data, visuals and analysis on their career, industry and audience.

Provides insights into artist performance and tracks analytics for streaming music platforms.

More focused on artist performance rather than detailed music analytics.

Is Next Big Sound a good alternative?


Tunefind is a website that helps you discover music from TV and movies. It includes a comprehensive database of music from over 50,000 television shows and films, and is a great way to find out what songs were played in your favorite TV shows and movies.

Provides insights into music streaming and streaming services.

More focused on music identification and music discovery rather than analytics.

Is Tunefind a good alternative?


Musicmetric is a powerful online tool that provides insights and analytics for the music industry. It offers unique data-driven insights to help artists, labels, and industry professionals understand the performance of their music, build better relationships with fans, and plan successful campaigns.

Provides insights into music streaming and analytics.

More focused on digital music analytics and audience engagement rather than streaming music platforms.

Is Musicmetric a good alternative?

Music Business Worldwide

Music Business Worldwide is a media company delivering news, jobs and events to the global music industry. It provides insights, analysis and exclusive interviews with key decision-makers.

Provides insights into music trends and analytics.

More focused on music business news and insights rather than streaming music platforms.

Is Music Business Worldwide a good alternative?


Trackalytics is a comprehensive web analytics platform that enables businesses to monitor their digital performance in real-time and make informed decisions. It offers detailed insights into website visitors, campaigns, content optimization, and more.

Provides insights into music streaming and analytics.

More focused on tracking music streaming and downloads rather than streaming music platforms.

Is Trackalytics a good alternative?

Music Intelligence Solutions

Music Intelligence Solutions provides a suite of powerful music analysis and automation software that helps businesses analyze, organize, and monetize their audio content. Our software helps businesses unlock the full potential of their music and audio content, making it easier to discover, measure, and monetize their audio assets.

Provides insights into music streaming and analytics.

More focused on music intelligence and music data analysis rather than streaming music platforms.

Is Music Intelligence Solutions a good alternative?

Music Ally

Music Ally is a leading music industry intelligence and digital media agency, offering unrivalled insight and analysis into the global music industry. With a 25-year history, Music Ally is dedicated to helping music makers, rights holders, labels, publishers and distributors stay ahead of the digital music curve in a rapidly changing industry.

Provides insights into music streaming and analytics.

More focused on music industry news, research, and consulting rather than streaming music platforms.

Is Music Ally a good alternative?

History of Chartmetric

Chartmetric is a website that started in 2017 and provides analytics and insights to the music industry. It enables users to track music trends, analyze artist performances, and benchmark their metrics in comparison to other artists. It has become a powerful tool for artists and labels to gain greater visibility into the music landscape and better understand their own standing within it.

Chartmetric Status

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