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Exploring the Best Alternatives to Jackson Pollock: A Look at Similar Artistic Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-07 13:13:19

Do you love the work of abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock? Are you looking to explore more of his work and other abstract expressionists? Then you have come to the right place! This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of websites featuring similar artwork to that of Jackson Pollock. From classic paintings to modern interpretations, this list will have something for everyone. So, if you are ready to delve into the world of abstract expressionism, read on!

Jackson Pollock

311 is the official website of the late painter Jackson Pollock, renowned for his abstract expressionism. The website features a comprehensive biography of the artist, along with his works, exhibitions, and awards. It also provides access to resources, such as books, films, and articles, as well as an interactive timeline of Pollock's life and career.

Jackson Pollock Alternatives

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko was one of the foremost figures in the 20th century art movement known as Abstract Expressionism. His best-known works are large abstract paintings characterized by rectangles of color floating on large fields of uninflected black or gray. His work is held in major public collections across the world, and this website serves as an official source for information about his life and work.

Both Pollock and Rothko are abstract expressionist painters who are considered the pioneers of the movement.

Rothko's works are usually composed of large, blocky shapes of color while Pollock's works involve intricate, bold line work.

Is Mark Rothko a good alternative?

Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning was a Dutch-American abstract expressionist painter and sculptor. This website, established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation, provides an overview of his biography, artwork, and archives.

De Kooning, like Pollock, was an American abstract expressionist painter and a leading figure in the movement.

De Kooning's works usually involve more recognizable shapes, whereas Pollock's are more abstract.

Is Willem de Kooning a good alternative?

Franz Kline

Discontinued Modern Art Paintings
Franz Kline is an online art gallery featuring the works of the late American abstract expressionist painter, Franz Kline. This gallery provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the works of Kline from the comfort of their own home.

Kline was another major American abstract expressionist painter, and his works often feature bold, black lines.

Kline's works are more representational, featuring recognizable shapes, whereas Pollock's are more abstract.

Is Franz Kline a good alternative?

Adolph Gottlieb

Discontinued Modern Art
Adolph Gottlieb (1903–1974), one of the pioneers of Abstract Expressionism, is remembered as a leader of the New York School of painting. His works range from biomorphic forms and Surrealist landscapes to all-over abstractions, many of which have become iconic images of mid-twentieth-century modern painting.

Both Gottlieb and Pollock were abstract expressionists and pioneers of the movement.

Gottlieb's works tend to be more composed, featuring organized shapes and lines, whereas Pollock's are more chaotic and free-flowing.

Is Adolph Gottlieb a good alternative?

Helen Frankenthaler

Discontinued Modern Art
The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation is dedicated to advancing the legacy of the artist Helen Frankenthaler, who revolutionized abstract painting in the 1950s and 60s. The website provides information about Helen’s life and work, her artistic process, and her impact on the contemporary art world.

Both Pollock and Frankenthaler were abstract expressionists, and both experimented with color and texture.

Frankenthaler's works often feature more subtle colors and tones, whereas Pollock's are more vibrant and eye-catching.

Is Helen Frankenthaler a good alternative?

Barnett Newman

Discontinued Modern Art Minimalism
Barnett Newman was a groundbreaking American artist whose bold and influential works helped define the mid-20th century New York school of abstract expressionism. This official website, created by the Barnett Newman Foundation, serves as a comprehensive digital resource to learn more about his life, his artwork, and his influence on the world of art.

Newman was an abstract expressionist painter, and his works often feature bold lines and color blocks.

Newman's works are often more representational, featuring recognizable shapes and figures, whereas Pollock's are more abstract and chaotic.

Is Barnett Newman a good alternative?

Robert Motherwell

Discontinued Modern Art
Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) was an American abstract expressionist painter and printmaker. This website is dedicated to showcasing his work, with an online collection of images, articles and educational resources.

Motherwell was an abstract expressionist painter and a major figure in the movement.

Motherwell's works often feature more muted colors and tones, whereas Pollock's are more vibrant and eye-catching.

Is Robert Motherwell a good alternative?

History of Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is a website dedicated to showcasing the life and work of the influential American artist. It was established in 2000 and has been the premier destination for learning about the artist and his iconic drip paintings. It features a biography, artworks, interviews, and more. It also provides an opportunity for fans of the artist to interact with each other and discuss his work.

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  • This list is a perfect way to get inspired- just like Jackson Pollock!

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  • Who says you can't learn anything from the internet? Jackson Pollock would be proud!

    2023-08-25 09:57:58 ·
  • I'm starting to think Jackson Pollock was ahead of his time!

    2023-10-29 08:14:51 ·
  • Jackson Pollock must have known what he was doing- these websites are amazing!

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