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7 Alternatives to Headout: A Guide to Similar Websites for Planning Your Next Adventure

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-14 17:32:47

Are you looking for alternative websites like Headout? If so, you're in luck. Here is a list of some of the best websites like Headout that offer unique experiences. These sites offer a range of activities, from cultural walking tours to outdoor adventures, so you can find something to suit your individual needs. Whether you're looking for a fun day out with friends or a romantic date night, these sites provide the perfect way to explore your city. Read on to find out which websites could be perfect for you.

Headout is an experience marketplace that helps travelers discover and book the best things to do in cities around the world. With handpicked experiences and 24/7 customer support, Headout makes it easy to explore a city like a local.


  • Book tours and activities in cities around the world
  • Live customer support 24/7
  • Handpicked experiences by local experts
  • Secure and safe payment options

Headout Alternatives


Tripadvisor is a travel platform that provides travelers with information and advice on where to go, what to do and where to stay. It also offers user-generated reviews and ratings of hotels, attractions and dining options, as well as a platform to book flights and hotels.

Provides recommendations for attractions and activities in major cities around the world.

TripAdvisor focuses more on reviews of attractions and activities, while Headout focuses more on providing bookings for experiences.

Is Tripadvisor a good alternative?


GetYourGuide is a leading online platform for booking activities, tours and attractions around the world. It features a comprehensive list of things to do, from classic city sightseeing tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It also offers a range of services such as 24/7 customer support, secure online payments and free cancellations.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

GetYourGuide offers more tours and activities than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is GetYourGuide a good alternative?


Viator is the world's leading resource for discovering, researching and booking the best travel experiences worldwide. With millions of things to do in over 2,000 destinations in more than 150 countries, you can plan a dream vacation, explore the local culture, sample delicious cuisine, and find attractions and activities to suit any budget.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

Viator offers more tours and activities than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is Viator a good alternative?


ToursByLocals is a marketplace connecting travelers with local tour guides around the world. We provide private, customized tours and experiences that are tailored to the interests of each traveler.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

ToursByLocals offers more local-led tours than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is ToursByLocals a good alternative?


Vayable is an online platform that connects travelers with local experts who offer unique experiences in more than 1,400 cities around the world.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

Vayable offers more unique and niche experiences than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is Vayable a good alternative?


Triphobo is an online travel planning service that helps you make the most of your trip by providing personalized itineraries, hotel booking, and more.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

TripHobo offers more custom holiday packages than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is Triphobo a good alternative?

Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences offers a variety of unique activities and things to do all over the world, hosted by local experts. From classes to tours, you can find the perfect experience to explore a new city or show off your hometown.

Provides bookings for experiences in major cities around the world.

Airbnb Experiences offers more unique and local experiences than Headout, as well as a wider range of accommodation options.

Is Airbnb Experiences a good alternative?


Klook is a leading online travel activities and services platform, offering travelers a one-stop solution to discovering and booking popular attractions, tours, local transportation, best-value flight and hotel deals, and unique experiences around the world.

Both websites offer discounted prices for various attractions and activities.

Headout provides online concierge services for customers, while Klook does not.

Is Klook a good alternative?

Headout Head-To-Head

Headout is a website that offers top-rated tours and activities around the world. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. In this article, we will be comparing Headout with other websites offering similar services. We will look at their features, prices, and customer reviews to determine which one is the best option for customers looking for a great travel experience.


Headout and GetYourGuide are two popular websites for booking activities, attractions, and experiences. Headout offers a wide range of experiences in over 100 cities worldwide. They offer local tours, nightlife, food and drink experiences, entertainment and shows, outdoor activities and more. GetYourGuide also provides a variety of experiences in more than 150 countries around the world including local tours, themed tours such as art & culture or nature & wildlife, day trips from major cities, private guides and more. The key difference between the two is that Headout has a focus on personalized experiences while GetYourGuide's focus is on curated travel packages. Headout also offers a mobile app to help users find attractions nearby while GetYourGuide does not have an app available at this time. Both companies offer payment protection when booking through their site with Headout offering 24/7 customer service for questions or issues during your experience. In conclusion both websites are great options for booking activities and attractions but depending on what you are looking for one will be better suited than the other.


Headout and Klook are two websites offering a variety of activities, tours, and experiences that can be booked online. Headout focuses on providing an awesome experience through their combination of local knowledge, customer reviews, and the best prices. On the other hand, Klook is a platform that curates a range of activities, attractions and experiences from all around the world. It offers exclusive discounts on pre-booked tickets for attractions, as well as special packages tailored to specific destinations. Both Headout and Klook provide activities for travelers that are unique to each location; however, Headout goes one step further by allowing customers to book activities directly with local partners. This means visitors can save more money since there are no middlemen involved in the booking process. Additionally, Headout also provides 24/7 customer support before and during the activity to ensure customers have the best experience possible. Klook focuses on providing customers with exclusive discounts and great deals on popular attractions. It is designed to be easy to use with filters that help customers quickly find what they’re looking for. They also offer various services such as vouchers delivery or mobile e-tickets so customers can access their tickets easily whenever needed. Overall both Headout and Klook provide great activities for travelers looking for unique experiences at different locations around the world. However, customer service may be better with Headout since it provides direct booking with local partners and 24/7 customer support before and during activities.

History of Headout

Headout is a travel and lifestyle platform that was founded in 2014. It provides users with access to a wide range of activities, experiences, and attractions across the world. Headout has partnered with some of the biggest names in the travel and leisure industry to curate a selection of the best experiences to its users. The website has grown rapidly over the past few years and now has users in over 100 countries. It is the go-to destination for travelers looking to explore the world while remaining within budget.

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  • I'm sure these other websites are great, but I'm still loyal to my Headout!

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  • I'm not sure if these other websites can compare to Headout, but I'm willing to find out!

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  • I'm not sure if these other websites are better than Headout, but I'm willing to give them a shot!

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  • I'm so glad Headout is still the best of the bunch!

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