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Explore These Alternatives to Boardmaker: A Comprehensive List of Similar Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-16 04:54:21

Are you looking for a Boardmaker alternative? Boardmaker is an online communication platform that helps teachers, parents and therapists create visual learning activities. But if you're looking for similar websites to Boardmaker, you're in luck! In this article, we'll be looking at a list of websites that offer similar features and capabilities to Boardmaker. From interactive visuals to customization options, these websites can help you create the perfect visuals for your classroom, home or therapy session. So, get ready to discover the best websites like Boardmaker!



Boardmaker is an easy-to-use software program that enables users to create visual supports and activities for children with special needs. It provides access to a library of customizable symbols and templates, and allows users to create customized activities and materials.


  • Library of customizable symbols and templates
  • Ability to create activities and materials
  • Ability to print, save and share materials
  • Access to online forums and resources

Boardmaker Alternatives

Boardmaker Plus!

Discontinued Communication
Boardmaker Plus! makes it easy for teachers, therapists, and parents to create customized, interactive learning materials and resources for students with special needs. With its easy-to-use authoring tools, Boardmaker Plus! helps to quickly and easily create personalized learning activities, materials, and supports.

Boardmaker Plus! is a visual communication software for creating print and on-screen communication boards for individuals with special needs.

Boardmaker Plus! offers an additional library of activities and templates that are not available in Boardmaker.

Is Boardmaker Plus! a good alternative?

Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker Online is an online platform that allows teachers, parents, and therapists to create customized visual supports and communication aids to help people with special needs learn, communicate, and participate more independently.

Boardmaker Online is a web-based software for creating communication boards that can be used on any device.

Boardmaker Online does not offer the same library of activities and templates that Boardmaker Plus! does.

Is Boardmaker Online a good alternative?

Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)

Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) is the world’s largest library of picture communication symbols. It is a unique collection of symbols created to support the communication of individuals who cannot typically use speech to communicate. PCS symbols are a way to represent words and concepts, and are used as a visual display system to build communication boards and books.

Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) is a visual symbol system created specifically for augmentative and alternative communication.

PCS is not a software program and does not offer the same features of Boardmaker.

Is Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) a good alternative?

Communicate: SymWriter

Communicate: SymWriter is a Speech Generating Device (SGD) designed for individuals with communication and speech impairments. It provides easy access to a large range of symbols and words, enabling users to communicate in a clear and expressive manner.

Communicate: SymWriter is a word-based communication software that can be used to create symbols-based communication boards.

Communicate: SymWriter does not offer the library of activities and templates that Boardmaker Plus! does.

Is Communicate: SymWriter a good alternative?

Communicate: In Print

Communicate: In Print is a printing solutions provider and has been in the business for over 25 years. We specialize in both digital and large format printing and offer a wide range of services including digital printing, large format printing, screen printing, and more. Our goal is to provide professional printing services to our customers at competitive prices.

Communicate: In Print is a software program for creating print documents and communication boards with symbols.

Communicate: In Print does not offer the same library of activities and templates that Boardmaker Plus! does.

Is Communicate: In Print a good alternative?

Board Builder

Board Builder is a design and manufacturing platform that allows you to design your own custom skateboard and boards for street, vert, park, and longboarding. With Board Builder, you can design your own unique set up, or customize an existing deck with popular graphics, logos, and colors.

Board Builder is a software program for creating communication boards with symbols.

Board Builder does not offer the same library of activities and templates that Boardmaker Plus! does.

Is Board Builder a good alternative?

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is a powerful desktop publishing software for the Mac. It’s designed to make creating print and digital documents easy and fast. With a broad set of tools, you can easily create flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and more.

Swift Publisher is a desktop publishing software for creating documents and communication boards.

Swift Publisher does not offer the same library of activities and templates that Boardmaker Plus! does.

Is Swift Publisher a good alternative?


LessonPix is an online picture communication system designed to help individuals with autism and other special needs communicate more effectively. It provides a library of over 45,000 high-quality visual symbols, along with an intuitive user interface to create custom picture cards, visual schedules, choice boards, and other visual supports.

Both websites offer picture sharing for use in educational resources.

Boardmaker offers more customization options for the pictures, whereas LessonPix offers a greater selection of images.

Is LessonPix a good alternative?

Boardmaker Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Boardmaker with other websites! Boardmaker is a popular platform for creating educational materials, such as visual schedules and communication boards. In this comparison, we'll be looking at how Boardmaker stacks up against similar sites in terms of features, functionality, and cost. We'll also discuss the suitability of each website for different user types. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or student looking for an effective way to create educational materials, this comparison will help you decide which site is right for you.


Boardmaker and LessonPix are both online resources geared towards educators who are looking for images, activities, and tools to support their students’ learning. Boardmaker offers a library of thousands of customizable symbols that can be used to create visual supports, worksheets, communication boards, and more. It also has a suite of apps designed to help teachers create lessons, activities, and materials that are tailored to the needs of their students. LessonPix offers a collection of over 50,000 images that can be used to create visual aids for teaching literacy skills. They also offer a wide assortment of templates for making flashcards and other educational materials. Additionally, LessonPix provides tools for creating interactive activities like puzzles, sorting games, and matching activities. Both websites are useful resources for teachers who want to provide engaging materials that meet the individual needs of their students.

History of Boardmaker

Boardmaker is a software program originally developed in the 1980s to help people with disabilities create communication boards. The program has since been expanded to provide an online platform for teachers, parents, and professionals to create custom learning materials. Boardmaker has become a popular choice for creating visual supports, interactive activities, and communication boards for people with disabilities. It has also become a popular tool for creating materials for young children.


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