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7 Alternatives to GuideStar for Finding Nonprofit Organizations

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-29 13:13:12

Are you looking for websites similar to GuideStar to help you find reliable information about nonprofit organizations? If so, you're in luck! This article provides a list of alternative websites, including Charity Navigator, Great Nonprofits, and GiveWell, that provide helpful information about nonprofits and their impact. With this list, you'll be able to explore a variety of websites that offer similar services to GuideStar. Read on to learn more about these alternatives and their features.

GuideStar is an online database of information about U.S. nonprofit organizations. It collects and disseminates information about every single IRS-registered nonprofit organization. Users can search and browse for detailed data on more than 2.5 million U.S. nonprofits, including financials, annual reports, board members, program services, and executive compensation.

GuideStar Alternatives

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is a nonprofit organization that provides ratings and information on charities to help guide donors in making informed decisions. It evaluates and rates more than 8,000 charities in the United States.

Provides ratings and financial information on charities and non-profits

Charity Navigator offers a more limited range of information than GuideStar

Is Charity Navigator a good alternative?


Philantro is a cloud-based solution for non-profit organizations to help them manage their donors and donations. It provides a secure and streamlined platform for non-profits to easily create, manage and track their donations, as well as offering donor engagement tools to help organizations cultivate relationships with their donors.

Provides information on fundraising and donation management for non-profits

Philantro is designed for fundraising and donation management and does not contain ratings or financial information

Is Philantro a good alternative?

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a leader in connecting people, ideas, and resources to improve philanthropy and its impact on the world. They provide valuable data and research about grantmakers, grantees, foundations, and more.

Provides research on grant makers and grant-making trends

Foundation Center does not provide ratings or financial information on charities and non-profits, unlike GuideStar

Is Foundation Center a good alternative?


Classy is a leading fundraising platform designed to help organizations of all sizes raise more money for their causes. Their mission is to enable social impact and help nonprofits, educational institutions, and social enterprises raise more money online to do more good.

Provides fundraising and donation management for non-profits

Classy does not provide ratings or financial information, unlike GuideStar

Is Classy a good alternative?


GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of our analysis to help donors decide where to give. We focus on cost-effectiveness, evidence, and transparency.

Provides ratings and research on charities and non-profits

GiveWell focuses more on evaluating charities and non-profits than GuideStar, which also offers financial and fundraising information

Is GiveWell a good alternative?

Network for Good

Network for Good is an online fundraising platform that helps nonprofit organizations raise money via donations and crowdfunding campaigns. It provides both individual donors and corporate sponsors with easy and efficient ways to donate to their favorite causes.

Provides fundraising and donation management for non-profits

Network for Good does not provide ratings or financial information, unlike GuideStar

Is Network for Good a good alternative?


GreatNonprofits is a platform for people to find and review charities and other nonprofits. It provides an unbiased, transparent and reliable way for donors, volunteers and activists to support organizations that are making a difference in their community and around the world.

Provides ratings and reviews on charities and non-profits

GreatNonprofits does not provide financial information, unlike GuideStar

Is GreatNonprofits a good alternative?

GuideStar Head-To-Head

GuideStar is an online platform for researching and comparing nonprofits. It offers comprehensive profiles of more than 2.5 million organizations, making it the go-to resource for those looking to make informed decisions about their charitable donations. However, GuideStar isn't the only website out there providing valuable information about charities. In this article, we'll compare GuideStar with other websites in order to determine which is the best tool for researching nonprofits. We'll look at each website's features, pricing structure and user experience to determine which is most suitable for your charitable giving needs.

Charity Navigator

GuideStar and Charity Navigator are both nonprofit organizations that provide information to the public about other nonprofits. Both sites allow users to search for a particular charity or browse charities by type, location, or mission. GuideStar also provides ratings of nonprofits based on financial health, accountability and transparency, and results reporting. Charity Navigator evaluates charities based on their financial health, accountability and transparency. Both sites provide detailed donor reports with financial figures including revenue and expenses, as well as financial ratios. In addition, GuideStar offers resources for donors such as giving tips and tax advice, while Charity Navigator also provides tips for researching charities before donating.

History of GuideStar

GuideStar began in 1994 as a resource to make available to the public the information included in IRS Form 990 filings. The goal was to create a comprehensive database of nonprofits in the United States and make it freely accessible to the public. Over the years, GuideStar has expanded to include additional information and data about nonprofits, including financials, ratings, and organizational benchmarks. Today, GuideStar is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

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