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Top 7 Alternatives to FlexJobs for Remote Job Seekers

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-11 13:50:14

Are you looking for an alternative to FlexJobs? Look no further! In this article, we bring you a comprehensive list of websites similar to FlexJobs, so you can find the perfect job for you. From remote work and freelance gigs to full-time and part-time positions, these websites offer a variety of job opportunities that you can choose from. We have also included helpful tips and tricks to help you land the job of your dreams. So, read on to learn more about these amazing job sites!

FlexJobs is a subscription-based job service offering access to thousands of remote and flexible jobs from top companies and industries around the world.


  • Access to thousands of hand-screened and legitimate remote and flexible jobs
  • Specialized job search filters
  • Job alerts and weekly newsletters
  • Professional resume and cover letter review

FlexJobs Alternatives


Indeed is a global job search engine that connects job seekers to millions of job opportunities from thousands of websites, including job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages.

Both sites allow users to search for flexible and remote jobs.

Indeed does not have as much focus on remote and flexible jobs as FlexJobs does.

Is Indeed a good alternative?
| is a platform for employers and jobseekers to find the best remote work opportunities. It offers employers and jobseekers the ability to search for remote job postings, post jobs, apply for jobs, and connect with remote employers and jobseekers.

Both sites have a focus on remote and flexible jobs.

FlexJobs is more comprehensive than, with more job listings and resources.

Is a good alternative?

WeWork Remotely

WeWorkRemotely is a job board for professionals, agencies, and entrepreneurs to find and list mostly remote-based jobs. It focuses on remote work opportunities in the fields of design, development, customer support, copywriting, marketing, business development and more.

Both sites specialize in remote and flexible job opportunities.

FlexJobs has more resources and job listings than We Work Remotely.

Is WeWork Remotely a good alternative?

The Muse

The Muse is a website dedicated to helping job seekers find their ideal job and career path. It provides resources such as job listings, career advice, and useful tools to help you find the job you want.

Both sites offer job listings and resources for job seekers.

The Muse does not specialize in remote and flexible jobs like FlexJobs does.

Is The Muse a good alternative?


Upwork is the world's largest freelance talent marketplace, connecting businesses with freelancers, independent professionals and agencies for all their hiring needs.

Both sites offer job listings and resources for job seekers.

Upwork specializes in freelance and contract jobs, while FlexJobs does not.

Is Upwork a good alternative?


Jobspresso is a job search engine focused on helping job seekers find their dream remote job. With its commitment to finding the best remote jobs, it provides a comprehensive collection of remote job postings from over 40 countries around the world.

Both sites offer job listings and resources for job seekers.

Jobspresso focuses on remote and digital jobs, while FlexJobs caters to all job types.

Is Jobspresso a good alternative?


Glassdoor is a job and recruiting site that offers an inside look at jobs and companies. It includes salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easier for job seekers to find the right job.

Both sites offer job listings and resources for job seekers.

Glassdoor does not specialize in remote and flexible jobs as much as FlexJobs does.

Is Glassdoor a good alternative?


Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects businesses and freelancers offering services in more than 200 categories, including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video & animation, and writing & translation.

Both FlexJobs and Fiverr are websites that allow users to find freelance work.

FlexJobs is a website that focuses on professional jobs while Fiverr is focused on creative projects and services.

Is Fiverr a good alternative?


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 630 million members. It is the best place to build relationships, discover opportunities, and gain insights to help you succeed. LinkedIn allows users to network with other professionals, find jobs, develop their careers, and build their personal brands.

Both FlexJobs and LinkedIn offer profiles to help people find jobs.

FlexJobs specializes in providing flexible job opportunities, while LinkedIn is a broader platform for professional networking and career building.

Is LinkedIn a good alternative?

FlexJobs Head-To-Head

Are you looking for a flexible job? If so, then FlexJobs may be the right choice for you. FlexJobs is an online platform that specializes in providing access to remote and flexible jobs. But with so many other websites out there offering similar services, how do you know if FlexJobs is the right fit for you? This article will provide a head-to-head comparison of FlexJobs and other popular job search websites, including Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor. We’ll look at the features offered by each website and discuss the pros and cons of using each one. By the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of which job search website is best suited to your needs.


FlexJobs and Fiverr are both websites that offer a variety of job opportunities. FlexJobs is a subscription-based job board specifically designed to connect employers with flexible, remote, and freelance workers. The job postings on FlexJobs are verified to be legitimate, and they have a range of options from short-term projects to full-time employment. In addition, FlexJobs allows people to customize their search by career field or location. On the other hand, Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelancers offering services in hundreds of categories. It facilitates direct communication between buyers and sellers and emphasizes speed and quality. Unlike FlexJobs which focuses more on long-term employment opportunities, Fiverr offers more project-based work such as writing services, graphic design services, web development services etc., allowing buyers to get quick solutions for their needs without needing to hire someone directly.


FlexJobs and Indeed are two of the leading job search websites. FlexJobs is a subscription-based job search service, while Indeed is free to use and open to everyone. FlexJobs offers more specialized search options, including telecommuting, freelance and flexible schedule positions. It also includes an employer rating system that allows users to read reviews from other members about their experiences with specific employers. Meanwhile, Indeed is great for searching for traditional jobs with its vast selection of postings from around the world. Its advanced search filters allow users to narrow down results by salary, location or company size. Both sites offer excellent resources for job seekers, but FlexJobs adds a layer of personalization with its employer reviews and specialized search options.


FlexJobs and LinkedIn are both websites that can help job seekers find employment opportunities. FlexJobs focuses on providing remote, part-time, freelance, and other flexible jobs to its users while LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where people can search for jobs as well as create connections with hiring recruiters and business professionals. Both platforms offer a variety of job postings from employers all over the world and provide access to career advice and resources. FlexJobs provides an extensive list of vetted job postings as well as helpful articles about finding employment in various industries. LinkedIn provides an easy way to reach out to potential employers with their built-in messaging system and also allows users to join groups related to their interests. Additionally, LinkedIn has a feature called “Career Insights” which gives users valuable information about certain job roles, including the average salary range for the role. Overall, both websites provide unique features that could be beneficial for different types of job seekers.


FlexJobs and Upwork are both online platforms that provide unique opportunities for freelancers. FlexJobs specializes in remote and flexible job opportunities, while Upwork offers a much broader range of freelance services. FlexJobs is known for providing high-quality job postings from companies who are invested in hiring professionals who value flexibility. All jobs on the platform are well-vetted to ensure legitimacy and also require a subscription fee before applying for any of the jobs listed. In addition, FlexJobs offers specialized professional career advice, resources, and support to help freelancers find the right job fit. Upwork, on the other hand, is an open marketplace where freelancers can create profiles and bid on projects. Clients have access to many more services than what’s available on FlexJobs, such as software development, copywriting, web design and more. However, clients can post anything they need done and each project requires different levels of experience in order to be successful. As a result, competition among freelancers can be fierce and it may take some time to win jobs and build up your reputation with clients through reviews.

WeWork Remotely

FlexJobs and WeWork Remotely are two popular websites that offer online job searching services. Both feature a wide variety of job listings, from part-time and full-time to freelance and contract work. However, there are some differences between the websites. FlexJobs focuses on offering flexible job opportunities for those looking for remote jobs or telecommuting positions. It also features an array of career resources and provides detailed information about each employer, such as their company culture, benefits packages, and contact details. The site offers comprehensive search filters to allow users to easily find the best job openings for their skillset. WeWork Remotely is a remote job board focused on helping companies fill their open remote positions with talented professionals from around the world. It has a diverse selection of jobs including programming, design, customer support, marketing, sales, and project management roles. The website also offers helpful advice and tips to help people succeed in finding the right remote position for them. Additionally, it allows users to post feedback about their experiences with employers so others can learn more about potential employers before applying.

History of FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online service created to help people find flexible jobs, including remote, part-time, and freelance positions. Founded in 2007, the website has grown to include more than 50,000 companies offering over 55,000 flexible job opportunities. FlexJobs has been featured in many major media outlets and was named one of Forbes' "100 Best Websites for Your Career" in 2019.

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