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7 Alternatives to Eurosender for Low-Cost International Shipping

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-25 17:15:10

Are you looking for a list of similar websites like Eurosender? If so, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of websites that offer the same services as Eurosender. From international courier services to freight forwarding, these websites provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for your shipping needs. We will also explain the unique features of each website and how they compare to Eurosender. So, let's get started and explore the best alternatives to Eurosender.

Eurosender is an online platform that allows you to compare and book international courier services at the best prices. It simplifies the shipping process by providing direct access to the global logistics providers.


  • Compare prices and services across multiple logistics providers
  • Book your shipments in just a few clicks
  • Track your shipments in real-time
  • Receive notifications about the status of your shipments

Eurosender Alternatives

Parcel Monkey

Parcel Monkey is an online courier comparison website that helps you get the best price for your specific courier delivery needs. With Parcel Monkey you can compare quotes from the world’s leading courier services to make sure you get the best deal.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

Parcel Monkey has a lower pricing structure

Is Parcel Monkey a good alternative?


Parcel2Go is a leading online parcel delivery service, providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to send parcels around the world. With Parcel2Go, customers can easily compare delivery prices, book a courier and track their parcel right up until it reaches its destination.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

Parcel2Go has a more extensive network of couriers

Is Parcel2Go a good alternative?


Shiply is an online marketplace that helps you cut costs and save time on shipping. It connects you with thousands of verified transport providers and offers a range of services from large item shipping to international cargo shipping.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

Shiply allows customers to compare quotes from different couriers

Is Shiply a good alternative?

My Parcel Delivery

My Parcel Delivery provides fast, reliable and secure parcel delivery services, enabling customers to send parcels quickly, cheaply and safely.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

My Parcel Delivery offers more options for packaging and protection

Is My Parcel Delivery a good alternative?


DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry. With a workforce exceeding 340,000 employees, we provide solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs. We specialize in international shipping, courier services, and transportation and logistics solutions.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

DHL Express offers more comprehensive tracking and delivery options

Is DHL a good alternative?


UPS is a global leader in logistics, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for the movement of packages and freight, including transportation, distribution, and supply chain management.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

UPS offers more options for insurance and security

Is UPS a good alternative?


FedEx provides customers with a wide range of services that enable them to take advantage of the global marketplace and modernize their supply chain. They offer a variety of shipping and logistics solutions including domestic and international express delivery, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, global transportation management, and specialty services.

Both provide a range of international delivery services

FedEx offers more options for customization and packaging

Is FedEx a good alternative?

Eurosender Head-To-Head

Eurosender is an online platform for booking international shipping services. It provides a range of options from standard to express delivery, as well as specialised cargo services. This article will compare Eurosender with other websites, to help you decide which one best suits your needs. We’ll look at the cost, availability and range of services offered by each site and provide our recommendations for the best choice for sending packages around the world.


Eurosender and DHL are two popular international shipping services. Eurosender is an online platform for booking international door-to-door delivery services for both individuals and businesses, while DHL is an international company providing a variety of shipping services all over the world. When comparing features, Eurosender offers coverage to more than 40 countries across Europe and the US, while DHL covers 220 countries. Both companies offer express delivery services with tracking options, but Eurosender also provides same day delivery in certain locations. With Eurosender, there is no minimum size or weight limit while DHL has a minimum size and weight of 5 kg per shipment. Additionally, Eurosender offers Customs clearance & documents preparation service while this service is not available with DHL. Finally, Eurosender allows customers to book their shipments online and track them in real time via their website or app, while DHL requires customers to call for a courier pick up or visit one of their outlets directly for booking.

History of Eurosender

Eurosender is an online platform for booking international shipping services. Founded in 2014, the website has grown rapidly, connecting customers with the best delivery companies in Europe. The company offers a wide range of services, including door-to-door shipping, express delivery, and pick-up service. It is now one of the leading logistics companies in Europe and has helped millions of customers send their packages around the world.

Eurosender Status

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