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5 Alternatives to Bookedin for Online Appointment Booking

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-11 15:02:12

Are you looking for alternatives to Bookedin? If so, you are in luck! This article will provide you with a list of websites that offer similar services to Bookedin. From appointment booking to self-scheduling, these sites will help you streamline the way you manage your appointments and save time. So, whether you are looking for a simple booking solution or a more comprehensive system, this list of similar websites to Bookedin will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Bookedin is an appointment scheduling software designed to help small businesses manage their appointments, staff, and customers. It offers a range of features and tools to help you manage your business, such as online booking, automated reminders, client management and more.


  • Online Booking & Scheduling
  • Automated Reminders
  • Client Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Team & Resource Management

Bookedin Alternatives

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an easy-to-use online appointment scheduling software for small businesses. It helps streamline the booking process and save time.

Both allow businesses to schedule appointments and manage their calendar in an organized way.

Acuity Scheduling offers more features, such as integrated payment processing, automated emails and reminders, and custom forms.

Is Acuity Scheduling a good alternative?


Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that helps busy professionals and teams save time and automate their scheduling process. It helps teams coordinate meetings quickly and easily, eliminating the need for time-consuming emails and phone calls.

Both provide a platform for businesses to easily schedule appointments and manage their calendar.

Calendly offers more customization options, such as setting buffer times between appointments, event types and more.

Is Calendly a good alternative?


Setmore is a free online appointment scheduling software that helps businesses simplify the process of bookings, payments, and customer management. It is an all-in-one solution that enables users to manage their bookings, communicate with customers, send invoices, generate reports, accept payments and more.

Both enable businesses to keep track of their appointments and manage their calendar.

Setmore offers more features, such as automated email reminders, payment processing, and reporting tools.

Is Setmore a good alternative?


ScheduleOnce is an online appointment scheduling solution that helps businesses automate their meeting scheduling and save time. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, users can quickly create and manage their calendar, set up automated reminders and notifications, and more.

Both provide a platform for businesses to easily schedule appointments and manage their calendar.

ScheduleOnce offers more features, such as automated emails and reminders, payment processing, and custom forms.

Is ScheduleOnce a good alternative?
| is an online appointment system designed to help businesses manage their appointment bookings with clients. It provides an easy to use interface to book appointments, manage customer data, and keep track of payments.

Both let businesses to schedule appointments and manage their calendar in an organized way. offers more features, such as integrated payment gateways, automated emails and reminders, and custom forms.

Is a good alternative?


10to8 is an automated appointment scheduling platform that helps businesses and organizations manage and streamline their day-to-day operations. It provides an intuitive online calendar, automated appointment reminder messages, online payments, and a powerful suite of scheduling tools.

Both offer businesses an easy way to schedule appointments and manage their calendar.

10to8 offers more features, such as automated online booking, payment processing, and reporting tools.

Is 10to8 a good alternative?


TimeTap is an online scheduling software that helps businesses of all sizes schedule and manage appointments and bookings. It features an easy-to-use interface and powerful tools for automating and managing appointments, bookings, and payments.

Both help businesses to manage their calendar and schedule appointments.

TimeTap offers more features, such as integrated payment processing, automated emails and reminders, and custom forms.

Is TimeTap a good alternative?

Bookedin Head-To-Head

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to manage your bookings? If so, then you’ve likely come across the popular service Bookedin. But how does it measure up against other booking websites? In this article, we will be comparing Bookedin with similar services in order to determine which is the best fit for your needs. We’ll look at features, pricing, customer support and more in order to give you a comprehensive overview of each platform. So let's begin!


Bookedin and Calendly are both online scheduling platforms designed to help streamline the process of booking appointments. Bookedin offers an automated appointment scheduling system that allows customers to book appointments, receive notifications when their appointment is coming up, and access customer records with ease. It also comes with a built-in payment processor, allowing customers to pay for services at the time of booking. Additionally, Bookedin has a number of customization options, including creating custom forms and offering discounts or promotions based on customer preferences. Calendly provides a more simplified approach to appointment scheduling, allowing users to quickly pick from preset availability slots and send out invitations to clients or colleagues. Invitees can then select from available time slots and confirm the appointment via email. Calendly also includes features such as sending reminders about upcoming meetings and tracking invitee responses. However, unlike Bookedin, it does not offer any customization options or built-in payment processing.

History of Bookedin

Bookedin is a website that provides online scheduling services. It was founded in 2013 to help customers and businesses easily book appointments and manage their calendars. Since its launch, the website has grown to become the leading online appointment scheduling platform in the world. It provides businesses with tools to manage their appointment bookings, customer data, and more. The website also offers customers the ability to book appointments online, receive reminders and reschedule appointments.

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