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Auto-Data Alternatives: A List of Similar Websites for Automotive Data

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-13 19:11:46

Are you looking for a website similar to Auto-Data? If so, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top websites that are similar to Auto-Data. From vehicle specifications to diagnostic codes, here are some of the best alternatives to Auto-Data. With these websites, you can find the information you need and get your car back on the road in no time. So, keep reading to discover the top websites like Auto-Data.

Auto-Data is a comprehensive source of automotive data and market intelligence, providing detailed information and analysis on the global automotive industry.


  • Comprehensive automotive data
  • Market intelligence and insights
  • Automotive trends and forecasts
  • Historical and current automotive sales data
  • Automotive industry news and insight

Auto-Data Alternatives


Carfax is a leading provider of vehicle history reports for used cars, giving customers the confidence to make informed used car purchasing decisions.

Provides vehicle history reports on used cars

Offers a variety of additional services such as vehicle maintenance records, dealer reviews and warranty options

Is Carfax a good alternative?


CarGurus is an online marketplace for car shoppers and sellers to find the best deals on new and used cars. With our powerful search engine, you can quickly locate the perfect car for you and your budget. With our easy-to-use tools, you can compare prices and features of different cars, get advice from experienced car experts, and find the best financing options.

Provides reviews and ratings of used car dealerships

Offers car listings with estimated prices, user reviews and a car-buying guide

Is CarGurus a good alternative?


Edmunds is an automotive research and shopping website that provides car buyers and owners with comprehensive information on vehicles and the car buying process. Edmunds provides reviews, car comparisons, pricing, incentives & rebates, and car buying guides.

Provides vehicle reviews and ratings

Offers a variety of additional services such as car financing, insurance, trade-in values and test drives

Is Edmunds a good alternative?

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is the trusted resource for car buyers and sellers. Get the latest car prices, reviews, and more on new and used cars for sale.

Provides vehicle pricing estimates

Offers a variety of additional services such as car reviews, car buying tips and calculators

Is Kelley Blue Book a good alternative?

NADA Guides

NADA Guides is a comprehensive website that provides information on car values, car reviews, as well as automotive industry news and trends.

Provides vehicle pricing estimates

Offers a variety of additional services such as car reviews, car buying tips and calculators

Is NADA Guides a good alternative?


TrueCar is an online marketplace to buy, sell, or trade-in used cars. The website provides users with a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, along with access to expert advice and guidance to help them make the best decision.

Provides vehicle pricing estimates

Offers a variety of additional services such as car reviews, car buying tips, financing and leasing options

Is TrueCar a good alternative?

Vehicle History

Vehicle History is a website dedicated to helping consumers purchase cars with confidence. We provide vehicle history reports that provide detailed information on any vehicle’s past, including odometer readings, accident history, recalls, service history, and more.

Provides vehicle history reports on used cars

Offers a variety of additional services such as recall information, stolen vehicle searches and vehicle value estimates

Is Vehicle History a good alternative?


AllData provides professional automotive repair and diagnostic information for technicians and do-it-yourselfers. The system includes repair and diagnostic information for virtually every vehicle on the road, including domestic and imported cars, light trucks, and SUVs.

Both websites provide a database of automobile information.

Auto-Data focuses on European cars, while AllData covers all makes and models from around the world.

Is AllData a good alternative?

Auto-Data Head-To-Head

Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, or simply want to research the market, Auto-Data is an excellent option for comprehensive vehicle data. Comparing it against other websites can help you determine which one best meets your needs. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how Auto-Data compares to other automotive websites when it comes to features and functionality. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of both options and provide some helpful tips on choosing the right site for you.


Auto-Data and AllData are both websites that provide detailed repair and maintenance information for vehicles. Auto-Data offers a comprehensive range of information including technical specifications, wiring diagrams, service bulletins, repair procedures, and diagnostic trouble codes. It also provides access to online technical support from experts. AllData offers similar information as Auto-Data but with more in-depth coverage including step-by-step instructions for diagnosing and repairing problems. Additionally, AllData offers access to exclusive diagnostic tools such as the Digital Wrench system, which allows mechanics to access real-time data about vehicle systems. Both websites offer easy navigation, but Auto-Data has a more intuitive search function that allows users to quickly locate the information they need.

History of Auto-Data

Auto-Data is an automotive website that was created to provide users with data related to cars, including specifications, technical data, and consumer reviews. Over the years, the website has grown to become one of the largest automotive websites in the world, offering a comprehensive selection of information on all makes and models of cars. It has become a trusted source for car buyers and enthusiasts alike, providing data-driven insights on the latest auto trends.

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