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Top 10 Alternative Sites Like Jalopnik For Automotive News and Reviews

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-06 15:35:16

Are you looking for websites like Jalopnik that provide the latest in automotive news and reviews? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of similar websites that offer the same great content as Jalopnik. From classic car enthusiasts to motorsport fanatics, there's something for everyone. Read on to discover the top automotive websites like Jalopnik.



Jalopnik is the premier destination for automotive enthusiasts. We offer the latest news, advice, reviews and parts for all types of cars and trucks.

Jalopnik Alternatives

Road & Track

Road & Track is the ultimate source for car reviews, ratings, and news. Get expert opinions from trusted automotive journalists to help you make the right buying decision. Plus, get the latest news on new releases and industry news as it happens.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

Road & Track has a higher emphasis on luxury car reviews than Jalopnik.

Is Road & Track a good alternative?

Car and Driver

Car and Driver is an automotive media and lifestyle publication that covers vehicle reviews, news, and automotive culture. It provides expert reviews, ratings and advice on everything from buying a car to maintenance and repair tips.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

Car and Driver is more focused on reviews and ratings than Jalopnik.

Is Car and Driver a good alternative?


Autoblog is a comprehensive source for automotive news and analysis, covering the latest car news, reviews, photos, videos, and more from around the auto industry.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

Autoblog has more emphasis on new car releases than Jalopnik.

Is Autoblog a good alternative?


MotorTrend is the ultimate destination for automotive news, reviews, and videos. Get the latest on new cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as motorsports coverage, test drives, and more.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

Motor Trend is more focused on car-related technology than Jalopnik.

Is MotorTrend a good alternative?

The Drive

The Drive is an automotive news website that provides car reviews and car shopping tools to help consumers find the perfect vehicle. It features expert advice, buying tips, and comprehensive reviews of all the latest makes and models.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

The Drive has more emphasis on car-related lifestyle than Jalopnik.

Is The Drive a good alternative?

Car Throttle

Car Throttle is an automotive enthusiast website and community designed to engage and entertain car and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. We provide a one-stop shop for all things automotive, from articles, news and reviews to viral videos, an online store and a vibrant community of passionate car and motorcycle lovers.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

Car Throttle has a higher emphasis on user-generated content than Jalopnik.

Is Car Throttle a good alternative?

AutoGuide is the largest online resource for automotive enthusiasts and shoppers. We help millions of car shoppers every month to connect with their perfect vehicle. We have reviews, ratings, specs and more to help you find the perfect car.

Both websites focus on car culture and news.

AutoGuide is more focused on car buying advice than Jalopnik.

Is AutoGuide a good alternative?

Buy is a leading online retailer offering shoppers the widest selection of products at the lowest prices. has something for everyone, with over 500,000 products spanning a wide range of categories.

They both provide information and services to their users.

Jalopnik focuses on automotive news, while Buy specializes in online shopping.

Is Buy a good alternative?

Jalopnik Head-To-Head

Jalopnik is a website that offers automotive news and reviews for car enthusiasts. It covers a wide range of topics, from new car releases to classic car restorations. In this head-to-head comparison, we will be looking at Jalopnik in comparison to other popular automotive websites. We’ll examine their content, layout, and overall appeal to help you decide which one best suits your needs. Let’s dive in and see how Jalopnik stacks up against the competition!


Jalopnik and Autoblog are both automotive websites that bring the latest news, reviews, and opinions to readers. Jalopnik is focused on providing an entertaining approach to car culture, while Autoblog offers a more journalistic approach to covering cars. Jalopnik features articles written by experienced journalists, as well as contributions from guest writers. Content includes reviews of new vehicles, along with opinion pieces about current trends in the automotive industry. Readers can also find videos, photos, and stories about vintage cars and interesting car-related events or topics. Autoblog covers new vehicle launches and reviews from a technical perspective. It also provides detailed information about the latest models, such as fuel economy ratings and performance specs. The website also offers buying advice for those interested in purchasing a new vehicle or parts for their current one. In addition to its comprehensive reviews and buying guides, Autoblog provides articles about emerging technologies in the automotive industry and current events related to automobiles.


Jalopnik and Buy are both websites offering a wide selection of items. Jalopnik is an automotive news website that provides reviews and commentary on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. They also have a store where users can purchase apparel, accessories, books, magazines, and more related to the automotive industry. Buy offers a large selection of products in various categories such as electronics, home & garden supplies, fashion & accessories, toys & games, pet supplies, jewelry & watches, and health & beauty. Both websites have customer service sections to answer questions and provide assistance with orders. Additionally they both have detailed product descriptions and customer reviews so customers can make informed decisions about their purchases. Jalopnik offers exclusive deals on automotive-related items while Buy has sales on all its products throughout the year.

History of Jalopnik

Jalopnik is a website focused on cars, culture, and the automotive industry. It was founded in 2004 as a blog, and quickly grew in popularity. From there, it became a full-fledged website and one of the most popular automotive websites in the world. It is now owned by G/O Media and continues to provide in-depth coverage of the automotive industry.

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