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Alternatives to Attacker: A List of Similar Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-07 12:52:33

Are you looking for a list of websites similar to "Attacker"? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of websites like Attacker that offer similar services and features. From online gaming to streaming media, these websites offer a wide range of activities to keep you entertained. We'll also provide information on pricing, customer support, and more, so you can make an informed decision. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the list of websites similar to Attacker.



Attacker is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for businesses of all sizes. It provides complete protection from cyber threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware, and more. It also offers advanced features such as automated threat detection, incident response, and threat intelligence.


  • Automated Threat Detection & Incident Response
  • Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Protection
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Malware, Phishing & Ransomware Protection

Attacker Alternatives


Acunetix is a web security testing platform that helps organizations protect their websites, web applications and networks from cyber threats. Its technology provides the most accurate and comprehensive security testing available, and offers an integrated approach to web security, including vulnerability assessment, scanning, penetration testing and other features.

Offers web application security testing, similar to Attacker in that it detects vulnerabilities and provides security alerts.

Acunetix offers an automated scanner as well as an API integration, while Attacker does not.

Is Acunetix a good alternative?

Burp Suite

Burp Suite is the world's leading web security testing platform. It enables security practitioners to obtain detailed visibility, intelligently assess and efficiently test all the applications they interact with.

Both offer web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

Burp Suite is more comprehensive and offers more advanced tools for manual security testing.

Is Burp Suite a good alternative?


Netsparker is a web application security solution that automates the testing process and simplifies the complex process of detecting and managing web application vulnerabilities. It helps web application owners and development teams to secure their web applications and protect them from malicious attacks.

Both offer automated web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

Netsparker provides a user-friendly interface and more detailed reporting than Attacker.

Is Netsparker a good alternative?


Trustwave is a leading cybersecurity and compliance solutions provider, helping organizations fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk. As part of the Singtel Group, Trustwave is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive suite of security solutions and services to over 30,000 customers in 96 countries.

Both provide web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

Trustwave offers comprehensive consulting services and managed security services, while Attacker does not.

Is Trustwave a good alternative?


ImmuniWeb is the world's leading provider of AI-driven web and mobile application security testing solutions. Our products enable organizations to secure their web and mobile applications from current and emerging cyber threats.

Both offer web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

ImmuniWeb specializes in AI-based security testing, while Attacker does not.

Is ImmuniWeb a good alternative?

White Hat

White Hat Security is a leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to meet the security needs of today’s organizations. Our solutions help organizations protect their networks, websites, and applications from malicious attacks, detect and respond to threats in real time, and prevent costly data breaches.

Both offer web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

WhiteHat Security offers a managed services platform with real-time scanning, while Attacker does not.

Is White Hat a good alternative?


Qualys is a leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions that help organizations simplify and automate their security and compliance efforts, including vulnerability and patch management, security monitoring, asset inventory and tracking, policy compliance, and more.

Both offer web application security testing and vulnerability detection.

Qualys provides a cloud-based platform with integrated threat protection, while Attacker does not.

Is Qualys a good alternative?

History of Attacker

Attacker is a website that was created in 2018 as a platform for hackers to share their experiences and skills. It provides a place for users to collaborate and learn from each other, as well as resources for those interested in hacking. The website has since grown to become a hub for the hacking community, offering resources, tutorials, and discussions on various topics.

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  • What a great list of alternatives to Attacker - now I don't have to be so, um, attacked!

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    2023-08-08 05:19:47 ·
  • Attacker may have competition, but I'm sure it'll still come out on top!

    2023-10-26 10:51:05 ·
  • I never knew there were so many websites that could rival Attacker!

    2023-12-14 23:50:01 ·
  • Wow, I'm so glad I found this article - I was feeling very attacky!

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