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10 Alternative Websites to PhishTank for Identifying and Reporting Phishing Scams

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-11 00:15:27

Are you looking for similar websites to PhishTank, where you can easily report and detect phishing websites? Look no further! This article provides a comprehensive list of the best alternatives to PhishTank that you can use to report and detect phishing websites. From open source to paid services, we have selected the best websites that offer similar features to PhishTank. So, without further ado, let's dive into the list and find out which one is the right fit for you!

PhishTank is a free online service that helps protect users from online phishing attacks. It provides a database of known malicious websites and enables users to submit and verify new phishing sites.


  • Database of known malicious websites
  • User-submitted and verified phishing sites
  • Free online service

PhishTank Alternatives


SafeBrowsing is a global network that helps people around the world browse the web securely and privately. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can access and use the internet without fear of malware or online threats. We are committed to providing online safety tips, tools, and resources to protect users from malicious content, scams, and other online threats.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

Google Safe Browsing focuses on browser protection, whereas PhishTank verifies user-submitted suspicious links.

Is SafeBrowsing a good alternative?


VirusTotal is a free online virus, malware and URL scanning service. It scans files and URLs with multiple antivirus scanners and URL/domain blacklisting services in order to offer an effective way to detect malicious content.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

VirusTotal is a multi-engine anti-malware solution, whereas PhishTank focuses on phishing URLs.

Is VirusTotal a good alternative?


OpenPhish is a free automated phishing detection and response platform that helps organizations protect against phishing attacks and other security threats. The platform enables users to rapidly detect and respond to phishing threats, allowing them to reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

OpenPhish focuses on phishing URLs, whereas PhishTank verifies user-submitted suspicious links.

Is OpenPhish a good alternative?


Malwared is a one-stop destination for cybersecurity solutions and malware protection solutions. We specialize in helping organizations to detect, defend against and respond to cyber threats.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

Malwared offers a malware database, whereas PhishTank focuses on phishing URLs.

Is Malwared a good alternative?


URLVoid is a free online security service that provides a multi-engine malware scanning service. It scans websites for malware and phishing attempts, using the most popular security services such as Google SafeBrowsing, PhishTank, and Web of Trust.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

URLVoid offers a multi-engine antivirus and anti-malware scan, whereas PhishTank focuses on phishing URLs.

Is URLVoid a good alternative?


ThreatExpert is a cloud-based threat analysis and detection platform created to assist security professionals in the effective detection and classification of advanced threats. It offers a unique combination of disciplined malware analysis and advanced threat intelligence to provide an efficient and comprehensive security solution.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

ThreatExpert is a free online malware analysis service, whereas PhishTank focuses on phishing URLs.

Is ThreatExpert a good alternative?

Sucuri SiteCheck

Sucuri SiteCheck is a free website security platform that allows users to monitor and secure their online presence. It scans for malware, vulnerabilities, blacklisting, and other website security issues.

Both services provide an online platform to store malicious URLs that can be accessed by users.

Sucuri SiteCheck is a website security scanner, whereas PhishTank focuses on phishing URLs.

Is Sucuri SiteCheck a good alternative?


Spam is a comprehensive email security solution designed to protect your inbox from unwanted emails. It provides real-time protection against malicious emails, phishing attempts, and other forms of email-borne threats. With its intuitive user interface, you can easily manage and customize your email security settings.

Both websites are dedicated to fighting the malicious effects of internet spam.

PhishTank is a community-driven website that tracks and verifies phishing attempts, while Spam is an email filtering service that works to protect users from unwanted messages.

Is Spam a good alternative?


Bec is a digital design and technology agency focused on creating meaningful experiences through design, technology, and innovation. We specialize in web design, digital strategy, user experience, and digital marketing services.

Both websites provide a platform for users to report malicious websites and other online threats.

PhishTank provides an open community-based platform to report and share information about phishing attacks, while Bec focuses on providing solutions for businesses to protect against online fraud.

Is Bec a good alternative?


Ransomware is a type of malicious software that is used to encrypt files, making them inaccessible and demanding a ransom for their return. is a comprehensive resource for businesses to understand and protect against ransomware attacks.

Both PhishTank and Ransomware are websites that focus on online security.

PhishTank is a website which provides a real-time database of verified phishing threats, while Ransomware offers protection against ransomware attacks.

Is Ransomware a good alternative?

PhishTank Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of PhishTank with other websites. PhishTank is a website and online community dedicated to tracking and sharing information on phishing websites and scams. With its comprehensive database, it provides users with a reliable source of information on malicious activities online. In this article, we will compare PhishTank's features and services with those of several other popular websites that provide similar services. We will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each website in an effort to determine which one best meets the needs of users when it comes to safety against malicious activities online.


PhishTank and Spam are two websites that offer online protection against malicious activities. PhishTank is a free service that allows users to submit and verify suspicious websites, while Spam provides email security solutions for businesses. Both sites have an extensive database of malicious content that is regularly updated. Both PhishTank and Spam offer threat intelligence services to help protect against malicious activity. With PhishTank, users can submit and verify phishing websites, while Spam offers email authentication, content filtering, anti-spam analysis, and more. PhishTank is designed to be used by individuals who want to stay safe online, while Spam is tailored towards businesses looking for comprehensive email protection. PhishTank also offers a community platform where users can collaborate on identifying threats, while Spam provides advanced reporting tools and analysis to improve the effectiveness of its security measures.


PhishTank and Bec are both websites that offer a range of anti-phishing services. PhishTank is an online community where users can submit, verify, track and share phishing data. It also provides threat intelligence services to help companies detect and block malicious phishing sites. Bec provides comprehensive threat protection against phishing attacks by using technology to detect and block suspicious emails, URLs, IP addresses and more. It also offers automated response capabilities to alert users of potential threats in real time. Both websites offer email authentication solutions as well as domain authentication services to protect customers from potential attacks. Additionally, they both provide monitoring services that allow users to monitor their networks for changes or abnormalities. Finally, both websites provide detailed reports that allow businesses to better understand the scope of a threat or attack.


PhishTank and Ransomware are both security solutions that help protect businesses from malicious cyber threats. PhishTank provides a platform for users to detect and report phishing websites, as well as access an extensive database of reported phishing attempts so they can better protect their networks. Additionally, it offers protection against malicious emails, links and files. On the other hand, Ransomware is a more comprehensive security solution that protects companies from ransomware attacks by actively monitoring their systems for suspicious activity and blocking unauthorized access. Additionally, it offers malware protection to identify and block malicious downloads, as well as granular user control to ensure that only trusted users have access to sensitive data. Both solutions are designed to provide enhanced security for businesses against malicious cyber threats.

History of PhishTank

PhishTank is a website that was created to help detect, verify and share information about phishing attacks. It was launched in 2007 and was initially developed as a free service to help users protect themselves online. The website users can submit suspicious phishing attacks and receive feedback from the community to determine if the attack is legitimate. The website has grown over the years and now provides a variety of services and resources to help users protect their online security.

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