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7 Alternatives to Wigle: Other Popular Location Finding Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-19 08:02:02

Are you looking for a website similar to Wigle? Wigle is an online search engine that helps you find wireless networks in your area. But if you're looking to explore other websites with similar features and functions, then we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of websites like Wigle that can help you get the same information you need. From discovering Wi-Fi hotspots to analyzing your current connection, these websites can provide you with all the information you're looking for. So read on to find out more about these similar sites like Wigle.



Wigle is a website dedicated to helping users find wireless networks near them. It can be used to search for networks, view their signal strength, and record their location. It also allows users to share their findings with each other.


  • Map of available wireless networks in your area
  • Ability to search for networks by name, location, and signal strength
  • Record and share your findings with others
  • Reports on access points and channels

Wigle Alternatives

Open Wireless Network

Open Wireless Network is a free open source project dedicated to providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for setting up, managing, and troubleshooting wireless networks. The project's goal is to provide a platform-independent, secure, and reliable networking solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.

Both allow users to view wireless networks around them

Open Wireless Network does not include mapping capabilities

Is Open Wireless Network a good alternative?

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a free service that helps you locate free Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. It is available on iOS and Android, as well as through their website. With over 145 million hotspots worldwide, you can quickly find Wi-Fi wherever you go.

Both provide a searchable database of wireless networks

Wi-Fi Finder does not have mapping capabilities

Is Wi-Fi Finder a good alternative?

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is a free app that provides users with a searchable map of free WiFi hotspots around the world. You can use it to find access to local hotspots, or to connect to available hotspots in other countries.

Both provide a searchable database of wireless networks and view them on a map

WiFi Map does not include network security information

Is WiFi Map a good alternative?


NetSpot is an advanced network analyzer and Wi-Fi site survey tool that allows IT professionals to quickly and easily analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize Wi-Fi networks. It provides visualizations of the wireless network environment, letting users measure signal strength, identify network issues, and find the best spot for their device.

Both allow users to view wireless networks around them on a map

NetSpot includes additional features such as network analysis and performance optimization

Is NetSpot a good alternative?


OpenSignal is the most comprehensive source for mobile network performance metrics worldwide. With the largest independent crowd-sourced coverage and the world’s most advanced analytics, OpenSignal is the leading authority on mobile network performance.

Both allow users to view and search for wireless networks on a map

OpenSignal includes additional features such as network coverage maps and performance analysis

Is OpenSignal a good alternative?


inSSIDer is a powerful network optimization and troubleshooting tool that helps users optimize and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi networks. It provides users with detailed analysis on their wireless networks, such as the exact location of access points and the signal strength of each access point, so users can quickly identify and resolve any network issues.

Both allow users to view and search for wireless networks on a map

inSSIDer includes additional features such as network analysis and performance optimization

Is inSSIDer a good alternative?

History of Wigle

Wigle is an online mapping platform that was founded in 2012. It was created to help people find public Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing users to locate, rate and share public wireless networks. The website was initially developed for Android devices, and it has since expanded to include iOS and web-based versions. Over time, the website has added more features, such as the ability to search for Wi-Fi networks by signal strength and the ability to access user-generated reviews of hotspots. The website now has over two million active users.

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