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10 Alternative Websites Like Unilad You Should Check Out

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-20 14:58:38

Are you looking for websites like Unilad? If so, you've come to the right place! We've put together a comprehensive list of the best alternatives to Unilad, including sites for comedy, news, and entertainment. Whether you're in the mood for a laugh, a good story, or just something interesting to watch, you're sure to find something on this list. So take a look and find out which sites you should be bookmarking!



Unilad is a social media platform that provides news and entertainment to its users. It also offers a variety of engaging content such as videos, photos, quizzes, and blog posts that are updated daily.


  • Latest news and entertainment
  • Engaging videos, photos and blog posts
  • Sharing and commenting capabilities
  • Ability to create custom profiles for friends and family

Unilad Alternatives


TheLadBible is a digital media platform which provides entertainment, news, lifestyle and community content for a global audience. It features funny videos, original content, interviews, opinion pieces and more.

Both websites contain funny and entertaining content for young adults

The Lad Bible is more focused on sports and culture whereas Unilad has a broader range of topics

Is TheLadBible a good alternative?

The Poke

The Poke is a British comedy website featuring humorous articles, videos and images. It was founded in 2007 by former TV producer, James Bickerton, and is updated daily with new content.

Both websites contain witty and humorous content

The Poke focuses more on news and current events whereas Unilad has a more lighthearted approach

Is The Poke a good alternative?


Upworthy is a mission-driven media company that seeks to make the world a better place by sharing stories, ideas, and causes that inspire people to take action.

Both websites have content that is uplifting and inspiring

Upworthy covers more serious topics such as social justice and politics, while Unilad focuses on more lighthearted topics

Is Upworthy a good alternative?


Buzzfeed is an online media platform that covers news and entertainment topics, including movies, video games, politics, lifestyle, and more. It also features original content from its staff writers, as well as videos and quizzes.

Both websites provide content that is aimed at a younger audience

BuzzFeed covers a wider range of topics, from lifestyle to entertainment, whereas Unilad focuses mainly on humour

Is Buzzfeed a good alternative?


VICE is an online magazine dedicated to providing a wide range of news and media content from around the world. VICE covers topics such as politics, culture, science, technology, music, art and lifestyle. It seeks to bring a unique and diverse perspective to the news and media landscape.

Both websites publish articles that appeal to a younger audience

Vice covers more serious topics such as politics and culture, while Unilad focuses mainly on humour and entertainment

Is VICE a good alternative?


Distractify is a digital media and entertainment company focused on delivering the most entertaining and shareable content from around the world. From lifestyle to science, we cover it all.

Both websites provide content that is entertaining and lighthearted

Distractify focuses more on lifestyle and entertainment, while Unilad has a broader range of topics

Is Distractify a good alternative?


9GAG is a social network platform where users can share, discover, and comment on content in various categories, such as funny pics, videos, memes, GIFs, and more.

Both websites provide humorous and entertaining content

9GAG is more focused on memes and gifs, while Unilad has a broader range of topics

Is 9GAG a good alternative?

History of Unilad

Unilad is a British-based social media entertainment network that was founded in 2010. It is a global media platform that is focused on creating entertaining content for its users. The website was initially started as a small Facebook page that was managed by a few friends and quickly grew to become one of the most popular websites in the world. It now has over 20 million followers and is one of the most visited websites in the United Kingdom.


  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's a fan of Unilad.

    2023-03-08 12:26:27 ·
  • Unilad? More like Unimad if you ask me!

    2023-04-22 21:31:14 ·
  • Let's all raise our glasses to the Unilad dynasty!

    2023-08-30 21:36:38 ·
  • Who doesn't love a good Unilad knock-off?

    2023-10-07 09:08:19 ·
  • It's going to be a tough time competing with the Unilad empire.

    2023-12-24 06:15:24 ·
  • The Unilad empire is growing!

    2024-03-29 23:11:21 ·
  • Ava

    All hail the Unilad!

    2024-04-09 02:03:20 ·