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7 Alternatives to Squawka: Other Football Statistics websites to check out

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-13 11:06:43

Are you looking for websites similar to Squawka? Squawka is a popular sports website with a unique approach to the analysis of sports statistics. It looks at the game from an analytical perspective, offering an in-depth analysis of a team's performance in a match. If you are looking for similar websites, this list will provide you with some great alternatives. From websites that focus on football to those that analyze other sports, you will find the perfect website for your needs. Read on to discover the top sites like Squawka.

Squawka is a digital football platform that provides football news, stats and analysis from across the globe. Squawka’s team of experts provide comprehensive coverage of all the major leagues and clubs around the world, including the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.


  • Real-time coverage of all major leagues and clubs
  • Expert analysis and opinion from a team of writers
  • Comprehensive stats on players and teams
  • Live updates and news from across the globe

Squawka Alternatives


WhoScored is a football live scores website that offers fans and players the latest live score results, football statistics and detailed match data.

Both websites provide football stats, analysis, and reviews.

Squawka focuses solely on football, while WhoScored also covers other sports such as basketball, hockey, and baseball.

Is WhoScored a good alternative?


SofaScore is a website for live sports scores and results. It covers a wide variety of sports and leagues, including football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, American football, volleyball, motorsports, handball, baseball, and rugby.

Both websites provide real-time football match updates.

Squawka offers a more comprehensive range of stats, while SofaScore is more focused on providing live score updates.

Is SofaScore a good alternative?


Transfermarkt is the number one source for the most up-to-date information on professional football transfers and players. It provides comprehensive news and statistical data, as well as comprehensive transfer market data on the most popular European football leagues.

Both websites offer football transfers and news.

Squawka offers more in-depth analysis of stats and performance, while Transfermarkt focuses more on team and player transfers.

Is Transfermarkt a good alternative?


FootballCoin is a fantasy football crypto game that combines the traditional fantasy sports experience with cryptocurrency rewards. Players can create teams, set up leagues, and compete against each other on a global leaderboard. The game is powered by XFCCOIN, the in-game cryptocurrency, and the FootballCoin platform.

Both websites provide football stats and analysis.

Squawka is focused more on analysis and reviews, while FootballCoin offers fantasy football games and competitions.

Is FootballCoin a good alternative?


Opta is a provider of innovative sports data solutions to the sports, media and technology industries. We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you understand, activate and share the power of the world's most accurate, reliable and engaging sports data.

Both websites provide player and team stats.

Squawka offers more in-depth analysis and reviews, while Opta focuses on providing high-quality sports data.

Is Opta a good alternative?

Goal is the world’s largest football website, providing fans with all the latest football news, results, fixtures and live scores from around the globe.

Both websites provide football news and updates.

Squawka offers more in-depth analysis of stats and performance, while Goal is more focused on providing breaking news.

Is Goal a good alternative?


365Scores is an essential sports app for every fan. Follow all the action from the world’s biggest leagues, cups and tournaments. Get live scores, stats, news, alerts, videos and more.

Both websites provide real-time football match updates.

Squawka offers a more comprehensive range of stats, while 365Scores offers live score updates for multiple sports.

Is 365Scores a good alternative?

History of Squawka

Squawka was founded in 2012 as a football statistics website, providing comprehensive performance data and analytics on the biggest players and clubs in the sport. The website features data on over 600 major football leagues, clubs, and players and provides users with the ability to compare statistics, view head-to-head matchups, and explore detailed player profiles. Squawka has since become one of the most popular football data sites, used by coaches, players, and fans alike.

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