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5 Top Alternatives to Sakara: Discover Other Health-Focused Meal Delivery Services

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-28 02:38:44

Are you looking for similar websites like Sakara? Sakara is known for its plant-based meal delivery service, but there are many other meal delivery services that offer similar services. In this article, we will be providing a list of websites like Sakara that offer healthy meal delivery options. From vegan meal delivery services to meal kits that you can cook yourself, you'll be sure to find a service that fits your lifestyle. Keep reading to take a look at the list of alternatives to Sakara!

Sakara is a healthy food delivery service that helps you to feel your best with nourishing and delicious meals. We offer fresh, organic, plant-rich meals that are designed to help you reach your health and wellness goals and create a life of balance.


  • Delivers fresh, organic and plant-rich meals directly to your door
  • Personalized meals and meal plans to meet your health and wellness goals
  • Nutritional support from certified holistic nutritionists
  • Plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free options

Sakara Alternatives


Thistle is a prepared meal delivery service that provides healthy and delicious home-cooked meals straight to your door. Our meals are crafted with fresh, natural ingredients and are designed to help you save time and eat better.

Both are meal delivery services that provide fresh, organic, and healthy meal plans.

Thistle offers a variety of different meal plan types, whereas Sakara only offers customizable meal plans.

Is Thistle a good alternative?

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is an online delivery service that offers healthy and organic frozen meals, smoothies, soups, and oat bowls. Every meal is conveniently delivered to your door in recyclable packaging. All you have to do is heat, blend, or enjoy!

Both provide healthy, frozen, and pre-portioned meals that are ready to eat.

Daily Harvest offers a variety of smoothies, soups, and bowls, whereas Sakara does not.

Is Daily Harvest a good alternative?


Freshly is a meal delivery service that provides pre-prepared, healthy meals delivered right to your door. All of the meals are chef-crafted and nutritious, so you can enjoy delicious meals without having to worry about food prep or clean up.

Both provide fresh, pre-prepared meals that are ready to eat.

Freshly offers meal plans that are tailored to specific dietary restrictions, whereas Sakara does not.

Is Freshly a good alternative?

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is an organic and sustainable meal delivery service that provides healthy, delicious recipes and farm-fresh, organic ingredients to make cooking at home easy and convenient.

Both provide organic meal delivery services.

Sun Basket offers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients, whereas Sakara does not.

Is Sun Basket a good alternative?


HelloFresh is an innovative meal kit delivery service that makes it easy to cook delicious, healthy meals at home. With a variety of meal plan options, fresh ingredients, and step-by-step recipes, HelloFresh makes home cooking effortless.

Both offer meal delivery services with pre-prepared ingredients.

HelloFresh offers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients, whereas Sakara does not.

Is HelloFresh a good alternative?

Green Chef

Green Chef is an organic meal delivery service that provides you with high quality, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. Our recipes are designed to save you time and money and make it easy to cook delicious, healthy meals at home.

Both provide fresh, organic meal delivery services.

Green Chef offers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients, whereas Sakara does not.

Is Green Chef a good alternative?


Plated is a meal delivery service that makes it easy to cook delicious meals at home. We offer fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, chef-designed recipes, and step-by-step instructions delivered right to your door.

Both provide fresh, pre-prepared meals that are ready to eat.

Plated offers meal kits with pre-measured ingredients, whereas Sakara does not.

Is Plated a good alternative?


Factor is an AI-powered investment platform that makes it easy for anyone to start investing and manage their portfolios. With Factor, you can invest in ETFs, stocks, and bonds, as well as access automated portfolio rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and more.

Both Sakara and Factor offer meal delivery services.

Sakara focuses on organic, plant-based meals while Factor specializes in performance-oriented nutrition.

Is Factor a good alternative?


Goop is a modern lifestyle brand focused on health and wellness, offering a selection of products and experiences designed to make living well easier and more enjoyable.

Both Sakara and Goop are wellness-focused companies that offer health-oriented services and products.

Sakara specializes in plant-based nutrition while Goop focuses on holistic lifestyle advice.

Is Goop a good alternative?

Sakara Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Sakara, one of the leading meal delivery companies in the United States. Here we'll examine how Sakara stands up against competing meal delivery services when it comes to convenience, variety, healthfulness, and affordability. We'll explore how their subscription plans work, their selection of meals, quality of ingredients and more so you can make an informed decision on which service is best for your needs. Let's get started!

Daily Harvest

Sakara and Daily Harvest are both meal delivery services that offer pre-made meals delivered to the customer's door. Sakara focuses on providing organic, plant-based meals that are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. They offer a range of meal plans including daily meal delivery, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Daily Harvest offers frozen food items such as smoothies, soups, and ready-to-heat meals made with organic ingredients. Both companies provide healthy options for customers looking to maintain a well-balanced diet. However, Sakara provides freshly prepared meals while Daily Harvest offers frozen items. Sakara also offers an extensive selection of protein bars and snacks in addition to their meal plans while Daily Harvest does not have these additional options available.


Sakara and Factor are both meal delivery services that provide fresh, balanced meals to their customers. Both services offer convenience and make it easy to stay on track with healthy eating habits. Sakara emphasizes plant-based nutrition, providing 100% organic ingredients and dairy-free meals. Their menu items are crafted with a focus on seasonal produce and superfoods. They also offer pre-made snacks and supplements for an additional fee. Factor offers both vegan and omnivore meal plans. Meals are cooked by professional chefs and designed to be nutritional, flavorful, and satisfying. In addition to individual meal plans, they also offer family plans for larger households. With Factor you can customize your meal selection to cater to your specific dietary needs or preferences. Finally, Sakara provides access to their nutrition coaches who will provide personalized guidance in the journey towards healthful eating habits. Factor does not offer this service but instead focuses on providing high quality meals that meet all nutritional requirements at the lowest possible cost.


Sakara and Goop are both health and wellness websites offering a variety of products. While both offer clean beauty and lifestyle items, Sakara also provides organic meal delivery services while Goop focuses more on health advice, content and supplements. Sakara has an online shop featuring their signature nutrient-rich meals, snacks, shakes and supplements, as well as other lifestyle products such as aromatherapy candles and fitness apparel. On the other hand, Goop offers content such as podcasts, articles and videos related to physical and mental wellbeing. Additionally, they provide a broad range of supplements that can be purchased through their online store. Both sites have extensive blogs with useful tips on nutrition, exercise and overall wellbeing. Finally, Goop has an in-house physician who provides personalized advice through its telemedicine program.


Sakara and Thistle are both meal delivery companies that provide fresh, organic meals to their customers. Both companies source their ingredients from local farms and provide plant-based meals for their customers, with Sakara offering a variety of vegan options as well. Sakara offers meal plans that range from 3-day programs to six-week programs, while Thistle only offers weekly subscriptions. Sakara also offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options while Thistle only offers breakfast and lunch meals. Additionally, Sakara sends out daily detox teas as part of its meal plans while Thistle does not. Both companies offer convenience in terms of ordering online and having the meals delivered to your door. They also both have a focus on wellness and nutrition in terms of providing healthy and balanced meals for their customers.

History of Sakara

Sakara is a website that was founded in 2012 as an online health and wellness company. It provides organic, plant-based meals and supplements that are designed to help users achieve their health and wellness goals. Sakara also offers a variety of lifestyle services, such as health coaching and meal planning, to help users stay on track. The company has grown exponentially over the years, and now has a global presence, with customers in over 75 countries.

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