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Top 7 Alternatives to RewardStyle for Influencer Marketing

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-30 23:58:14

Are you looking for similar websites to RewardStyle? RewardStyle is an innovative platform that allows influencers to earn commission on sales they generate. It offers a range of features to help influencers monetize their content and promote products. If you’re looking for similar websites, this article will provide a list of RewardStyle alternatives. We’ll look at the features each site offers, how they differ from RewardStyle, and how to decide which one is right for you.

RewardStyle is the global monetization platform for influencers, empowering top content creators to monetize their influence with personalized shopping experiences. RewardStyle offers access to an exclusive network of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home décor brands and retailers, who provide influencers the ability to monetize their content with exclusive product collections, curated shopping links, and affiliate commissions.


  • Exclusive network of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and home décor brands
  • Personalized shopping experiences
  • Curated shopping links
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Analytics and insights

RewardStyle Alternatives

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is an online platform that enables advertisers and publishers to leverage performance-based marketing solutions. It provides advertisers with access to a network of publishers and helps them build and manage profitable online marketing campaigns.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

CJ Affiliate has a more comprehensive data tracking system for performance and analytics.

Is Commission Junction a good alternative?

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program designed to help website owners, bloggers, and publishers monetize their traffic. Through the program, participants earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases made through special affiliate links.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

Amazon Associates offers more comprehensive product selection, with a focus on Amazon products.

Is Amazon Associates a good alternative?


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing platform that enables merchants to connect with affiliates to promote their products and services. It provides tools and resources to help merchants and affiliates maximize their performance.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

ShareASale has a more comprehensive set of tools and reporting capabilities for tracking performance.

Is ShareASale a good alternative?


Viglink is an automated affiliate and monetization solutions platform that helps website owners and publishers maximize their revenue through automated processes. It provides users with access to a wide range of marketing tools and services to help them monetize their content and optimize their online presence.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

VigLink has a more automated system for finding and replacing links to products in content.

Is Viglink a good alternative?


FlexOffers is a performance-based affiliate network that provides advertisers and publishers alike with a wide range of products and services to choose from. As an advertiser, you can select from over 12,000 digital products and services to promote with competitive commission rates and the ability to launch your own private affiliate programs. As a publisher, you have access to a variety of popular brands, exclusive offers, and a range of reward programs.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

FlexOffers has a more comprehensive selection of products, with a focus on physical products.

Is FlexOffers a good alternative?

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is a performance marketing platform that helps advertisers and brands to increase their revenue and measure their campaigns. The platform enables users to track, manage, and optimize their digital advertising campaigns, including search, display, video, and email marketing.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

Impact Radius has a more comprehensive suite of marketing automation tools.

Is Impact Radius a good alternative?

Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is a leading global performance-based affiliate marketing network. It allows marketers to promote the products of other merchants using the power of their own channels, such as websites, blogs, mobile apps, email newsletters, and more.

Both services offer affiliate links and tracking capabilities for content creators and retailers.

Rakuten Linkshare has a more comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting capabilities.

Is Rakuten Linkshare a good alternative?


LTK is an all-in-one business solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers a suite of tools to help with all aspects of business management, from financials to sales and marketing.

Both RewardStyle and LTK are marketing platforms that help influencers monetize their content.

RewardStyle is an affiliate-based platform whereas LTK is a subscription-based platform.

Is LTK a good alternative?


ShopStyle is a leading fashion and beauty destination that helps people discover the latest trends in apparel, accessories, beauty, and home décor. With over 10 million monthly visits, ShopStyle is the go-to source for the latest looks and shopping inspiration.

Both RewardStyle and ShopStyle are websites that allow users to shop for fashion items online.

RewardStyle is a website platform for influencers to monetize their content, while ShopStyle is an online retail platform for shoppers to find products from different retailers.

Is ShopStyle a good alternative?

RewardStyle Head-To-Head

RewardStyle is an online platform that allows content creators to monetize their influence through affiliate links. It provides the ability to earn commissions on sales referred from a creator's blog, video, or social media channel. In this head-to-head comparison of RewardStyle with other websites, we will compare features and benefits such as payment options, ease of use, commission rates, and customer service. We will also look at the overall success rate of each platform for influencers. Let's dive in and see which platform is best for your needs!


RewardStyle and LTK are both e-commerce websites that specialize in monetizing content for influencers. RewardStyle is a platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creators who want to earn money through affiliate marketing. It offers tools such as the LikeToKnowIt mobile app, where users can shop their favorite looks directly from Instagram, a media library with all of their product images, and analytics tools to help them track performance. LTK provides similar features with its browser extension and mobile app that enables users to shop the latest trends from Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more while earning commission on their sales. Both platforms also offer support services including account management, customer service assistance and training. The main difference between RewardStyle and LTK is how they structure their affiliate program: RewardStyle offers tiered commissions based on performance while LTK pays a flat rate for each purchase made through an affiliate link.


RewardStyle and ShopStyle are both affiliate marketing platforms that connect content creators such as influencers and bloggers with brands to monetize their content. RewardStyle is geared more towards influencers while ShopStyle is more suitable for bloggers. RewardStyle provides a suite of tools, including mobile apps, to help increase visibility and engagement through sponsored posts and links. It also provides detailed analytics on customers' purchase behavior. Additionally, it offers features that allow influencers to promote products in their posts, such as personalized product recommendations. ShopStyle provides a set of tools to help bloggers create stylish shopping guides and optimize their content for SEO. It also provides detailed analytics on customer purchase behavior. Furthermore, it has features that allow bloggers to showcase products in their posts using interactive widgets.

History of RewardStyle

RewardStyle is a website that was founded in 2011 as a digital platform to help fashion and lifestyle influencers monetize their content. It enables influencers to share product links with their followers and earn a commission when the followers purchase the products. The website has since grown to become the leading global monetization platform for influencers, reaching over 200 countries and working with over 25,000 influencers to help them generate income from their content.

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