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Alternative Websites to Rev Captioning for Subtitling and Transcription Services

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-13 04:36:45

Are you looking for an alternative to Rev Captioning? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the top websites like Rev Captioning that offer a similar range of services. From transcription services to captioning and subtitling, these sites make it easy for you to get the job done quickly and accurately. We'll take a look at the features and pricing of each site to help you make the best decision for your needs. So, let's get started!

Rev Captioning


Rev Captioning is a professional, affordable captioning solution for businesses and organizations. Our online captioning services make it easy to add captions to your videos, podcasts, and audio recordings. We offer comprehensive services, including live streaming captioning, transcription, and post-production captioning.


  • Professional and affordable captioning services
  • Live streaming and post-production captioning
  • High quality transcription services
  • Easy to use and fast turnaround times

Rev Captioning Alternatives is an AI-based speech recognition platform designed to provide accurate and real-time transcription of audio and video files. It offers a range of features to help users transcribe their audio and video content quickly and accurately.

Provides automated speech recognition services, captioning and transcription services offers a more sophisticated and efficient AI-based transcription engine than Rev Captioning

Is a good alternative?


Speechmatics is a leading provider of automated speech recognition and transcription technology, providing customers with accurate, efficient and secure speech recognition in a variety of languages.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services

Speechmatics offers more customization options and advanced features than Rev Captioning

Is Speechmatics a good alternative?


Otter is an AI-powered assistant for your conversations, meetings, and notes. With Otter, you can record, transcribe, and search through conversations, meetings, and notes. Otter’s AI understands the content of your conversations and helps you organize them into meaningful takeaways.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services offers an intuitive user interface and more accurate speech recognition than Rev Captioning

Is Otter a good alternative?


HappyScribe is an automated transcription and subtitle creation service that enables users to quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video content into text. It is designed for professionals, journalists, podcasters, and anyone who needs to transcribe audio or video content quickly.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services

Happy Scribe offers a faster service and more accurate transcription results than Rev Captioning

Is HappyScribe a good alternative?
| is an AI-powered transcription and captioning platform that helps businesses automate and improve the accuracy of their audio and video transcription and captioning services. With features like automatic audio recognition and accuracy, makes it easier for companies to quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video content.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services has a more comprehensive API and more accurate speech recognition than Rev Captioning

Is a good alternative?


Temi is the world’s first personal AI-powered voice assistant that can understand natural language and provide answers to your questions. Temi can help you with tasks such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, playing music, and more.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services

Temi offers more accurate transcription results and a broader range of features than Rev Captioning

Is Temi a good alternative?


VoiceBase is a cloud-based speech recognition and analytics platform that uses AI to automatically transcribe audio and video files. It offers real-time data and insights on spoken content that can be used for a variety of applications such as customer service, contact centers, automation, and compliance.

Provides automated speech recognition, transcription and captioning services

Voicebase offers a more powerful search engine, better speech recognition accuracy and more customization options than Rev Captioning

Is VoiceBase a good alternative?


Transcribing provides the most professional and accurate transcription services for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We offer a fast turnaround time and provide high-quality transcriptions of audio and video.

Both websites offer services in the transcription and captioning field.

Rev Captioning provides only online captioning services, while Transcribing offers both online and offline transcribing services.

Is Transcribing a good alternative?

Rev Captioning Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of Rev Captioning with other websites. We will be comparing Rev Captioning’s features and services to those of its competitors, so you can see what makes it stand out from the crowd. We’ll discuss the pricing plans and quality of captions, as well as look at the user experience and customer support. By the end of this comparison, you should know everything there is to know about Rev Captioning and how it stacks up against its rivals.

Rev Captioning

Rev Captioning and Transcribing are both companies that specialize in converting audio to text. Rev Captioning specializes in providing fully automated, accurate captioning and transcription services. All you have to do is upload your audio file, and the software will provide accurate captions or transcriptions within minutes. On the other hand, Transcribing offers human-based transcription services with a turnaround time of up to 24 hours. The company also offers a variety of additional services such as translation, summarization, formatting, and more. Both companies offer quality results but Rev Captioning may be better suited for quick turnaround times whereas Transcribing may be more suitable for larger projects with specialized requirements.

History of Rev Captioning

Rev Captioning is an online platform that was founded to provide closed captioning and transcription services to media creators. It was initially launched in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable services in the industry. The website offers a range of services that range from transcription and captioning services to audio and video editing. It also provides a range of additional features such as data analytics, video hosting, and integrated language translation.

Rev Captioning Status

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