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5 Alternatives to An Overview of Similar Speech Recognition Sites

By Gregor K. published about 2023-02-05 22:22:20

Are you looking for a similar website to that offers a wide range of audio transcription services? Look no further! We have compiled a list of alternative websites to that offer audio transcription services for audio and videos. Read on to find out more about these alternative transcription services and their features.

177 is a speech recognition software that enables users to easily convert their speech into text. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux and is also available as a mobile app.


  • Accurate Speech Recognition: The software is highly accurate, even in noisy environments, and can recognize multiple languages.
  • Easy To Use: The software is easy to use and requires no additional training.
  • Comprehensive Text Editing: The software provides users with a variety of text editing options, including the ability to correct mistakes, add punctuation, and more.
  • Customization: The software can be customized to meet individual user needs. Alternatives


SpeechTexter is a free speech recognition and text to speech application that enables users to convert their speech into text. With SpeechTexter, users can quickly and easily write emails, documents, and other pieces of text without having to type.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

SpeechTexter offers more features such as punctuation control, editing and auto-correction, and is available in multiple languages

Is SpeechTexter a good alternative?


SpeechNotes is a note-taking application designed to help you record and store your thoughts quickly and easily. With SpeechNotes, you can quickly and conveniently record audio, take notes, and store them for future reference.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

SpeechNotes offers more features such as voice commands, grammar correction, and a range of other customization options

Is SpeechNotes a good alternative?

Google Voice Typing

Google Voice Typing is a voice recognition software that allows users to type text through voice commands. It is powered by Google's own engine for speech recognition and works with over 30 languages and accents.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

Google Voice Typing is free and available on many devices, whereas is only available via web browser

Is Google Voice Typing a good alternative?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an enterprise-level speech recognition software designed to convert speech into text quickly and accurately. It allows users to create documents and control their computer without typing.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

Dragon NaturallySpeaking has a more accurate speech recognition engine and offers more features such as voice commands and auto-correction

Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking a good alternative?


Voiceitt is a voice recognition technology company that makes it easier for people with speech disabilities to communicate. It has developed a patented, AI-based speech recognition platform that helps bridge the communication gap between people with disabilities and their families, the healthcare profession, and the world around them.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

Voiceitt offers more customization options, such as accent and language recognition, as well as support for people with speech disabilities

Is Voiceitt a good alternative?


Otter is an AI-powered assistant for your conversations, meetings, and notes. With Otter, you can record, transcribe, and search through conversations, meetings, and notes. Otter’s AI understands the content of your conversations and helps you organize them into meaningful takeaways.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services is a more robust service with more features such as automatic summarization, real-time transcription, and the ability to search transcripts

Is Otter a good alternative?


Audext is a fast, secure, and affordable audio transcription service powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It offers a range of features, including automated transcription, audio editing, and automatic captions.

Both provide speech-to-text transcription services

Audext specializes in audio and video transcription and offers a range of features such as automatic timestamps and the ability to add notes

Is Audext a good alternative?

History of is an online platform founded in 2012 that enables users to dictate and transcribe text in real-time. The platform uses advanced algorithms to convert spoken words into text and has grown to become one of the leading speech-to-text technologies available on the market. It has been used by millions of users to transcribe audio and video files, create subtitles for videos, and improve their writing skills. Status

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