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Top 7 Alternatives to Quotev for Book Lovers

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-30 07:05:23

Are you looking for similar websites like Quotev? Whether you're looking for a place to share your stories, or find fun quizzes and polls, you're in the right place. Our list of similar websites to Quotev offers plenty of options to explore. From writing and reading stories to playing games and expressing your opinion in polls, you'll find something to do on these sites. Read on to find out more.

Quotev is an online social networking and entertainment website where users can read stories, write stories, and make friends. Quotev allows people to express themselves and discover others who share their interests and passions.


  • Read stories from a variety of genres
  • Write stories, poems, quizzes, and surveys
  • Connect with friends, comment on stories, and like stories
  • Create a profile page with a personalized avatar, photos, and blog posts
  • Share stories and content with the Quotev community
  • Explore the Quotev forums, groups, and polls

Quotev Alternatives


Wattpad is an online storytelling platform where users can read, write, and share stories. It features an extensive library of published stories, audio stories, books, and poems. It also provides a platform for creators to collaborate and share their stories with the world.

Both sites offer a variety of stories, quizzes, and polls to engage users

Wattpad offers a larger selection of stories and also allows users to write their own stories and share them with others

Is Wattpad a good alternative?


BookRix is an online self-publishing platform that helps authors to create and publish their own books. It offers a wide range of tools and services that are designed to make the process of self-publishing easier and more efficient.

Both sites offer a variety of stories, quizzes, and polls to engage users

Bookrix offers a larger selection of stories and also allows users to write and publish their own books

Is BookRix a good alternative?


Quibblo is a free online community for creating, taking, and sharing fun quizzes, stories, and trivia games. Create your own personality quizzes, discover interesting facts about yourself, or share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Both sites offer a variety of quizzes and polls to engage users

Quibblo offers a larger selection of polls and also allows users to create their own quizzes

Is Quibblo a good alternative?


FicFun is an online community for aspiring writers to share and discuss their original works of fiction. With a friendly and supportive community, FicFun encourages writers to explore the depths of their creativity and work together to create stories that capture the hearts of readers.

Both sites offer a variety of stories and polls to engage users

FicFun offers a larger selection of stories and also allows users to write and publish their own stories

Is FicFun a good alternative?


FictionPress is an online platform for writers to share their original works of fiction, including stories, novels, and fan fiction. It also allows readers to discover and read stories from a variety of genres.

Both sites offer a variety of stories and polls to engage users

FictionPress offers a larger selection of stories and also allows users to write and publish their own stories

Is FictionPress a good alternative?


QuoteFancy is a website dedicated to providing positive and inspiring quotes and sayings to motivate and encourage individuals to reach their full potential.

Both sites offer a variety of quotes and polls to engage users

QuoteFancy offers a larger selection of quotes and also allows users to create their own quotes

Is QuoteFancy a good alternative?

Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry Planet is a digital learning platform designed to help K-12 students become confident, lifelong readers and writers. The platform allows students to read, write, and share their writing with others, while providing teachers with an easy-to-use dashboard to assign and monitor student progress.

Both sites offer a variety of stories, quizzes, and polls to engage users

Gooseberry Planet offers a larger selection of stories and also allows users to write and publish their own books

Is Gooseberry Planet a good alternative?

Archive of Our Own

Archive of Our Own (AO3) is a nonprofit open source repository for fanfiction and other transformative works. It was founded in 2008 by the Organization for Transformative Works (OTW). The site is free and open to any fanfiction writer and reader.

Both websites provide users with a platform for creating and sharing stories, characters, and artwork.

Quotev is primarily focused on fanfiction while Archive of Our Own also includes original works of fiction.

Is Archive of Our Own a good alternative?


BrainyQuote is a website that provides access to millions of famous quotes from history’s greatest minds. It is a great source of inspiration, motivation, and entertainment. BrainyQuote also allows users to explore the thoughts and opinions of some of the world’s most influential people.

Both websites offer users quotes from famous figures.

Quotev allows users to create stories and polls, while Quotes only offers quotes.

Is Quotes a good alternative?

Quotev Head-To-Head

Quotev is a website that allows users to create and share stories, quizzes, surveys, polls, and more. It has become one of the most popular online communities for young people due to its user-friendly interface and variety of activities available. In this article, we will be comparing Quotev with other websites in terms of features and benefits to help you decide which one is best for your needs. We’ll look at how each site compares in terms of design, content creation and sharing options, user engagement, safety & security measures, and cost.

Archive of Our Own

Quotev and Archive of Our Own are both websites that offer users a platform for creating and sharing fanfiction, stories, and quizzes. Quotev offers a wide range of features for its users including an in-depth profile page, a chatroom function, forums to discuss topics related to the website, unlimited story uploads and much more. Archive of Our Own also offers a variety of features such as user profiles, commenting tools, ability to browse through fanworks by tags and categories, as well as many different sorting options. Both websites allow users to easily search through all their content using tags or keywords, however Archive of Our Own additionally allows users to sort by specific criteria such as genre, language or warnings. Additionally Archive of Our Own provides authors with the option of limiting the fandoms they wish to write about which is not available on Quotev. Both Quotev and Archive of our own promote community engagement by giving users the ability to comment, rate or follow stories/authors/quizzes that interest them. The main difference between these two sites is that Quotev focuses more on quizzes while Archive of our own focuses more on fanworks.


Quotev and Quotes are both websites that provide access to user-generated quotes, allowing users to search for specific sayings and authors or browse collections of popular quotes. Quotev allows users to create profiles, build quizzes, and share stories in addition to quotes. It has a wide selection of quotes from famous authors, including some from well-known movies and TV shows. The website also includes a forum where people can discuss their favorite quotes or ask questions about them. Quotes is an online library of over 500,000 carefully curated sayings from thousands of authors throughout history. The website has an extensive search feature that allows users to easily find the perfect quote for any occasion. Each quote includes a link to the original source so it can be verified as accurate. Users can also follow their favorite authors on the site and get notifications when new quotes are added.


Quotev and Wattpad are both online platforms for reading and writing stories, but they differ in a few ways. Quotev is more focused on quizzes and surveys, allowing users to create interactive content for others to take and share their results. It also offers an extensive library of books created by its members which can be read online or downloaded as ebooks. Unlike Wattpad, Quotev does not offer multimedia capabilities such as uploading images and videos. Wattpad is more oriented towards creative writing with a focus on user-generated content. It allows authors to write stories in any genre, collaborate with other writers, or even become part of the Wattpad Star program where they can earn money from their works. It also allows users to upload images, videos, and audio as part of their stories along with text. With its vibrant community of readers, authors can receive feedback on their stories from other members.

History of Quotev

Quotev is an online platform that was founded in 2008. It is a community website that allows users to create stories, quizzes, and surveys and share them with the world. Additionally, users can join groups and become friends with other users. Quotev also has a blog and a chat room for users to connect with one another. The website has grown in popularity since its launch and now hosts millions of users worldwide.

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