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10 Sites Like for Adorable Animal Pictures and Videos

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-13 14:54:30

Are you a fan of puppies? Looking for a great online resource to find more information about these adorable creatures? Look no further! Here is a list of similar websites like that provide a wealth of information and resources related to puppies. From breed-specific information to training tips and everything in between, these websites are sure to provide valuable information and resources for puppy owners.

472 is the best place to find quality puppies for sale. Our expansive selection of breeds, breeders and affordable prices make it easy to find the perfect puppy for your family. We have an expert team of breeders, trainers and veterinarians to ensure the health and safety of the puppies we have for sale.


  • Extensive selection of breeds
  • Affordable prices
  • Expert team of breeders, trainers, and veterinarians
  • Health and safety guarantee Alternatives


PuppySpot is the trusted service for connecting dog lovers with responsible breeders nationwide. We make the process of finding and purchasing a puppy simple and transparent.

PuppySpot is a website that connects puppy enthusiasts with responsible breeders who have puppies for sale. Like, PuppySpot is a source for puppy breeders and owners to find each other.

PuppySpot does not provide as much information about breeds and care as does.

Is PuppySpot a good alternative?


PupCity is an online pet store offering a wide range of pet products and supplies. We provide top-quality food, treats, toys, and accessories for your furry friends. Our mission is to provide pet owners with the best selection of pet supplies at the best prices.

PupCity is a website that connects dog owners to trusted breeders, similar to They also provide information on dog breeds and care.

PupCity does not have as many breeders listed as, and may not have as many puppies available for sale.

Is PupCity a good alternative?


PuppyFind is an online resource for finding puppies and dogs for sale from breeders, shelters, and other dog fanciers. With over 200,000 puppies and dogs for sale, PuppyFind is the premier destination for finding a new puppy or dog for your family.

PuppyFind is a website that allows users to search for puppies by breed, price and location, similar to

PuppyFind does not provide as much information about breeds and care as does.

Is PuppyFind a good alternative?


Petfinder is a website that helps people find adoptable pets in their area. With Petfinder, you can search for adoptable pets near you, learn more about potential pets, connect with local animal shelters and rescue groups, and contact the shelters directly to adopt a pet.

Petfinder is a website that connects pet owners to adoptable pets, similar to They also provide information on pet breeds and care.

Petfinder is a website that primarily focuses on adoption, while is a website that primarily focuses on puppies for sale.

Is Petfinder a good alternative?


PupJoy is a customizable subscription box for dogs and cats that provides natural, high-quality treats and chews tailored to your furry friend’s individual dietary needs. Every box is designed to fit the size of your pet and the type of nutrition they need.

PupJoy is a website that connects puppy owners to breeders, similar to They also provide information on pet breeds and care.

PupJoy does not have as many breeders listed as, and may not have as many puppies available for sale.

Is PupJoy a good alternative?

Happy Puppy

Happy Puppy is an online pet store that specializes in providing high-quality, natural, and affordable products for your beloved canine. We offer a variety of products, ranging from food and treats, vitamins and supplements, toys, grooming supplies, and more. Our goal is to help enhance the lives of dogs and their owners by providing the best in quality, selection, and service.

Happy Puppy is a website that connects puppy owners to breeders, similar to They also provide information on pet breeds and care.

Happy Puppy does not have as many breeders listed as, and may not have as many puppies available for sale.

Is Happy Puppy a good alternative?


NextDayPets is a pet adoption service that helps pet owners find the perfect pet for their family. From purebred puppies to mixed breeds, cats, birds, and many more, NextDayPets has the largest selection of adoptable pets and is dedicated to making sure they find the best home possible.

NextDayPets is a website that connects puppy owners to breeders, similar to They also provide information on pet breeds and care.

NextDayPets does not have as many breeders listed as, and may not have as many puppies available for sale.

Is NextDayPets a good alternative?

Chewy is an online pet supply store offering a wide selection of pet food, pet toys, pet treats and supplements. With fast shipping and easy returns, is the ultimate destination for pet owners.

Both websites allow customers to purchase products for their pets. specializes in puppies, while Chewy offers a wide selection of pet supplies for all types of animals.

Is Chewy a good alternative?


Female is an online magazine and blog dedicated to empowering women around the world. Our mission is to give women the knowledge and tools they need to live healthier, happier lives. We cover a wide range of topics, from nutrition and fitness, to beauty and self-care, to relationships and personal growth.

Both websites are dedicated to providing content and information related to their respective topics. focuses on providing information about puppies, while Female provides a community and resource platform for women.

Is Female a good alternative?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a software solution designed to streamline product development and manufacturing processes. It provides a unified platform to manage and share product data throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design to production and after-sales service.

Both and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are websites designed to provide users with information. provides information about puppies, while Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides information about product lifecycle management systems.

Is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) a good alternative?


Rabbit brings people together to watch and share videos, shows, and more — anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s the perfect way to stay connected with friends and family all over the world.

They both provide useful information about pets. focuses on puppies while Rabbit focuses on rabbits.

Is Rabbit a good alternative?


Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system based on the Linux kernel. It is designed for both home and business users, offering a full range of applications including productivity, office, media and entertainment software.

Both websites provide helpful information about their respective topics. provides information about puppies, while Ubuntu provides information about the open-source operating system of the same name.

Is Ubuntu a good alternative?
| Head-To-Head

Welcome to our head-to-head comparison of and other websites for buying puppies. We will take a look at the sites’ features, price points, and customer service in order to determine which is the best choice for you and your family. We'll also discuss their ethical practices, so you can make sure you are getting the highest quality puppy from a responsible breeder. So let’s get started!
Chewy and Chewy are both online retailers that specialize in selling pet-related goods. offers a wide selection of puppies and other pets, with breeders located all over the country. In addition to pet sales, they also offer supplies such as beds, toys, grooming products, and treats. They have an active blog and forum where users can discuss different pet-related topics as well as ask questions about their purchases. Chewy has a much larger selection of pet supplies than, but does not offer any live pets for sale. They provide everything from food and treats to toys, grooming items and health products for cats and dogs, as well as fish and small animals. They also have an extensive library of information on different breeds of animals, training tips, product reviews, diet advice, and more. Their customer service is highly rated by customers for its fast response time to inquiries and helpful answers to questions about products or services.
Female is an online information source for all things related to puppies, from finding a breeder to general care and maintenance tips. It offers interactive tools such as a puppy finder and advice columns written by experts in the field. Female is an online lifestyle magazine for women with content covering fashion, beauty, health and wellness, relationships, career, travel, home decor and more. It provides personalised stories based on user’s interests, advice from experts and entertaining articles. Both websites provide informative resources tailored to their audience with focusing on caring for puppies while Female concentrates on lifestyle topics relevant to women.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a website that provides information about puppies including breed identification and health advice, as well as offering a selection of pet products for sale. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a software system designed to manage the lifecycle of products from concept to end-of-life. focuses on providing information and resources related to puppies and their welfare, while PLM offers tools and applications that help companies streamline product development processes and ensure compliance with industry standards. Both websites provide users with access to content like online forums and blogs, but PLM also offers integrations with various enterprise software systems to improve collaboration between departments. Additionally, PLM provides analytics tools for better decision-making in product development, whereas does not offer such features.
Rabbit and Rabbit are both pet-focused websites that offer a variety of products, services, and information to help pet owners care for their animals. is focused on canine care, offering a wide range of items such as food, toys, grooming supplies, and accessories. They also provide articles on health and nutrition for dogs, as well as a directory of veterinarians in the local area. Rabbit offers similar products and services for caring for rabbits and other small pets. In addition, they provide an online community where members can discuss topics related to owning these animals and share advice with one another. Both websites make it easy to shop from home, with secure payment options available.
Ubuntu and Ubuntu are two websites with different features. offers a wide variety of information on puppies, such as detailed breed descriptions, health care advice, and puppy adoption services. Additionally, the website provides a forum for people to connect with other dog lovers and share stories and photos of their adorable pets. On the other hand, Ubuntu is an open source operating system that provides a secure environment for users to access files, applications, and more. The software comes with many features like an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), access to thousands of free applications, and support for multiple languages. Furthermore, Ubuntu has various levels of security options that can be tailored to the user's preference. Both websites offer different kinds of resources for their users but at the same time fulfill certain needs in terms of information or technology requirements.

History of is a website that was founded in the early 2000s with the goal of providing pet owners with access to information about puppy care and health, as well as a platform to purchase puppies. It has since grown to provide a broad range of content and services, including a forum for owners to discuss puppy-related topics, an online store for puppy-related products, and an online directory of breeders and rescue organizations. Status

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