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10 Great Alternatives to Proxy of for Anonymous Web Browsing

By Gregor Krambs published about 2022-12-28 12:22:02

Are you looking for websites similar to Proxy of? With more and more people turning to the web for their daily internet needs, finding websites which offer the same services as Proxy of can be a great way to save both time and money. In this article, we will present you with a list of websites that offer similar services to Proxy of, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Proxy Of is a free web proxy that helps you unblock websites and protect your online privacy. With our secure proxy service you can unblock websites, hide your IP address and protect your online privacy.


  • Fast and secure proxy service
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to blocked websites
  • High-speed connection
  • No logs or tracking of your online activity

Proxy of Alternatives


KProxy is a reliable and secure proxy service that allows users to surf the web anonymously and unblock restricted websites. It provides a fast and secure connection to the internet and blocks malicious websites, advertisements, and pop-ups.

KProxy allows users to browse the web anonymously and securely with its encrypted servers.

Unlike Proxy of, KProxy does not require registration and does not have a paid subscription.

Is KProxy a good alternative?


HideMyAss is a VPN provider that offers a safe and secure way to connect to the internet. It offers users protection from malicious activities, censorship, and other threats, and provides access to censored content.

Hide My Ass also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously through its encrypted servers.

Hide My Ass requires users to pay a subscription fee to access most features.

Is HideMyAss a good alternative?


Proxify is an anonymous proxy and web proxy service that enables users to unblock websites and bypass internet filters. With Proxify, users can securely browse the web with complete privacy, access content from anywhere and protect their online activities from malicious threats.

Proxify also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously with its encrypted servers.

Unlike Proxy of, Proxify also provides additional features such as the ability to access blocked websites and hide user IP addresses.

Is Proxify a good alternative?

ProxySite is a free web proxy service providing anyone with the ability to anonymously browse the web. Our service allows you to circumvent internet filters and view web pages that may have been blocked.

ProxySite also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously with its encrypted servers.

ProxySite does not require a subscription fee, but users must register an account to access the service.

Is ProxySite a good alternative?


ZenMate is a secure and private VPN service provider that encrypts all your internet traffic and hides your IP address so you can access blocked content and surf the web anonymously.

ZenMate also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously with its encrypted servers.

Unlike Proxy of, ZenMate also provides additional features such as the ability to access blocked websites and hide user IP addresses.

Is ZenMate a good alternative?


CyberGhost is a leading VPN provider that has been protecting online privacy since 2011. With over 30 million users from all over the world, CyberGhost offers top-notch security, an intuitive user interface and powerful encryption. CyberGhost also provides users with access to restricted content from around the world.

CyberGhost also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously with its encrypted servers.

CyberGhost requires users to pay a subscription fee to access most features.

Is CyberGhost a good alternative?


TunnelBear is a secure and easy-to-use virtual private network (VPN) service that can help you browse the internet safely and privately. It uses strong encryption to protect your data and makes it easy for you to connect to servers all over the world, allowing you to bypass internet censorship and access geo-restricted content.

TunnelBear also allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously with its encrypted servers.

TunnelBear does not require a subscription fee, but users must register an account to access the service.

Is TunnelBear a good alternative?


Cache is a fashion-forward online shopping destination for women and men. We offer a wide selection of stylish apparel, accessories, and shoes that can be shopped online and shipped right to your door. Our collection of designer labels and high-quality items ensures that you will find the perfect look to match any occasion.

Both Proxy of and Cache are services that save copies of websites for faster loading times.

Proxy of allows users to access blocked websites, whereas Cache does not have this feature.

Is Cache a good alternative?


Socks is the premier destination for stylish, comfortable and quality socks. We offer the best selection of socks for men, women, and kids in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes.

Both Proxy of and Socks are tools used to hide a user's IP address for anonymous internet access.

Proxy of provides secure web browsing through the use of a proxy server, while Socks provides an encrypted connection between a client and a server.

Is Socks a good alternative?

Proxy is the pragmatic web surfer's guide to online privacy and anonymous web surfing. It provides information about thousands of free and paid proxies, and VPN services to help you stay anonymous and protect your online privacy.

Both websites provide a proxy server that allows users to access websites anonymously.

Proxy of provides a variety of proxies for specific countries, while Proxy offers general proxy services with no country-specific options.

Is Proxy a good alternative?


Tunnel provides automated network security solutions for digital businesses. It delivers fast, high-speed visibility into an organization’s entire digital infrastructure and then takes proactive measures to protect it from threats.

Both websites provide users with access to bypass internet filters and censorship.

Proxy Of provides an anonymous proxy while Tunnel provides a secure browsing tunnel.

Is Tunnel a good alternative?


Tor is an open source network that provides free software and tools to help users protect their privacy and security online. It is designed to make it difficult for an adversary to track internet activity.

Both Proxy of and Tor are tools to help users access blocked websites.

Proxy of is a web-based proxy while Tor is an anonymous network of virtual tunnels.

Is Tor a good alternative?

Proxy of Head-To-Head

Welcome to our comparison of Proxyof against other websites. We will be taking a look at the features and benefits that each website offers to its users, and we will also be discussing the pros and cons of each website. We'll compare the user experience, cost-effectiveness, security measures, website design and more. By the end of this comparison, you should have a better understanding of which website is best for you. So let's get started!

Proxy of

Proxy Of and Cache Without are both proxy providers, offering services to help customers access websites and content that may not be available in their area. Proxy Of offers both residential and data center proxies, while Cache without only provides residential proxies. Proxy Of provides customers with the ability to select specific countries for their proxies, while Cache Without does not allow this. Proxy Of also offers support for HTTPS protocols and domain whitelisting, which is not offered by Cache Without. Additionally, Proxy of has more features such as user authentication and rotating IPs. Cache Without focuses mainly on providing reliable residential proxies with a vast network of IPs from around the world. It also supports the use of API to integrate with third-party applications. On the other hand, Proxy Of provides more features and customization options but does not have as expansive a network of IPs as Cache Without does.

Proxy of

Proxy of and Socks without are both web proxy providers that offer the same basic services. Both companies offer a variety of proxy types that can be used to hide your IP address and protect your online privacy. Proxy of offers shared, dedicated, residential, and VPN proxies while Socks without provides shared, elite, and datacenter proxies. Proxy of also has a larger selection of countries available for its proxies including up to 40 different countries. On the other hand, Socks without limits its selection to just 14 countries. Furthermore, Proxy Of also offers extra features such as Smart Routing which allows customers to select specific cities or regions in order to maximize their connection speed and reliability. In terms of speed, both providers offer high-speed connections with unlimited bandwidth so you can stream videos or browse websites quickly and easily. However, Socks Without does not offer any additional features such as Smart Routing which could potentially reduce latency times compared to Proxy Of's Smart Routing feature. Overall, both providers offer a great service with fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth but Proxy Of has more options when it comes to proxy types and countries available making it a better choice if you need more control over your online privacy.

Proxy of
Proxy and are both web-hosting services that allow users to build websites or applications with a secure, anonymous connection. Both services provide a variety of features to ensure the security of the user’s data and privacy. offers a range of plans for businesses, individuals, and organizations, including shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, VPS hosting plans, cloud hosting solutions, and more. It also includes features such as free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, domain name registration at no extra cost, site backups for data protection purposes, and reliable customer support. Additionally, it has an intuitive user interface with full access to cPanel control panels for managing your account easily. provides similar features but offers more specialized services such as managed WordPress hosting plans, eCommerce plans that are optimized for shopping cart platforms like WooCommerce or Magento; shared web hosting packages with unlimited disk space and bandwidth; free domain name registration; website security features; and reliable customer support via phone or chat. It also provides a powerful drag-and-drop site editor that makes building complex sites easy without any coding knowledge needed. Both and offer excellent services that can help ensure online safety while providing users with a reliable platform to build their websites or applications on securely and anonymously.

Proxy of
Tunnel and TunnelBear offer secure proxy and VPN services to protect their customers’ online privacy and security. Both services use strong encryption protocols to ensure that customer data remains protected while browsing the web. offers a range of features, including multiple server locations, unlimited bandwidth, no logging of your activities, and an automatic kill switch to protect against accidental data leakage. It also supports OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, Shadowsocks, and SOCKS5 protocols for greater flexibility in how you connect to the internet. TunnelBear provides an easy-to-use interface with its simple ‘On/Off’ switch and its ‘Vigilant Mode’ which automatically blocks unsecured connections. In addition to offering OpenVPN, TunnelBear also supports IKEv2/IPsec on iOS devices as well as L2TP/IPSec on Windows and Mac devices. Its intuitive app makes it easy for users to connect quickly without having to configure settings manually. Both and TunnelBear provide reliable security options for online browsing; however, may be more suitable for those who require a higher level of customization due to its wide range of encryption protocols and features such as the kill switch or unlimited bandwidth. On the other hand, TunnelBear is ideal for those who prefer an easier setup process with its intuitive user interface and quick connection options.

Proxy of

Proxy Of and Tor are both websites that allow users to browse the internet anonymously by hiding their IP address and encrypting their traffic. Both services offer a wide range of features that can be used to protect user privacy and security, but they differ in some key ways. Proxy Of offers a faster connection speed than Tor, making it a better choice for activities such as streaming video or playing online games. It also offers more reliable access to websites and services that might be blocked by firewalls or which are otherwise inaccessible. Proxy Of includes support for HTTP/SOCKS4/5 protocols, allowing for more flexibility in how users connect. It also offers additional features such as IP rotation and an option to purchase dedicated IPs. Tor is designed with privacy rather than speed in mind, and its anonymity is much stronger than Proxy Of’s, making it an ideal choice for those concerned about their personal information being accessed. All traffic sent through Tor is encrypted between nodes, helping to ensure user data stays secure. It also offers built-in anti-fingerprinting protection tools that make it harder for websites and services to recognize your device based on its configuration settings. Ultimately, Proxy Of is best suited for users who want fast connections with reliable access while Tor provides greater anonymity at the cost of slower speeds.

History of Proxy of

Proxy of is a website that provides users with anonymous access to a variety of websites. The website was first launched in 2019 as a way for users to access banned websites without being identified. Since then, the website has grown to include a wide range of services, including the ability to unblock social media, streaming sites, and other blocked websites. It is one of the most popular anonymous web proxies available today.

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