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Top Alternatives to Doxbin: A Comprehensive List of Similar Websites

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-16 05:37:39

Are you looking for websites similar to Doxbin, but not sure where to start? Look no further! This article contains a comprehensive list of alternative websites like Doxbin that provide similar services. From news aggregation sites to online discussion forums, this list of Doxbin alternatives has something for everyone. Discover the best options for you and start exploring the world of online information sharing today.



Doxbin is an open source document repository for the public. It allows users to upload and share documents with others, as well as to search for and access documents that have previously been shared.


  • Upload and share documents
  • Search for and access previously shared documents
  • Open source and free to use
  • Anonymous and secure document sharing

Doxbin Alternatives


DeepPaste is an online text hosting service that allows users to store, share, and backup text, code, or data anonymously. It is free, fast, and secure.

Both allow for pasting of text and code

DeepPaste also allows for pasting of images, audio, and video

Is DeepPaste a good alternative?


Pastebin is a website where users can store text online for a set period of time. It is used by millions of developers, system administrators and regular users around the world to store and share their text snippets.

Both allow for pasting of text and code

Pastebin is focused more on programming and collaboration

Is Pastebin a good alternative?

GitHub Gists

GitHub Gists is a service to create, share and collaborate on code snippets. It allows you to store and share your code snippets with others, and keep track of who has made changes to them.

Both allow for pasting of text and code

GitHub Gists is focused more on collaboration and version control

Is GitHub Gists a good alternative?


Pastie is a free, online image editor that makes it easy to edit photos and images quickly and easily. With a simple interface, you can easily crop, resize, rotate and adjust brightness, contrast and saturation of your photos.

Both allow for pasting of text and code

Pastie is more focused on speed and ease of use

Is Pastie a good alternative?


Ghostbin is a website that provides secure text storage with convenient sharing features. It allows users to store text snippets, code blocks, and other content, which can then be accessed from any web browser.

Both allow for pasting of text and code

Ghostbin is more focused on privacy and anonymity

Is Ghostbin a good alternative?
| is a cloud hosting platform specifically designed to help developers share snippets of code. It provides a simple yet powerful web-based interface and allows developers to securely store their code snippets and quickly share them with others.

Both allow for pasting of text and code is more focused on collaboration and sharing

Is a good alternative?

History of Doxbin

Doxbin is an online document storage website that was founded in 2013. It provides a platform for users to store and share sensitive information. The website allows documents to be shared with the public or privately, and also allows for commenting and discussion about the documents. Doxbin has become popular among those looking to share information securely, as it provides a secure and anonymous platform.

Doxbin Status

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  • I think I'll stick with the original Doxbin - at least I know what I'm getting myself into!

    2023-06-21 09:29:08 ·
  • Who knew there could be so many ways to get into trouble?

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  • Better be careful which one you choose - you never know what you'll find!

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