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A Comprehensive List of Alternative Sites Like

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-12 21:05:46

Are you a frequent online shopper looking for an alternative to Look no further! We've created a list of similar websites to that offer the same services, but with different features and benefits. From comprehensive security measures to budgeting tools, these sites are sure to provide you with the same level of protection and convenience as Read on to discover what these sites have to offer!

356 is a financial services platform that helps protect your payments by offering virtual cards and virtual accounts. With Privacy, you can easily create a virtual card or account to use for online purchases and avoid sharing your real card information with merchants.


  • Create virtual cards and accounts quickly and easily
  • Protect your real card information when shopping online
  • Generate unique virtual cards for each transaction
  • Monitor your spend with convenient app notifications Alternatives

Identity Guard

Identity Guard is an advanced identity theft protection and credit monitoring service that helps protect your personal information from being stolen. Identity Guard offers monitoring and alerting services that monitor your identity 24/7 to help detect any suspicious activity. It also provides services such as credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, and two-factor authentication.

Identity Guard provides a virtual credit card to help users protect their credit and debit cards from fraud.

Identity Guard is a full identity protection service and not just a payment solution, as is.

Is Identity Guard a good alternative?
| is a comprehensive data privacy solutions provider that helps organizations protect and manage their personal data. It provides solutions for data protection, compliance, data security, and privacy risk management. provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud. is focused on protecting users’ personal data, whereas focuses on payment solutions.

Is a good alternative?

Experian IdentityWorks

Experian IdentityWorks gives you the ability to protect your personal information from being stolen, hacked or misused. It provides a suite of tools to monitor your identity and credit, alert you to suspicious activity, and help you recover quickly in the event of a breach.

Experian IdentityWorks provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud.

Experian IdentityWorks is a full identity protection service and not just a payment solution, as is.

Is Experian IdentityWorks a good alternative?


CreditWise is a free credit monitoring and identity theft protection service offered by TransUnion. It helps you to stay on top of your credit report, track your credit score, and receive alerts of important changes to your credit report.

CreditWise provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud.

CreditWise is focused on helping users monitor and protect their credit, not just their payment options, as is.

Is CreditWise a good alternative?

Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield is an online service that helps organizations protect the privacy of their customers and employees by providing a comprehensive suite of data privacy and security tools.

Privacy Shield provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud.

Privacy Shield is a full privacy protection service and not just a payment solution, as is.

Is Privacy Shield a good alternative?


LifeLock is an identity theft protection service that helps protect you and your family from identity theft and fraud. With LifeLock, you can get proactive alerts and advanced tools to help protect your personal information, financial accounts, and more.

LifeLock provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud.

LifeLock is a full identity protection service and not just a payment solution, as is.

Is LifeLock a good alternative?


PrivacyGuard offers a comprehensive suite of identity theft protection and credit monitoring services to help protect you and your family from identity theft. Our services include credit monitoring, identity theft protection, lost wallet assistance, and more.

PrivacyGuard provides virtual credit card options to help protect users' credit and debit cards from fraud.

PrivacyGuard is a full identity protection service and not just a payment solution, as is.

Is PrivacyGuard a good alternative?


PayPal is a secure, global online payment service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive payments online. It has a wide range of features and services that make it easy to send and receive payments online.

Both and PayPal offer payment processing solutions for customers. allows users to create virtual cards that can be used to make secure payments online, while PayPal allows users to transfer funds directly from their bank accounts.

Is PayPal a good alternative?


Revolut is a digital banking platform that offers a range of services from current accounts, money transfers, card payments, and currency exchange. With Revolut, you can manage your finances from anywhere in the world, with no fees, no hidden charges, and no paperwork.

Both and Revolut offer users a secure way to manage their financial transactions online.

While helps users protect their financial information by creating virtual cards for online purchases, Revolut offers an online banking platform with budgeting tools and budgeting categories.

Is Revolut a good alternative?


Skrill is an innovative payment and money transfer service that makes sending and receiving money quick and convenient.

Both websites offer customers a safe and secure platform to manage their finances. specializes in privacy-focused payments and Skrill offers a wide range of payment options including bank transfers, card payments, and more.

Is Skrill a good alternative?
| Head-To-Head

Are you looking for a secure and reliable way to make online payments? is an excellent option, but with so many other websites offering similar services, how do you know which one best suits your needs? In this article, we will compare with some of its competitors to help you decide which one works best for you. We'll take a look at the features offered by each website, the cost of using their services, and any advantages or disadvantages that come with using them. By the end of this comparison, you should have a better understanding of what each website has to offer and be able to make an educated decision on which one works best for you.
PayPal and PayPal are both websites that allow users to securely make payments online. is a virtual card platform, allowing users to create multiple virtual cards for payments and subscriptions, while also keeping their banking information secure from merchants. PayPal is an online payment processing service that can be used to pay for goods and services or send money to friends and family quickly and easily. offers features like the ability to set spending limits, auto-renewal disabling, customizing billing descriptors, and the ability to cancel or delete cards at any time, all of which help protect users from fraud and unwanted charges. PayPal also has features such as the ability to send money instantly with just an email address or phone number, as well as being able to pay in different currencies. Additionally, PayPal allows users to keep track of their transactions in one place with its history feature. Ultimately, both and Paypal offer safe and secure methods of making online payments without having to share credit card information directly with merchants or other people sending you money.
Revolut and Revolut offer similar features for managing and protecting your finances. is a virtual debit card that allows you to create single-use cards for online purchases to protect your identity and keep your information secure. It also offers automated spending rules, budgeting tools, and the ability to freeze or cancel cards anytime. Revolut is a digital banking alternative with a wide range of services such as currency exchange, international money transfers, budgeting tools, as well as additional savings and investing options. It also has its own debit card that can be used to make online payments just like’s card. Both platforms have in-depth security measures in place such as two-factor authentication, PIN protection, biometric identification, and advanced encryption technology to keep your data safe from fraudsters.
Skrill and Skrill are both services that allow users to make secure online payments. provides users with virtual debit cards, a browser extension, and a mobile app to make purchases online in a more secure way. With the virtual debit card, users can set spending limits, create one-time use cards, and receive notifications of when cards are used. The browser extension allows users to complete purchases with one click and stores payment information safely and securely on their device. The mobile app makes it easy for users to manage their cards on the go, as well as manage their budget and track expenses. Skrill also offers its customers an easy, secure way to make online payments using a number of methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers or prepaid vouchers. Customers can also use their Skrill account to send money from anywhere in the world and withdraw funds from ATMs across the globe. With Skrill's app, customers can manage their accounts on the go as well as transfer funds from one account to another with ease. Additionally, Skrill has built-in fraud protection and multi-factor authentication for added security for its customers.

History of is a website founded in 2014 as a digital payment platform. The website allows users to create virtual credit card numbers for online purchases and allows them to keep their real card numbers hidden. Since then, the platform has grown to include additional features such as the ability to send and receive money and the ability to create mobile wallets. Status

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