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5 Alternatives to PentesterLab for Cybersecurity Practitioners

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-05 05:43:41

Are you looking for websites similar to PentesterLab to continue honing your ethical hacking skills? Look no further! This article will provide a comprehensive list of the best websites like PentesterLab that can help you improve your understanding of computer security and ethical hacking. From online vulnerability assessment tools to interactive cyber security services and complete hacking platforms, the following websites can offer you the resources and training you need to become an expert ethical hacker.



PentesterLab provides online security training to help you learn and practice ethical hacking and pentesting. With our hands-on practical courses, you can learn how to become a professional penetration tester and get certified.


  • Online Security Training Courses
  • Step-by-Step Hands-on Exercises
  • Learn Ethical Hacking & Pentesting
  • Get Certified as a Professional Pentester

PentesterLab Alternatives

Security Trail

Security Trail provides cutting-edge security auditing and vulnerability management services to help organizations identify, mitigate, and remediate risk in their IT environments. Our team of security professionals has extensive experience in both public and private organizations, allowing us to provide a comprehensive approach to security auditing and vulnerability management.

Security Trail also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

Security Trail offers more in-depth tutorials and guides around the world of cybersecurity.

Is Security Trail a good alternative?


HackTheBox is an online platform that allows cybersecurity professionals to test and hone their skills in a variety of different challenges, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. The platform offers a wide range of challenges and activities to help users learn and improve their skills.

HackTheBox also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

HackTheBox is more of a gamified platform with point systems and ranked leaderboards for its users.

Is HackTheBox a good alternative?


Cybrary is the world's largest online cyber security and IT learning platform. Cybrary offers free and paid courses and certifications in a wide range of topics, including IT, cyber security, cloud computing, networking, and more.

Cybrary provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

Cybrary also offers a wealth of free online courses and other resources for its users to learn from.

Is Cybrary a good alternative?


HackThis is an online platform that provides you with multiple levels of computer security challenges that allow you to test and improve your hacking and security skills. It features a range of challenges including web application security, network security, binary analysis, cryptography and more.

HackThis also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

HackThis also offers an online community where users can interact and ask questions to each other.

Is HackThis a good alternative?


TryHackMe is an online platform for learning and teaching cyber security, all through your browser. We provide challenges ranging from beginner to expert level, and provide a place to learn, practice, and compete.

TryHackMe also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

TryHackMe also offers a range of online courses and interactive labs to its users.

Is TryHackMe a good alternative?


HackEDU is an online learning platform that helps users learn to code through interactive lessons and projects. It provides accessible and high-quality digital education to make programming accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

HackEDU also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

HackEDU is focused on providing education around security and ethical hacking for students.

Is HackEDU a good alternative?


Hacker101 is a free educational site for users to learn the basics of web security, including topics such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection and ethics. With Hacker101, users can go through a series of video lessons, webcasts, and challenges to learn and practice their security skills.

Hacker101 also provides security testing exercises and challenges to its users.

Hacker101 focuses on teaching users the fundamentals of cyber security and ethical hacking.

Is Hacker101 a good alternative?

Pentester Academy

Pentester Academy is an online platform that provides professional security training and virtual labs for IT and security professionals. It offers a wide range of courses and labs for individuals, companies and educational institutions.

Both websites provide resources to help users learn and practice security testing.

PentesterLab provides online labs, while Pentester Academy offers online courses and certifications.

Is Pentester Academy a good alternative?

PentesterLab Head-To-Head

Welcome to our comparison of PentesterLab and other websites that offer security testing services. In this article, we will look at the different features of these sites, such as their pricing models, the types of tests they offer, and their customer service options. We'll also discuss which site offers the best overall value for money. With this information in hand, you can then make an informed decision about which provider is best suited to meet your needs.

Pentester Academy

PentesterLab and Pentester Academy are two of the most popular websites for those interested in learning penetration testing. Both sites offer hands-on, practical training as well as tutorials on a variety of topics related to security and hacking. PentesterLab specializes in providing real-world web applications for users to practice their skills on, while Pentester Academy offers online courses and certifications. Both sites offer resources such as blog articles, forums, and videos. However, PentesterLab is more focused on hands-on practice with realistic scenarios while Pentester Academy provides more traditional course materials such as lectures and quizzes. PentesterLab also has a larger variety of topics to choose from compared to Pentester Academy.


PentesterLab and HackTheBox are two popular websites for information security professionals to practice and hone their skills. Both websites offer a variety of challenges and tutorials, including specific topics such as web security, binary exploitation, and cryptography. PentesterLab has over 100 exercises that range from beginner to advanced levels and are divided into several different categories. It also includes downloadable virtual machines for users to practice on. HackTheBox offers a variety of challenges such as CTFs, vulnerable machines, and real-world scenarios. It also provides weekly updates of new challenges with points awarded for successful completion. Both sites provide a secure platform with an online scoreboard to track user progress. In addition, both allow users to connect with each other via forums and chat rooms in order to collaborate on projects or discuss solutions.


PentesterLab and TryHackMe are both websites designed to help users learn cyber security skills. PentesterLab provides a range of different courses that feature hands-on labs and educational content, while TryHackMe offers a platform for users to create and join virtual hacking rooms. Both websites have similar features such as the ability to set up custom labs and the use of virtual machines for testing purposes. PentesterLab focuses more on providing educational content, with a variety of courses from beginner to advanced levels, while TryHackMe is geared more towards users who want to hone their skills by taking part in realistic hacking challenges. Additionally, TryHackMe offers many community-created scenarios and CTFs (Capture The Flag) which PentesterLab does not offer. Both websites offer different levels of customization depending on the user's individual needs, but they both provide an effective way for users to learn cyber security skills in a safe environment.

History of PentesterLab

PentesterLab is an online platform created to provide an easy and accessible way to learn ethical hacking and security testing. It was founded in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It provides a range of challenges and exercises designed to help users gain an understanding of security testing. It also provides an online community to share knowledge, experiences, and resources. It has grown to become one of the premier destinations for learning security testing.

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