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Top 7 Alternatives to PC Specialist for Building Your Own Computer

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-18 08:00:42

Are you looking for a website similar to PC Specialist to build your own custom desktop PC? Look no further! This article will provide you with a list of websites that are similar to PC Specialist and offer great custom PC builds. From high-end gaming setups to budget-friendly office desktops, the list below includes a variety of websites that you can use to build the perfect PC for your needs. Read on to find out more!

PC Specialist is the UK's leading custom PC manufacturer, offering a wide range of custom PCs and laptops built to your exact requirements. With a wide range of components to choose from, you can create the perfect machine for your needs.


  • Custom built PCs and laptops
  • Wide range of components
  • Professional customer service
  • Expert advice

PC Specialist Alternatives


CyberpowerPC is a leading manufacturer of custom gaming computers, gaming laptops, and high performance workstations. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team is ready to help you select the perfect gaming system for your needs.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

CyberPowerPC has its own gaming series, whereas PC Specialist does not.

Is CyberpowerPC a good alternative?

Origin PC

Origin PC is a custom gaming PC manufacturer that allows customers to customize and design their own gaming PC. Origin PC offers a variety of components, from processors and graphics cards to cooling systems and power supplies, allowing customers to create the perfect gaming computer for their needs.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

Origin PC has its own custom designs, whereas PC Specialist does not.

Is Origin PC a good alternative?

Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro is an award-winning custom computer manufacturer dedicated to providing superior quality PCs, performance, and value-added solutions for today’s digital lifestyle.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

Velocity Micro has a wide range of computer components, whereas PC Specialist only offers a limited range.

Is Velocity Micro a good alternative?

Digital Storm

Digital Storm specializes in custom-built gaming PCs and high-performance workstations. Our mission is to provide the best possible experience for our customers and ensure that their needs are met.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

Digital Storm offers more varieties of gaming PCs than PC Specialist.

Is Digital Storm a good alternative?


Maingear is an American computer manufacturer that specializes in custom-built, high-end gaming PCs, notebooks and workstations. Its products are designed for performance, gaming, and professional use.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

Maingear offers a wider range of services than PC Specialist.

Is Maingear a good alternative?


iBuyPower is a leading manufacturer of custom gaming PCs, laptops, and components. Their goal is to provide gamers with the best gaming experience possible by offering a wide selection of gaming systems tailored to individual needs.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

iBuyPower offers more options for gaming PCs than PC Specialist.

Is iBuyPower a good alternative?


Xidax is an American computer manufacturer that specialises in customisable, custom built desktops, laptops, and gaming PCs.

Both websites specialize in custom PCs and laptops.

Xidax offers more customization options than PC Specialist.

Is Xidax a good alternative?


Dell provides technology solutions, services and support. Visit for Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PCs, Desktops, Monitors, Servers, Storage, Mobile Phones, Printers and Computer Accessories.

Both PC Specialist and Dell offer custom built computers.

PC Specialist offers a wide range of customization options while Dell only offers limited customization options.

Is Dell a good alternative?


Overclockers UK is the leading high-performance PC hardware specialist. We offer a wide range of PC parts and peripherals, including gaming PCs, gaming laptops, gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, gaming monitors, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards and gaming mice.

Both PC Specialist and Overclockers offer custom built computers featuring the latest hardware products.

PC Specialist offers a variety of services such as computer repairs, while Overclockers focuses strictly on custom built systems.

Is Overclockers a good alternative?

PC Specialist Head-To-Head

Welcome to a head-to-head comparison of PC Specialist and other websites. PC Specialist is one of the leading computer retailers in the UK, offering custom-built PCs at competitive prices. In this guide we will compare the features and services offered by PC Specialist with several other popular sites, including Amazon, Overclockers UK, and Ebuyer. We'll look at their range of products, pricing structure, customer service policies, delivery options, and more. Whether you're looking for a powerful gaming rig or just a basic desktop for everyday use, this guide will help you find the best site for your needs.

PC Specialist

PC Specialist and Dell are two of the leading computer and laptop manufacturers in the world. While both companies offer a wide range of devices to meet any user’s computing needs, there are key differences between the two. PC Specialist is a UK-based company that offers custom-built PCs and laptops with premium components and custom software configurations. They also specialize in high-end gaming computers, with an extensive range of powerful gaming rigs that can be customized to exact specifications. In addition, they provide excellent customer service and advice on the best devices for any budget. Dell, on the other hand, is an American brand offering standard laptops and desktop computers as well as gaming systems. Their PCs feature pre-assembled hardware configurations and come with a two year warranty for added peace of mind. In terms of design, Dell offers sleek modern designs as well as more traditional models with ample storage space. Overall, PC Specialist provides more customization options than Dell but their prices can be higher than Dell's depending on specific configuration choices. On the other hand, Dell offers preconfigured models which might save time but lack flexibility when it comes to choosing individual components or upgrading later on.

PC Specialist

PC Specialist and Overclockers are both websites that specialize in computer hardware, components, and peripherals. Both sell pre-built gaming systems, custom PCs, laptops, and components; however, their approaches to custom builds differ. PC Specialist offers a wide range of highly-configurable systems that allow customers to select specific processors, graphics cards, motherboards, RAM, storage devices and other components. Overclockers also offers customizable PC build options but focuses more on the overclocking of hardware components for performance optimization. Both sites offer extensive customer support options with helpful guides and advice from experienced technicians. Overclockers has an online forum for users to exchange information with other members about hardware configurations and troubleshooting issues. PC Specialist also has an online chat feature for customers to get answers to technical questions quickly. In terms of warranties and returns policies, PC Specialist guarantees each system with a full three year warranty on parts and labour while Overclockers provides a two year warranty on all products sold by them. Both offer free standard delivery within the UK with express options available at extra cost.

History of PC Specialist

PC Specialist is a website that has been providing custom-built PC products since 2004. It has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted names in custom-built PCs, offering a wide range of products such as gaming PCs, business PCs, and more. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable PCs that are tailored to fit the customer's needs. PC Specialist is committed to providing the best customer service and technical support in the industry.

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