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5 Alternatives to Parentune: Parenting Websites to Help You Raise Your Little Ones

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-22 00:22:45

Are you looking for alternatives to Parentune? Are you a parent in search of a website that offers similar services? Look no further! In this article, we will be exploring some of the best websites that offer similar services to Parentune. Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, advice, or even just an online community, these websites have it all. Keep reading to find out more!

Parentune is an online parenting community where parents can interact with each other and get advice from experts. It is designed to help parents make informed decisions about their children’s education, health, nutrition, and development.


  • Discussion forums for parenting advice
  • Expert advice from parenting experts
  • Resources on parenting topics such as health, nutrition, and development
  • Parenting blogs & articles
  • A community of like-minded parents
  • Parenting tips and tricks

Parentune Alternatives

School Connects

School Connects is an innovative cloud-based platform designed to enable easy and efficient communication between parents, teachers, and administration of schools. It has a built-in messaging system, calendar and other features to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

School Connects provides more specific services for schools and parents, such as notifications and resources.

Is School Connects a good alternative?


ParentLink is a not-for-profit organization that helps strengthen families and communities through parenting education and support. We offer a variety of programs and services to help parents learn new skills, cope with challenging situations, and build positive relationships with their children.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

ParentLink offers more specialized and interactive features, such as surveys and interactive games.

Is ParentLink a good alternative?


ParentSquare is a comprehensive school communication, engagement and collaboration platform that helps schools, teachers, staff, and parents work together more effectively. It is designed to support the entire school community, including district administrators, teachers, staff, students, and parents.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

ParentSquare offers more comprehensive communication and collaboration tools, such as file sharing and messaging.

Is ParentSquare a good alternative?

K12 Alerts

K12 Alerts is a communication app that allows schools to connect with their communities to share real-time information. The app provides an easy way to stay in touch with students, families, staff and the community by sending out notifications and alerts.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

K12 Alerts provides more advanced communication tools, such as automated message delivery and emergency notifications.

Is K12 Alerts a good alternative?


ClassDojo is a classroom management platform that helps teachers to foster strong relationships with their students and families. It offers teachers a range of tools to help them engage their students, track their progress, and communicate with families.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

ClassDojo provides more specific services for students, such as rewards and behavior tracking.

Is ClassDojo a good alternative?


Remind is a communication platform for teachers, students, and parents that allows teachers to send reminders, notifications and messages to their classrooms, giving teachers better control over how they communicate with their students.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

Remind allows users to send messages to any type of contact, such as students, parents, and teachers.

Is Remind a good alternative?


FamilyLink is a secure, private social network for families, making it easy for parents, grandparents, and other family members to stay connected, share photos and videos, and keep up with family news.

Provides a platform for schools and parents to interact and stay connected.

FamilyLink provides more specific services for parents, such as tracking their children's online activity.

Is FamilyLink a good alternative?

History of Parentune

Parentune began as a platform to help parents stay informed and connected with their child’s school and community. It has since evolved to become a parenting network, connecting parents and teachers, providing online and offline parent engagement, and offering resources like blog posts and webinars. It is a comprehensive network for parents to share and exchange ideas and experiences on how to raise happy, confident and successful children.

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  • I'm not sure which website to choose. They all seem so... parentunish!

    2023-02-07 07:57:56 ·
  • Ida

    It's like I'm in Parentune-land!

    2023-03-23 16:40:39 ·