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10 Alternative Electronics Parts Search Engines Like Octopart

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-15 15:33:39

Are you looking for a website similar to Octopart? You're in luck! This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of websites that offer similar services as Octopart. From online electronics stores to parts search engines, we have compiled a selection of sites that are sure to meet your needs. So, if you're in the market for some hard-to-find components, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to discover the best alternatives to Octopart!



Octopart is an electronic parts search engine that enables users to quickly and easily find electronic parts across hundreds of distributors.


  • Search for electronic parts from hundreds of distributors
  • Filter search by category, brand, availability and more
  • Compare prices and specs of different parts
  • Read reviews and ratings from customers

Octopart Alternatives


Digi-Key is the world’s largest electronic component selection offering over 3 million products and 1.2 million part numbers in stock, with over 2 million in-stock and ready to ship same day. Digi-Key offers customers the ability to search for and purchase electronic components, offering a comprehensive selection of in-stock parts from over 700 name-brand manufacturers.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Digi-Key offers a larger selection, more detailed product information, and a larger customer service team.

Is Digi-Key a good alternative?


Farnell is a leading multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor offering customers a unique combination of convenience and broad selection of products. With a comprehensive range of the world’s leading electronic component brands, Farnell offers customers the advantage of buying from a single source, with a single point of contact for access to its expert technical staff, order management and customer service teams.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Farnell offers more in-depth product information and pre-sales technical support.

Is Farnell a good alternative?

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics provides the latest technologies for designers and engineers in the form of electronic components and related products. With an extensive and comprehensive selection of over 6 million products, Mouser offers customers advanced technologies, competitive pricing, and superior service.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Mouser offers comprehensive product information and a larger selection of parts.

Is Mouser Electronics a good alternative?

Allied Electronics

Allied Electronics is a leading distributor of industrial automation and control products, electronic components and power products from over 300 world-class brands. With more than 50,000 products in-stock and ready to ship same day, Allied is the preferred supplier of choice.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Allied Electronics offers additional services, such as engineering support and custom product solutions.

Is Allied Electronics a good alternative?


Newark is an online supplier of electronic components, connectors, and more. With over 500,000 products from more than 500 manufacturers, Newark provides customers with the latest electronic components and connectors they need, backed by world-class customer service.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Newark offers a larger selection of parts, more detailed product information, and customer service assistance.

Is Newark a good alternative?

RS Components

RS Components is a leading distributor of electronics and maintenance products, offering quality products, competitive prices, worldwide delivery, and unbeatable customer service.

Both are electronic component search engines.

RS Components offers a larger selection, more detailed product information, and a larger customer service team.

Is RS Components a good alternative?


Avnet is a leading global technology solutions provider, offering solutions for industrial automation, networking solutions, and connectivity solutions. With our customized solutions, we enable businesses to maximize their performance, reduce cost and risk, and enable innovation. Our wide range of services and solutions enable customers to quickly and reliably connect to their customers and partners, improve operational efficiency, and build new products and services.

Both are electronic component search engines.

Avnet offers a larger selection, more detailed product information, and a larger customer service team.

Is Avnet a good alternative?


FindChips is an electronic component search engine that helps engineers and buyers find, compare, and purchase any type of electronic component quickly and easily.

Both Octopart and FindChips are search engine websites for electronic components.

Octopart offers more comprehensive product information, including prices and availability from multiple distributors, while FindChips focuses on catalogs of parts from specific manufacturers.

Is FindChips a good alternative?

Octopart Head-To-Head

Are you looking for electronics parts, but don’t know which website to use? In this article, we will compare Octopart with other websites to help you decide the best option. Octopart is a search engine that makes it easy to find electronic parts from over 200 distributors. This comparison will provide an in-depth look at each website's pros and cons, as well as their prices and availability. By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of which website is right for your needs.


Octopart and FindChips are both websites that allow users to search for electronic parts from a range of manufacturers. Octopart offers a comprehensive search engine allowing users to easily find parts according to their specifications, such as manufacturer name, type, description, and part number. The website also provides product specs, datasheets and availability information from distributors. FindChips provides more detailed information about the parts including pricing and availability from multiple vendors. It also has an advanced search engine that allows users to filter results according to their exact requirements. Both websites offer helpful comparison tools which enable users to compare different parts side-by-side in order to make the best purchasing decision.

History of Octopart

Octopart is an online search engine for electronic components that was founded in 2006. It provides a platform for customers to find and compare products from a variety of manufacturers and distributors. Octopart also makes it easy for customers to navigate through product data sheets and technical specifications. Over the years, Octopart has grown to become one of the premier search engines for electronic components, offering a comprehensive selection of products from thousands of manufacturers and distributors.

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