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Alternative Sites to A Comprehensive List of Similar Resources

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-02 07:02:02

If you're looking for a great source of historical newspapers and periodicals, look no further than But if you're looking to expand your research and explore similar sites, then this list of alternatives to is a great place to start. From free resources to subscription-based services, this guide will help you find the best sources of historical records to supplement and expand your research.

486 is the world's largest online newspaper archive, containing millions of newspaper pages from around the globe. It is the perfect resource for genealogists, historians, researchers, and students to explore the history of the world.


  • Access to millions of newspaper pages from around the world
  • Historical and genealogy research tools
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Ability to save and organize newspapers
  • Ability to download newspapers in PDF format Alternatives

Google News

Google News is a free news aggregator provided by Google, selecting and summarizing news from a variety of sources. It uses automated processes to select stories, using algorithms that consider a wide range of factors including the source and freshness of the story.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

News stories are not organized by specific newspaper titles, but by topics and keywords

Is Google News a good alternative?


BBC is the world's leading public service broadcaster, providing news, current affairs, sports and entertainment across multiple platforms.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

Primary focus is on international news stories, rather than local news stories

Is BBC a good alternative?

The Guardian

The Guardian is a British daily newspaper, known for its progressive political stance and high-quality reporting. It offers a global edition, with reports from around the world, as well as a wide range of sport and opinion coverage.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

News stories are primarily focused on UK news stories and topics

Is The Guardian a good alternative?

Yahoo News

Yahoo News is your source for breaking news, in-depth coverage and original reporting from around the world. Read the latest headlines, view videos, and get up-to-the minute coverage from top sources.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

News stories are organized by topics and keywords, rather than by specific newspaper titles

Is Yahoo News a good alternative?


NewsNow is the UK's most comprehensive and up-to-date online news aggregator. It covers the latest news from the UK and around the world, including politics, business, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, health and more.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

News stories are primarily focused on UK news stories and topics

Is NewsNow a good alternative?


Reddit is a social networking website where users can post links and content to various discussion boards. It is a platform for users to share and discuss topics that interest them.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

Users can engage in discussions and debate news stories, rather than just read them

Is Reddit a good alternative?


Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, known as “tweets.” Twitter’s origins lie in a “daylong brainstorming session” held by board members of the podcasting company Odeo.

Provides users with access to news from various sources, including newspapers

Users can engage in discussions and debate news stories, rather than just read them

Is Twitter a good alternative?


Article is an online-only retailer of modern furniture and home decor. Our mission is to make great design accessible to everyone.

Both websites provide access to articles and publications. provides full access to published newspaper archives, while Article offers content written by experts in different fields.

Is Article a good alternative?


Extra is an online shopping destination offering the latest electronics, apparel, books, music and more. With over 50 million products and thousands of brands available, Extra is your go-to destination for all your shopping needs.

Both websites provide news and entertainment content. archives newspapers, while Extra focuses on celebrity news.

Is Extra a good alternative?

Blog is a website that allows users to create blogs and websites, share their ideas and opinions, and connect with other like-minded people around the world.

Both and Blog are online sources of information. provides access to archived newspapers, whereas Blogs provide more up-to-date topics and opinion pieces.

Is Blog a good alternative?


Google Books offers millions of books to read online or download to your device. Search, browse, and find the perfect book for you.

Both and Books provide access to a large variety of content. provides access to newspapers, while Books provides access to books.

Is Books a good alternative?


Broadsheet is an urban culture and lifestyle magazine that covers the best of Australia’s cities, from the food and fashion to the people and places.

Both websites provide access to newspaper archives. offers digital archives of newspapers from around the world, while Broadsheet focuses on contemporary news and opinion.

Is Broadsheet a good alternative?
| Head-To-Head

Welcome to the head-to-head comparisons of and other websites! is a subscription-based website that allows you to access digital versions of historical newspapers from all around the world. With this unique resource, users can search and view millions of newspaper pages dating back hundreds of years, giving them unprecedented access to history like never before. In this comparison we will be taking a look at how stacks up against other websites when it comes to features, cost, and user experience. Let's get started!
Article and Article provide users with different options for accessing newspaper content from around the world. offers access to over 6,000 international titles and over 23 million pages dating back to the 1700s. It allows searches by keyword, location, person, or other categories. Users can also create an online library of favorite articles and save searches for later use. In addition, also offers a citation builder and other tools to help users with their research tasks. Article on the other hand specializes in providing access to content from more recent sources such as magazines, websites and blogs rather than historical newspapers like does. Article allows users to search for current news articles from across thousands of sources using keywords or topics, then easily share them via social media platforms or embed them into websites or documents. The platform also provides users with an RSS feed so they can stay up-to-date on any new content that is published related to their search topics as well as an AI-driven recommendation engine which suggests new stories based on past searches and reading habits.
Extra and Extra are both websites that provide access to historical newspapers and other documents from around the world. offers access to over 13,000 newspapers from all 50 US states and more than 4,500 international titles. It also features an advanced search engine with a variety of filters, allowing users to narrow down their search results. Extra provides access to over 7 million pages of historical documents from over 2,000 sources in more than 70 countries worldwide. It also has a powerful search engine but does not offer as many filtering options as Both websites allow users to view newspaper pages as they appeared when first published, as well as download articles in PDF format for archiving or printing purposes.
Blog and Blog are both popular websites for news and other information. offers a comprehensive collection of newspaper archives, allowing users to search past issues of newspapers from around the world. It also provides additional features such as Google Translate integration, full-text searching, email alerts, and more. Blog is a free blogging platform where users can create their own blogs, share photos and videos, comment on posts by others, and even embed content from other sites. It allows users to customize their blogs with many different design options and themes, as well as providing tools to help monitor readership stats. Although the two websites have different primary functions, they both offer useful features for those interested in keeping up with news or creating a blog.
Books and Books are both digital resources that provide access to a wide range of content. is a website that provides access to historical newspapers, magazines, and other print media sources from all over the world. It offers users access to millions of pages of newspaper archives, as well as modern newspapers and exclusive content. On the other hand, Books is an online library where users can read and download books for free. It has a large selection of titles in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, textbooks and more. Both websites offer content search capabilities as well as advanced features such as bookmarks and annotations. However, also has additional features such as customizable alerts for new content which are not available on Books.
Broadsheet and Broadsheet are both digital news services that provide access to historical newspapers from around the world. focuses on providing access to digitized newspaper archives, while Broadsheet offers daily curation of top stories and editorials across global news sources. provides users with access to millions of pages of historical newspaper content, which can be searched by keyword or browsed through various filters such as date range and publication title. Users can also create custom collections of articles and save them for future reference. It also has a variety of features designed to make researching easier, such as advanced search capabilities and natural language processing technology. Broadsheet, on the other hand, is more focused on providing up-to-date coverage of current events across multiple news sources worldwide. It has an emphasis on curation, offering personalized feeds tailored to a user’s interests as well as daily newsletters with summaries of the top stories from around the globe. It also offers a library of carefully selected background materials that provide additional context on major topics from around the world.

History of is a website that provides access to over 6,000 historical newspapers from the United States and around the world. It was founded in 2009 and has become one of the most popular resources for researching newspapers and news sources. The website provides access to newspapers dating back to the 1600s, allowing users to search by keyword, location, date, or newspaper title. It also offers a variety of features such as the ability to save articles, share them with friends, and save searches. Status

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