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10 Alternative Websites to MCPEDL for Minecraft Add-Ons and Mods

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-06 19:55:19

Do you love playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, but are looking for some other websites to explore? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the best similar websites like MCPEDL, so you can find new and exciting ways to enjoy your favorite game. From downloading the latest mods to finding custom maps, there's sure to be something for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore all the great sites like MCPEDL!



MCPEDL is one of the biggest platforms for downloading mods, maps, skins, and other content for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). It has an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to find and download the content they need with just a few clicks.


  • Easy-to-use interface to quickly find and download content
  • Variety of mods, maps, skins, and other content
  • Regular updates to keep up with the latest content

MCPEDL Alternatives

Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft Wiki is an online compendium of knowledge about the popular indie sandbox game, Minecraft. It is written collaboratively by the players, and is the official source of all knowledge about the game. The wiki is maintained by a dedicated community who work to ensure that all up-to-date information is available for players.

Offers a wide range of information about the game, including downloadable content, crafting recipes, and more.

Does not offer a direct download of content, only links to official sources.

Is Minecraft Wiki a good alternative?

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is the largest community-driven Minecraft resource website in the world. It is a platform that brings together Minecrafters from all over the world to share, discuss and play Minecraft.

Provides links to download content, with ratings and comments from users.

Does not have an extensive library of content as compared to MCPEDL.

Is Planet Minecraft a good alternative?

Minecraft Mods

Minecraft Mods offers players a variety of user-created modifications that can be used to customize their experience in the world of Minecraft. Browse hundreds of mods, find new ways to play, and enjoy the limitless possibilities of Minecraft!

Provides links to download content, with ratings and comments from users.

Does not host content, only links to external sources.

Is Minecraft Mods a good alternative?

The Minecraft Forum

The Minecraft Forum is a community-driven platform for discussing all aspects of the popular video game Minecraft, as well as its related topics. You can explore the forum to stay up to date on the latest news and events, as well as discover new mods, servers, and much more.

Allow users to discuss content and share their own creations.

Does not provide direct downloads of content, only links to external sources.

Is The Minecraft Forum a good alternative?


MinecraftSix is an online resource for finding mods and maps for the popular game Minecraft. It provides users with a reliable source of custom content to enhance their in-game experience.

Provides links to download content, with ratings and comments from users.

Content is not as diverse as MCPEDL.

Is MinecraftSix a good alternative?

Minecraft Resource Packs

Discontinued Minecraft PC Gaming
Minecraft Resource Packs is the premier source for downloading the best Minecraft resource packs. Browse a large collection of high-quality resource packs that are available for free and make your game more unique.

Provides links to download content, with ratings and comments from users.

Limited range of content as compared to MCPEDL.

Is Minecraft Resource Packs a good alternative?


9Minecraft is a website dedicated to the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. It offers a wide selection of mods, maps, resource packs and more for players to enjoy.

Provides links to download content, with ratings and comments from users.

Content is not as diverse as MCPEDL.

Is 9Minecraft a good alternative?


Hunter is a powerful tool that helps you find and verify professional email addresses in seconds. With an extensive database of over one billion email addresses, Hunter enables you to quickly identify and target the right contacts in any organization.

Both websites provide users with a variety of downloadable content.

MCPEDL provides downloads for Minecraft Pocket Edition, while Hunter provides downloads for Mac and Windows computers.

Is Hunter a good alternative?

MCPEDL Head-To-Head

Welcome to our comparison of MCPEDL and other websites. MCPEDL is a popular Minecraft website that provides unique mods, maps, and textures for players to use in their game. In this comparison, we'll be looking at how MCPEDL stacks up against the competition when it comes to features, user experience, security, and more. We'll also consider what makes MCPEDL stand out from the rest. So let's dive in and see just how amazing MCPEDL really is!


MCPEDL and Hunter are both websites that offer services for Minecraft players. MCPEDL is a website that offers free downloads of maps, mods, skins, and servers for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Hunter is a website that offers premium services to help streamline the Minecraft experience with advanced features such as automated backups, instant downloads, and unlimited access to user-created content. MCPEDL provides an extensive library of free content for players who want to customize their experience in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The website allows users to download maps, mods, skins, and servers without any cost. All downloads are checked for viruses before they are released on the platform so users can be sure they will not run into any malicious software while using MCPEDL's service. Hunter provides advanced features that make it easier to play Minecraft on the go or at home. It gives users access to an extensive library of user-generated content from all around the world. The website also has automated backup functionality which allows players to save progress across different devices and platforms in case something happens to their game files. Additionally, Hunter offers instant downloads so players don't have to wait for their files to download after purchase. Finally, Hunter also offers unlimited access to user-created content so players can find new ways to explore the world of Minecraft every day!

History of MCPEDL

MCPEDL is a website dedicated to providing user-created content for the game, Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was founded in 2016 as a platform to share and download custom maps, textures, and mods. It quickly became one of the most popular sources of content for the game, and now has thousands of users and downloads each day.


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