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Explore Similar Investment Analysis Platforms to MarketScreener

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-24 20:37:54

Are you looking for websites like MarketScreener? MarketScreener is a popular stock market website providing financial market data, news, and analytics. But there are other websites that offer similar services. Here’s a list of websites like MarketScreener that you should check out.



MarketScreener is an online platform allowing investors to access in-depth financial analysis and stock market data. It offers investors the ability to search and compare stocks, ETFs, and indices from around the world, with real-time data and information on over 50,000 securities.


  • Comprehensive stock analysis and stock market data
  • Real-time data and news on over 50,000 securities
  • Advanced search and comparison tools
  • Global coverage of stocks, ETFs, and indices

MarketScreener Alternatives

Google Finance

Google Finance provides real-time stock quotes, charts, financial news, and other financial information to help investors make informed decisions. It also offers portfolio tracking, currency conversion, and other features to help users manage their investments.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Google Finance focuses more on news and current stock prices rather than in-depth financial analysis

Is Google Finance a good alternative?

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a website that provides up-to-date financial news and stock quotes. The platform provides users with access to a wide range of financial data, analysis tools, and news.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Yahoo Finance provides more in-depth financial analysis and charting tools than Google Finance

Is Yahoo Finance a good alternative?


Investopedia is an online resource for financial education and advice. It offers a comprehensive range of useful information and tools, including investing tutorials, calculators, financial news and market data, research and analysis, and more.

Provides financial data, news and educational resources for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Investopedia focuses more on education and general financial news rather than in-depth analysis

Is Investopedia a good alternative?

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a crowd-sourced content service for financial markets. It offers news, analysis and opinion on stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and other financial instruments.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Seeking Alpha focuses more on user-generated content and analysis rather than current stock prices

Is Seeking Alpha a good alternative?


Bloomberg is an online news and information service providing business, financial and economic news, stock quotes, and analysis. It is one of the most trusted sources for real-time financial market news, data and analysis.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Bloomberg focuses more on financial news, market data and analysis rather than stock prices

Is Bloomberg a good alternative?


Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our mission is to create great products that help investors reach their financial goals. We offer an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors, and institutional investors in the private capital markets.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Morningstar focuses more on fund data and analysis rather than individual stocks

Is Morningstar a good alternative?


Zacks is a leading provider of investment research, data, and insights. The company offers a variety of tools and services to help investors make informed decisions, including stock reports, analyst ratings, and portfolio tracking tools.

Provides financial data and news for individual stocks, mutual funds and other investments

Zacks Investment Research focuses more on research and analysis than current news and stock prices

Is Zacks a good alternative?


Screener is a comprehensive financial research platform that provides investors with the tools to analyze stocks and mutual funds. It offers a wide range of data, analysis tools, and insights to help investors make informed decisions.

Both websites offer financial screenings of stocks and other investments.

MarketScreener provides market data from over 50 countries worldwide, while Screener only offers financial data from the United States.

Is Screener a good alternative?

MarketScreener Head-To-Head

When it comes to stock market analysis, there are numerous websites and tools available to investors. MarketScreener is one such tool that provides comprehensive financial data and analysis to help you make informed decisions. In this head-to-head comparison of MarketScreener with other websites, we'll be looking at its features, usability, cost, and reliability. We'll also be comparing its services with those of some of its competitors in order to determine which website offers the most value for money. Let's get started!


MarketScreener and Screener are two websites that provide investors and traders with stock market data. MarketScreener provides a wide range of financial market information, including live quotes, charts, and financial news. It also has powerful screening tools that enable users to quickly filter through thousands of stocks to find the best opportunities. Screener offers a comprehensive collection of financial data and analysis, including macroeconomic indicators, company fundamentals, valuation ratios, ownership structure, and price trends. It also provides powerful filtering capabilities that allow users to easily customize their searches based on specific criteria such as price performance or sector. Both websites offer comprehensive research capabilities, but MarketScreener focuses more on providing detailed financial data while Screener focuses more on providing analysis and insights into individual stocks.

History of MarketScreener

MarketScreener is a financial website providing information and analysis on stocks, indices, funds, ETFs, bonds, commodities and other financial markets. It was founded in 2003 and has since gathered a substantial user base of investors and financial professionals worldwide. It provides its users with up-to-date financial news, real-time stock quotes, financial tools and analysis, and a suite of portfolio management tools.

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  • I'm surprised there isn't a website called MarketCloner.

    2023-05-21 23:48:45 ·
  • Who says you have to stick with MarketScreener? There are plenty of alternatives.

    2023-08-21 14:11:44 ·
  • With so many websites like MarketScreener, I'm sure you'll find one that fits your needs.

    2023-09-11 09:06:11 ·
  • MarketScreener is great, but if you want a similar website, you should try MarketLooker!

    2023-11-16 14:58:53 ·
  • Step aside, MarketScreener - there are other websites in town now!

    2024-01-11 06:34:46 ·
  • Who knew there were so many MarketScreener clones out there?

    2024-03-04 17:42:49 ·
  • If MarketScreener doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of other websites that might!

    2024-04-05 05:06:12 ·