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A Comprehensive List of Alternatives to Mariner Finance

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-25 19:53:11

Are you looking for a similar website to Mariner Finance? If so, you’re in luck! Here is a comprehensive list of websites that offer services similar to Mariner Finance. Whether you’re looking for a loan, a line of credit, or just looking to manage your finances more effectively, this list has something for everyone. From payday loans to secured loans, we’ve got you covered. So read on to learn more about the best alternatives to Mariner Finance.

Mariner Finance


Mariner Finance provides personal loans and lines of credit to help you meet your financial needs. We offer a variety of loan options and our highly trained loan professionals can help you find the right loan for your individual situation.


  • Quick and easy online application process
  • Competitive rates
  • Wide selection of loan products
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Customer service excellence

Mariner Finance Alternatives

Lendmark Financial Services

Lendmark Financial Services helps customers reach their short- and long-term financial goals. With nearly 1,500 branches serving customers in 20 states, Lendmark offers personal loans, automobile loans and debt consolidation loans.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

Lendmark has a higher minimum loan amount and fewer states served

Is Lendmark Financial Services a good alternative?


Avant is a leading online lender offering personal loans and credit lines to borrowers of all credit levels. With our easy application process and fast funding, you can access the cash you need to cover unexpected expenses, pay off high-interest debt, and more.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

Avant has lower interest rates and more flexible loan terms

Is Avant a good alternative?

OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial provides personal loans to help consumers manage their financial needs. Our loan solutions are tailored to meet the needs of individual borrowers, so you can get the funds you need when you need them.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

OneMain Financial offers lower interest rates and shorter repayment periods

Is OneMain Financial a good alternative?


Prosper is a personal loan company that provides access to secured and unsecured personal loans. Borrowers can choose loan amounts between $2,000 and $35,000 and can get their loan funded in as few as three days.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

Prosper has higher interest rates and lower loan amounts

Is Prosper a good alternative?


NetCredit is an online lender that provides access to personal loans. With a simple application process and transparent terms, we make it easy to get the money you need.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

NetCredit offers shorter repayment periods and more flexible loan terms

Is NetCredit a good alternative?


Upstart is an online lending platform that helps you get smarter about your finances. We offer personal loans with competitive rates, fast funding, and no hidden fees. Our goal is to make borrowing smarter, more affordable, and more accessible.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

Upstart has lower interest rates and more accessible loan amounts

Is Upstart a good alternative?


LightStream is a division of SunTrust Bank, offering a variety of personal loan products to help you finance purchases or consolidate debt. With competitive rates, a simple online application process, and friendly customer service, LightStream helps you make the most of your money.

Provides personal loans and other financial services

LightStream has higher loan amounts and fewer restrictions

Is LightStream a good alternative?

Mariner Finance Head-To-Head

Are you looking for a way to finance your next purchase or consolidate existing debts? Mariner Finance is one of the most popular online lenders and provides various financing options, but how does it compare to other websites? In this article, we will compare Mariner Finance with other websites in terms of interest rates, loan flexibility, customer service, and more. We'll provide a comprehensive head-to-head comparison to help you find the best option for your needs.

Mariner Finance
OneMain Financial

Mariner Finance and OneMain Financial are both consumer lending companies that provide financial services to customers. Both companies offer a variety of loan products, including personal loans and secured loans. Mariner Finance offers a wide range of loan amounts, from $500 to $25,000, while OneMain Financial has an upper limit of $20,000 for its personal loan offerings. Both companies have similar eligibility requirements; customers must be 18 years or older and have a minimum income level to qualify for financing. Mariner Finance offers customers the option to apply online and receive immediate approval decisions with loan funds disbursed within one business day. OneMain Financial also allows customers to apply online but does not offer immediate approval decisions; instead, approval is subject to review by their underwriting team before funds can be disbursed. In terms of customer service, Mariner Finance provides customer support through phone and email seven days a week, while OneMain Financial operates a network of physical branches across the US where customers can receive in-person assistance with their loan application. In addition, OneMain Financial also offers credit counseling services to help customers manage their financial goals.

History of Mariner Finance

Mariner Finance was founded in 2002 as a consumer finance company. It provides personal loans, credit repair services, and other financial products to customers with varying credit histories. The company has since expanded its services to include a wide range of online tools, such as budgeting tools, debt repayment calculators, and more. It has also grown to include more than 500 offices across the United States.

Mariner Finance Status

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