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7 Alternatives to Manta: Comparing Similar Websites for Small Businesses

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-02 06:33:28

Are you looking for similar websites like Manta? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of the top websites like Manta that offer similar services, so you can easily compare and find the perfect option for you. From online directories to business resources, this list will help you find the right site to suit your needs. So, let’s get started!

Manta is a business directory and search engine that helps businesses connect and grow. It offers an array of services from business listings and search engine optimization to advertising and marketing programs.


  • Comprehensive business directory
  • Advanced search filters
  • Targeted advertising opportunities
  • Customizable profile page
  • Analytical insights and customer reviews

Manta Alternatives


Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people with great local businesses. Members can read and write reviews, check out business photos and browse menus.

Yelp and Manta both provide reviews and ratings of businesses.

Yelp is an online directory of businesses and services, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Yelp a good alternative?


Foursquare is a location-based social networking website that allows users to connect with their friends and explore the best places around them. It offers a comprehensive city guide and recommendations for places to eat, shop, drink, and explore.

Foursquare and Manta both provide reviews and ratings of businesses.

Foursquare is a social network, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Foursquare a good alternative?

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is the leading online business directory, providing access to detailed information on millions of businesses across the United States. It allows users to search for businesses by name, location, or type of service, providing detailed information including customer reviews, contact information, and more.

Yellow Pages and Manta both provide directory listings of businesses.

Yellow Pages is primarily a directory of businesses and services, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Yellow Pages a good alternative?


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 630 million members. It is the best place to build relationships, discover opportunities, and gain insights to help you succeed. LinkedIn allows users to network with other professionals, find jobs, develop their careers, and build their personal brands.

LinkedIn and Manta both provide networking opportunities for businesses.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is LinkedIn a good alternative?

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization dedicated to helping consumers find trustworthy businesses and charities. The BBB works to ensure that businesses are upholding standards of trust, performance, and ethics.

The Better Business Bureau and Manta both provide reviews and ratings of businesses.

The Better Business Bureau focuses on consumer protection and business accreditation, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Better Business Bureau a good alternative?

Google Business

Google Business helps businesses create and manage a free business profile that appears when people search on Google. It also helps customers find and connect with businesses.

Google My Business and Manta both provide directory listings of businesses.

Google My Business is a directory of businesses and services for Google users, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Google Business a good alternative?

Angie's List

Angie's List is a website that provides local consumer reviews and ratings of home service providers. Consumers can search for service providers in their area, read reviews from other customers, and post their own reviews of companies they have used.

Angie's List and Manta both provide reviews and ratings of businesses.

Angie's List focuses on consumer reviews, while Manta is a business-to-business resource network.

Is Angie's List a good alternative?


Kraken is a professional Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform that offers advanced security, powerful trading tools, and reliable market data. With Kraken, you can access the world's most prominent digital currencies and take advantage of the many benefits that come with trading on a secure, regulated exchange.

Both Manta and Kraken are websites that provide tools for businesses to manage their growth and success.

Manta focuses on providing business advice, while Kraken focuses on providing access to financial services.

Is Kraken a good alternative?


Manga is an online platform that offers readers a wide selection of manga titles, translated into multiple languages, in a convenient and easy-to-use format.

Both websites offer access to online content.

Manta provides business information and resources, while Manga offers Japanese comics and graphic novels.

Is Manga a good alternative?


Tappytoon is a digital comics platform that brings you the latest and greatest webtoons from all over the world. Enjoy thousands of high-quality comics in a variety of genres, from romance to action to comedy, with new releases updated daily!

Both Manta and Tappytoon are websites providing users with access to a wide range of content.

Manta is a business directory focused on small businesses, while Tappytoon specializes in comics and manga.

Is Tappytoon a good alternative?


Tapas is a food delivery service that provides you with delicious meals from top restaurants and chefs in your city. Our goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy great food with friends, family, or on your own. We offer a wide selection of dishes, from classic to modern, to suit any taste.

Both Manta and Tapas offer online services to small businesses.

Manta is a business directory that helps users connect with businesses, while Tapas is an app for creating and sharing short stories.

Is Tapas a good alternative?


Webtoon is an online platform for reading and creating comics. It offers a massive library of comics from a wide variety of world-renowned creators and publishers to browse, so there is something for everyone. You can also create your own comic or upload your existing comic for others to read.

Both websites feature a wide range of content that can be accessed by users.

Manta is focused primarily on business and industry while Webtoon offers a variety of comic stories and animations.

Is Webtoon a good alternative?

Manta Head-To-Head

Comparing websites can be a daunting task, but with Manta it's easy. Manta is an online business directory that helps people find the right business for their needs. It has been around since 2006 and has grown to become one of the most comprehensive business directories available today. In this head-to-head comparison, we will compare Manta to other popular online business directories. We'll look at what sets each website apart from the others and how they stack up in terms of features, usability, cost and customer service. Let's dive in and see which website comes out on top!


Manta and Kraken are both websites that provide tools and services to businesses. Manta offers an array of products such as marketing tools, business insights, and online visibility solutions. These products allow businesses to promote, manage, and grow their business online. On the other hand, Kraken is a data-driven platform for creating, managing, monitoring, and optimizing digital campaigns. It provides users with detailed analytics about performance metrics, social media influence, content optimization and more. Both platforms offer features such as marketing automation tools and search engine optimization (SEO). However, Manta also offers a variety of other features such as customer relationship management (CRM) integration and email marketing capabilities. Additionally, Manta has its own community forum for members to connect with each other and share ideas. Kraken does not have this feature but instead focuses on providing users with powerful campaign management tools that help them reach their goals quickly and efficiently.


Manta and Manga are both websites designed to streamline and simplify the design process for website creation. Manta offers a wide range of templates to choose from, as well as custom designs that can be tailored to meet individual business needs. Additionally, Manta provides users with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing them to quickly and easily create websites with minimal technical know-how. Manga also provides users with customizable templates, but its focus is more on the user experience, offering features such as automated page loading times, mobile responsiveness, and more. Both platforms allow users to add plugins and third-party integrations in order to enhance the functionality of their websites. Ultimately, both Manta and Manga offer a great way for businesses of all sizes to create and manage their online presence without breaking the bank.


Manta and Tappytoon are both online platforms for discovering and enjoying content. Manta is a business discovery platform that helps users learn about businesses, connect with them, and review products or services. It has an extensive database of more than 40 million companies worldwide. Tappytoon is a digital comic book platform that offers thousands of titles from around the world in different languages. It features various genres such as action, fantasy, horror, romance, sports, and many more. Both websites offer similar features such as reviews and ratings for each title, a personalized library to keep track of reads, and subscription plans to access new releases or exclusive content. However, Manta also offers additional features such as customizable search filters to discover relevant businesses based on location or industry type.


Manta and Tapas are both websites that offer businesses a platform on which to create their own digital presence. Manta provides an array of features to help businesses build, promote and manage their online presence. These features include a website builder, SEO tools, customer and lead management tools, analytics, content marketing tools and more. Tapas offers a similar platform tailored towards restaurants. It allows restaurants to create their own website or mobile app, design menus, manage orders, process payments, use customer loyalty programs and more. Both websites have the ability to integrate with social media platforms for increased visibility. Manta provides more extensive customer service options than Tapas does but both have support systems in place for customers who need assistance.


Manta and Webtoon are two websites that offer different services to their customers. Manta is a business-oriented website designed to help small businesses build an online presence, while Webtoon is an entertainment platform specializing in digital comics. Both websites have different features that make them attractive to users, but they also have similarities. Manta allows businesses to create a profile with information about services offered, contact details, and images. It also provides marketing tools such as SEO, email campaigns, and analytics tools that allow businesses to track leads and visitors. Additionally, Manta offers industry specific resources like business directories and business advice from experts. Webtoon is a platform for creating digital comics with various genres including romance, adventure, fantasy, horror and more. It offers a variety of tools for creating digital comics such as templates for backgrounds and characters, sound effects and special effects for panels. The website also provides tips and tutorials on comic creation so users can improve their skills. In addition to this, readers can comment on the comic or even leave reviews which can help increase the visibility of the comic on the webtoon site. Both Manta and Webtoon offer valuable features that make them appealing to different types of users. While Manta is designed with small businesses in mind, Webtoon provides an entertaining platform for aspiring comic creators to share their work with others.

History of Manta

Manta is an online business directory and search engine that was founded in 2005. It provides detailed company profiles and local business listings for businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The website also features a blog, an events calendar, and a business news section. It has become an important resource for businesses to connect with customers and other businesses.

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