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Top 7 Alternatives To Live Stream: Find the Best Online Streaming Service For You

By Gregor K. published about 2022-12-28 22:16:20

Are you looking for an alternative to Live Stream? If so, look no further! This article provides a comprehensive list of websites similar to Live Stream that offer similar features and benefits. Whether you're looking for a way to connect with friends and family, broadcast live video, or just find an alternative platform to use, this list has got you covered. Read on to discover the top Live Stream alternatives.

Live Stream is a powerful video streaming platform that enables users to live stream and share their videos on the internet. With Live Stream, users can stream their videos in real-time to friends, family and more. They can also upload and share pre-recorded videos to the platform.


  • Live streaming of videos
  • Upload and share pre-recorded videos
  • Embed videos in other websites
  • Viewers can comment and share videos
  • Customizable video player
  • Real-time analytics

Live Stream Alternatives


Ustream is a leading live streaming platform where content creators can broadcast their videos and audio to a global audience. It offers a range of customization options to help content creators customize their streams, as well as monetization, analytics and support.

Live streaming platform for video and audio content

Ustream offers features like whiteboarding, analytics, and plugins

Is Ustream a good alternative?


StreamYard is a powerful live streaming tool that helps you create professional-looking live streams from the comfort of your own home. With StreamYard, you can stream to multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitch. It also comes with advanced features like lower-third graphics, simultaneous streaming to multiple destinations, and customized branding.

Live streaming and broadcasting platform for video and audio content

StreamYard offers various interactive features such as polls and Q&As

Is StreamYard a good alternative?

Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live is a live streaming video service by Vimeo, the world’s leading professional video platform. With Vimeo Live, you can broadcast live events to an audience of any size, while maintaining the highest quality video and audio standards.

Live streaming and broadcasting platform for video and audio content

Vimeo Live offers a variety of tools to customize, engage and analyze audiences

Is Vimeo Live a good alternative?


Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers. With more than 45 million unique viewers per month, Twitch offers gamers a live streaming platform to share their gaming experiences, watch other gamers, and discover new games.

Live streaming platform for video and audio content

Twitch is a gaming-focused platform with features like chat, leaderboards and tournaments

Is Twitch a good alternative?


DaCast is an online video streaming platform that offers a comprehensive suite of live streaming and video on demand (VOD) services. It helps organizations and individuals to monetize, promote and distribute their video content.

Live streaming and broadcasting platform for video and audio content

Dacast offers monetization tools, analytics, and custom embedding options

Is DaCast a good alternative?


YouNow is a live streaming platform that allows users to interact with each other through broadcasting, chatting, and watching live video streams.

Live streaming platform for video and audio content

YouNow features a virtual currency and chatroom, as well as interactive elements like stickers and GIFs

Is YouNow a good alternative?


Livestream is a leading live streaming and video platform that helps businesses and organizations reach their audiences in real-time. With its powerful technology, Livestream provides an end-to-end streaming solution that enables companies to create, distribute, and monetize their live video content.

Live streaming and broadcasting platform for video and audio content

Livestream offers features like custom branding, monetization, and audience engagement tools

Is Livestream a good alternative?

History of Live Stream

Live Stream began as a way for people to watch and broadcast live video content over the internet. It quickly gained popularity and soon became a way for people to broadcast live events, interviews, and other video content. Over time, the platform has grown to include features such as monetization, video analytics, and various other features that give broadcasters more control over their content. Live Stream continues to be a popular platform for broadcasters and viewers alike.

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