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5 Great Alternatives to Le Monde for International News

By Gregor K. published about 2023-01-09 09:52:15

Are you looking for websites like Le Monde? If so, you’re in the right place. Here is a list of some of the most popular French news sites that are similar to Le Monde. From the traditional to the more modern, these websites offer the latest news, opinion pieces, and analysis from France and around the world. So if you're looking for an alternative to Le Monde, then read on and discover the perfect news source for you.

Le Monde is an online French newspaper, providing news and analysis on politics, culture, sports, economics, and more. It is one of the most widely read newspapers in the French-speaking world.


  • Real-time coverage of international news
  • In-depth analysis of current events
  • Interactive features such as polls and comment sections
  • Detailed coverage of culture, sports, and lifestyle topics

Le Monde Alternatives


Libération is a French daily newspaper founded in 1973. It is one of the leading newspapers in France, renowned for its independent and progressive stance. The paper covers national and international news as well as culture, sports and science.

Both are French media outlets focusing on national news.

Libération is more left-leaning than Le Monde.

Is Libération a good alternative?

Le Figaro

Le Figaro is the leading French newspaper, with a daily circulation of almost 400,000. Founded in 1826, it is one of the oldest newspapers in the world and continues to be an influential source of news and opinions in France.

Both are French media outlets focusing on national news.

Le Figaro is more right-leaning than Le Monde.

Is Le Figaro a good alternative?

France 24

France 24 is an international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris. The channel is owned by the French Government and is a 24-hour outlet for French news broadcasts. It also offers a wide array of international news from around the world in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

Both are French media outlets focusing on international news.

Le Monde is primarily a print publication while France 24 is broadcast on television and online.

Is France 24 a good alternative?


L'Obs is a French news magazine that covers a range of topics from politics to culture, with a focus on current affairs in France and internationally. The magazine publishes in-depth articles, interviews, opinion pieces and analysis.

Both are French media outlets.

Le Monde focuses on news, while L'Obs focuses on opinion and analysis.

Is L'Obs a good alternative?

Le Point

Le Point is an online French news magazine, providing news, analysis and opinion on politics, business, culture and society in France.

Both are French media outlets.

Le Point is more conservative than Le Monde and focuses more on business, politics and culture.

Is Le Point a good alternative?


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Both are French media outlets.

Marianne is more left-leaning than Le Monde and focuses more on opinion and analysis.

Is Marianne a good alternative?

Le Canard Enchaîné

Le Canard Enchaîné is a French satirical weekly newspaper founded in 1915. It features humorous stories about politics and other news, as well as cartoons and jokes.

Both are French media outlets.

Le Canard Enchaîné is a satirical weekly newspaper while Le Monde is a daily newspaper.

Is Le Canard Enchaîné a good alternative?

History of Le Monde

Le Monde is a French daily newspaper that was founded in 1944. Its first issue came out on 19 December 1944 and was distributed in liberated areas of France. It was founded by journalist and politician Hubert Beuve-Méry, who was also its first editor-in-chief and director. The paper was initially published weekly, but switched to a daily format in 1946. It is now one of the most widely read papers in France and is considered one of the most influential papers in the world.

Le Monde Status

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